16 Feb 2009

The definitive FAQ!

These are my most frequently asked questions on Youtube! Here are the answers. You can also find a more extensive and interactive Q&A here: formspring

Are you a professional makeup artist?
That depends on how you define it. I have done some freelance work in the past but don't do it anymore because I just don't have the time. I have a regular "day job" that has nothing to do with the beauty industry, and no, I will not list what that other job is. I am entirely self-taught and have never taken any classes or attended beauty school.

How did you learn how to do makeup, how did you get so good?
I learned by doing! I started out as a complete beginner and just taught myself by practicing lots! There's no magic recipe to get good at applying makeup. Always challenge yourself by trying out new techniques and don't be afraid to experiment, even if it ends up looking horrible! I picked up lots of tricks and ideas from Youtube and Specktra. I have been interested in and practicing applying makeup for about 6 years or so.

Please tell me how to start my career as a Makeup Artist - what schools do you recommend?
I'm sorry, I can't give you any advice on the industry, how to become a successful artist, or which schools to attend. I am not qualified to answer these types of questions and I never went to school for makeup artistry.

Where do you buy Ben Nye? Where do you buy your other makeup products?I order most of my supplies online, please click here for a list of recommended online retailers. I find accessories for my more extravagant looks at my local craft store. I purchase MAC at MAC counters, or swap on Specktra or Makeup Alley. I strongly advise against buying MAC or other high end brands on eBay because of counterfeit issues.

What foundation do you use and what do you recommend?
I use various liquid or cream foundations by Illamasqua, Lancome, Makeup Forever, Nars, and Revlon, depending on the look and finish I need. I used to use a mineral foundation by Alima before but have generally fallen out of love with mineral foundations. That being said, what works for me might be totally wrong for you, so please check out my Foundation Basics video to help you find a foundation that is perfect for your needs.

Where do you get inspiration from for your looks?
Everywhere! Magazines, makeup forums and communities, paintings, art, fashion ads, actresses, eras, etc. I like to take inspiration from different sources and then make them my own in some way. Carbon copies are dull.

Can you recommend a look for me? What makeup should I buy?
I'm sorry, I get so many messages, I can't recommend a specific look for you to match a dress, wear on a special occasion, etc. You should wear makeup that you feel looks good on you, suits the occasion, makes you happy, and that you can afford. I don't think makeup has rules, and I certainly don't want to limit my viewers by telling them what to buy and wear.

Can I make a request for you to do a video on?
Sorry, I am currently not taking requests, but I often get input from my viewers on Facebook.

How can I best contact you?
I have to warn you that at this point I am unable to get back to most people simply due to the high volume of messages and comments I get. I estimate that I get about 1000 questions, messages, emails and comments a day through my various sites. This is well above my capacity of replying back. However, I make sure to take some time to interact with my viewers on my social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook, so please be sure to add me there as it's much easier and faster for me!

I sent you an message, why didn't you reply?
There's a chance your question was already answered in the information box below the video, or I already have a video up answering your question, or it is answered in this FAQ. You would be amazed how lazy some people are to look for the answer themselves and just decide to send me a message instead when I've already provided the information! Please use the Youtube search function on my videos to see if I already did a look you're requesting. Otherwise, please understand I get so many messages on a daily basis and I do this as a hobby in my spare time. I work and have many other responsibilities. I do not have time to reply to every single message and email that is sent to me. Sorry!

What is your favorite makeup brand?
I don't have one; no single company makes the best of everything, so I use everything from high end to low end. But generally, I frequently use products from MAC, Ben Nye, Makeup Forever, Illamasqua, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay and NYX. I don't have access to all the products available in North America.

Where do you live? What languages do you speak?
I'm of Swiss-Canadian dual nationality and I currently live in Switzerland. I speak and write English, German, and French (a bit).

What camera / editing software do you use? Who makes your videos/pictures?

I'm a one-woman show, completely. I do everything by myself, from filming, to lighting, to editing, to taking all my own pictures. Here's what I use:

Cameras: Canon 600D SLR with variety of lenses, Canon HF S-21 Camcorder
Picture editing: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Video editing: iMovie for Mac, Final Cut Pro X

Are your nails real? What nailpolish are you wearing in a particular video?
Yes, my nails are 100% real, I've never had artificial nails (gels, acrylics, etc.) I use NailTek Foundation II to strengthen them and prevent splitting, Seche Vite Dry Fast topcoat, and generally just take good care of my nails. I have a video up where I show how I do my nails and apply polish. I always list the nailpolish I am wearing, both brand and colour either in the info bar below the video or on my blog.

What hair color do you use?
I stopped colouring my hair in February 2011 and haven't coloured it since. So what you see now is my natural hair color.

What music did you use in a particular video?
I always list the music I used, please check the information box for the artist and track name. I get most of my royalty-free music from ccmixter.org or incompetech.com to use in Partner videos, or get permission from the artist personally for copyright music on major labels. If nothing is listed, it's generic software music that came with my iMac.

How can I change the thumbnail on my Youtube video? How come your videos are longer than 10:00 minutes? How do I get a banner on my channel page?At the moment these features are only available for Youtube Partners, which I am. You can find out more about the Youtube Partner program and your eligibility to enroll here.

