24 Jun 2013

Tutorial: Lemon-Lime

This look just screams summer to me! The bright colors of lemons and limes are what inspired the eye makeup, as I'm a huge fan of yellow in general, and lime green is the perfect partner to it. Sometimes it can be difficult to make yellow eyeshadow look flattering, but I think this just works . Combine the eyes with a peach coloured lipstick and you're ready to hit the next summer party in style!

Watch my tutorial to see how I created this look, or watch it on Youtube here.

L'Oreal Visible Lift foundation, Body Shop Honey Bronze bronzer Nr. 1, Afterglow Cosmetics blush in Tickle

Manhattan Magic Up cream eyeshadow in Glow Star, Manhattan Light it Up and Rock the Grass e/s, MAC Chrome Yellow e/s, Manhattan Queen's Green e/s, Ben Nye Toast e/s, KIKO 411 pencil, Manhattan Eyemazing Precise Eyeliner Pen, Smashbox Eye Brightening Photo Op mascara, Elite Lashes Nr. 19

Catrice Princess Peach lipstick

Where would you wear this look? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great summer look, you're gorgeous. I'm not a big fan of yellow but now I feel a sudden urge to wear it.

  2. Julia, I really appreciate you taking the time to write and place the subtitles on your vids. But, just giving my opinion: Why not just do a voice over? Reading subtitles and paying attention on what you are doing is too distracting. The great pleasure in seeing your vids is the vibe that you are talking directly to us, there is a connection. With the subtitles you lose that completely. Every time I see your vid is in german I skip it bc it's too much info every second (remember you have a lot of visual information on your vids. From the colours to blending to learning how you are doing stuff). Also, the feel that you are talking more than the subtitles show, and we, the non german speakers are left floating. Don't get me wrong, I'm a brasilian portuguese native speaker, I speak english and I'm learning dutch. I'm used to subtitles, HATE voice over, but only when it's not necessary. Some videos voice over are necessary bc there is so much to take in that reading subtitles distracts you from what is going on. You can have a connection with a voice over.

    So, please. Give it a try? If you hate it or don't get a good feedback then don't do it anymore.

  3. i am yellow lover too . you did well for this colour . hope to try soon.

  4. Gorgeous! I really love the yellow and green together.

  5. Beautiful! Wish it was summer here. I rock floral dresses all winter long, but I can't justify electric yellow, lol. Love it though.

  6. I agree about yellow eyeshadow being difficult to pull off, but this is wonderful!


  7. Your photography is mind blowing! I am looking forward to your post where you share your lighting tips!

  8. I love the color of your nails =) Which brand is it?

  9. I love the color of your nails :) Which brand is it?