I have a cosmetic company, will you review some of my products on your channel?
Please send all inquiries of this nature to juliayoutube.biz@gmail.com and include a link to your website. I will not feature products that do not have a professional looking website and store (for example Myspace or Blogger.) Please note I have become very picky about which products I accept to try out as I get many requests of this nature and cannot or do not want to accept all. Sending me samples does not guarantee a feature on my channel.

Can you send me free makeup? When is your next contest? No, I won't send you free makeup, I'm not a makeup ATM machine. I frequently hold contests and giveaways on my Youtube channel so be sure to be subscribed not to miss out.

I hope that has answered some of your questions!


  1. People ask you for free make-up? Sheesh! Anyway, *love* your videos... I learn so much from you!

  2. Julia! I'll totally hire you to do my make up!!!
    I just came across your vids last night and I had to stalk you on your blog!!! hehehheh
    You are very talented and I love how you give tutorials, you make it look so easy!!!

  3. youre nice enough to take the time to make this

  4. You're too sweet, thank you so much for everything julia!

  5. Oh my god, do people really ask you for free makeup??? You answered well my dear ;)

  6. Anonymous1:55 pm

    hi i want to say that u are so good ta ur work u have very good taste of makeup gongratilations can u saw me something in blue please srabian ok thank u!!!well my enghlish are not good but thank u!!!bye

  7. what happened to your brush vids?!?! i was looking for the kabuki brush you suggested to buy (if we couldn't afford the mac.)


    -p.s. great pictures!!

  8. Anonymous7:57 am

    You should be working for MAC or another high end line. A good friend of mine is a manager at a MAC studio in Washington DC. You have so much talent! I would have to say that you are better than her and she's done alot of the stars' makeup...like Fiona Apple, etc. Shhh. Don't tell her. lol

  9. Anonymous9:15 pm

    I recently came accross your videos and am so thankful that you are as detailed as you are with your applications. I enjoy watching you even more as i am Canadian aswell :D I now live in the U.K. :(
    I hope you keep posting more videos cause you have awoken the make up 'artist' in me...thank you so much!!

    1. Why :0(? I hope we're not that bad?! :0) xx

  10. You'r so sweet, Thank you so much for taking time to show everything Julia. I learn so much from you, Absolutely amazing!!
    Please keep up the great work.... Please keep doing the halloween looks ..I love them

  11. You'r too sweet, for trying to show us how to do, Cool makeup tips! YOU ROCK

  12. Isabella11:31 pm

    really, you are so good! I'm a brazilian girl, and I just love watching your videos! I've learned a lot about make up with you, and believe me, this wasn't the first tutorial I've seen. Well, keep doing this stuff because one day you'll be the best ever!
    kisses from Brazil!

  13. carla4:13 pm

    I have a question for you... Do you wash your brashs or have you got a lot of them?

  14. Your dedication puts professionals to shame.
    Wish those that consider themselves "professionals" learn a thing, or two, from you.

    You have my utmost respect.

  15. Anonymous3:36 pm

    You are an absolute role model to me! Your makeup inspires hundreds! Keep Up the Good work! You are the best!

  16. Anonymous7:58 pm

    hi i'm asmae from morocco(arabic country..)and i love ur videos and i try them but its not easy "ça bave partout!!"excuse me coz we speak arabic and french in my country:-)anyway goodluck ur fantastic!!:)

  17. riotofxmyown from youtube6:00 am

    Wow! I always thought you were a professional make-up artist because you're so good at what you do and know so much about it. It's even more impressive that you haven't even taken classes on it! Kind of an inspiration really :P

    Your videos are great, by the way. Your instructions are excellent and very easy to follow, especially with the visual aids for every step. Thanks for posting them and keep up the awesome work!

  18. Thanks for the tips, some of us hippy chicks need it! Yolanda

  19. Anonymous11:05 pm

    hey i have been coming up with a lot of ideas although most of them have been halloween ideas. below i have listed a few of them. :) hope you will take them into consideration.
    1. i loved the araibic look you did and it got me thinking about an old style araiban princess.
    2.what about like a sexy cat look?
    3.how about like a frost princess.
    *just have to say i loved the smokey eye looks you did. they looked great.*
    4.old victorian/vintage look maybe
    5.what if you did a fairy with like these little things coming off the eyes that kinda looked like vines but more curly.

  20. Anonymous4:25 am

    i can say you are fabulous

    so kind so sweet

    i'm from middle east and your arabic versions are so so soo wonderful and all your videos are

    you can consider me as a fan :)

  21. Anonymous6:00 pm

    U sure ppl ask for free makeup :|
    LOL that's funny.

    We love you Julia and you're geart..

  22. Anonymous1:19 am

    all stuff here is great.... adrian from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

  23. Anonymous6:44 am

    Thank you so much for all the videos you've done on youtube, you are really talented woman with great potencial, you must have fans all over the world, here's a fan from Puerto Rico =)

    p.s. are people really asking you for free makeup??? hahaha... i laught so hard with the makeup ATM machine LOL!!!

    Best of Luck alwayssss!!!! =)

  24. Anonymous1:41 pm

    You got another fan from Kenya.
    I am inspired by your style in make up.
    It is awesome and you look gorgeous.
    Hope i can get colour pallates from the links that you recommended.
    I love your voice too:)

  25. Anonymous1:20 am

    Hello Julia ..
    Thanks for all the videos you've done. you are very talented. keep it up grl!!. I was wondering if you've already done a make-up design using a white concealer? ... I want to make this style of makeup.


    Kim Kardashian is always used this look or the smokey eye one, but the day of her birthday she use it with amazing colors, I hope you read this comment and that you could do this design or another using the white concealer. thank you


  26. Anonymous3:13 am

    ROFL - I love your last comment.
    "No, I won't send you free makeup, I'm not a makeup ATM machine..." I am sure you weren't trying to be funny, but I guess this comment really hit my funny bone (I am still giggling). You're a tough cookie Julia, a no bs kinda gal...love it. I cannot wait to hear about your trip to Canada. Happy Holdays. :-)

  27. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Hi Julia!
    I stared to watch your videos about a month ago, when one of my friends who is professional make up artist invited me to a photo shoot. I have to say that your work means so much help for me 'couse I already started to learn how to apply make up. Thanks a lot and take care.

    Fan from Hungary

  28. Susan, Gaylen's mom7:32 am

    Hi Julia,
    You are very much a lady and a good role model. My daughter and I watch your videos and want to try to create some looks with her friends. She is a dancer and we were very happy to find some products to use on stage for her and some ideas that will stay without hurting her skin. She was appalled at how rude some people can be with the requests of you and she is only 13!

    You are very generous with yourself and your talent. You are amazing! But you are also smart to keep your hobby as just that. Once you make it your job you can no longer do it when ever you just want to enjoy it. It then becomes something you MUST do. Then it can lose it's fun and mystery. Of course if you are lucky enough to do what you love every day, and make money at it you have found a secret to happiness. You are also lucky because you are very beatuiful and don't "need" make up to look pretty!

    I would love to show your videos to a friend who is a very prominent fashion designer. I think he would have a blast with your makeup creations!

    Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy what you do. Thank you for the beauty you bring to the world and our lives!

    Hugs from Florida!
    Susan and Gaylen

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  30. Anonymous10:14 am

    Hallo liebe Julia,

    ich habe Dich bei Youtube entdeckt und ich finde Dich absolut super! Gestern habe ich 2 Stunden Deine Videos geschaut und Dein Englisch ist auch für mich als Deutsche super zu verstehen!

    Jetzt zu Deinen Make-up-Tipps! Die sind einfach super, jedes Make-up ist stilvoll und elegant und es macht einfach Spaß, es auszuprobieren!! Vor allem habe ich jetzt mal den Shimmer Brick von Bobby Brown gekauft und bin total zufrieden!! Vielleicht könntest Du auch noch in einem Video Tipps für Reinigung und Pflegecremes geben. Das richtige habe ich da für mich noch nicht gefunden. Zum Beispiel finde ich die Reinigungs-Serien von Shiseido super, aber mit den Cremes bin ich nicht so zufrieden.

    Ich freue mich schon auf viele weitere Videos von Dir und bin schon gespannt auf die neuen Looks!!!

    Viele Grüße aus München,


    PS: Du bist wirklich eine wunderschöne Frau mit viel Charisma!

  31. Anonymous1:06 pm

    You are so talented. I love the tape technique. As an asian american, I would use tape to create a crease on my upper eyelid. I never considered using it for make-up. Thank you for the tips, keep them coming!

  32. Anonymous2:30 am

    I just came accross your videos, and I must say I am very impressed and glad to find an amazing artist. You are very gifted and very original. Thank you for teaching us! :-) Greetings from Texas!

  33. Anonymous7:24 pm

    i love your videos!!! i wish i could download them!!

  34. Anonymous10:03 am

    You are a great teacher. I love your patient and methodical approach. Keep them coming! Thank you!

  35. Anonymous7:12 am

    it's nice knowing you can be that good at makeup without having to go to an expensive school.

    you are awesome

  36. Anonymous1:28 am

    fail ppl, u ask her for FREE MAKEUP?

  37. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Olá! meu nome é carolina mora no Brasil! você é a melhor que já vi! obrigada pelos vídeos.
    Gostaria de saber aonde você compra duas makeup da MAC?

  38. Anonymous12:01 am

    i love your videos & the tips are amazing...

    i have a question, and diligently browsing thru, i'm pretty sure, you didn't provide any advice on this, so here goes...
    Do you do anything to care for your eyes? Mine gets really tired/irritated after just a while in the midst of makeup application... I'm not sure is it the powder falling in or... And the fact that I'm wearing contact lenses seems to worsen it... So do you do any eye care or eye cleanse? Again, thanks for sharing... =)

  39. Hey can you list the makeup looks on the top of the page? I recognize some of them, but others look new to me.

  40. You are very generous with yourself and your talent. You are amazing! But you are also smart to keep your hobby as just that. Once you make it your job you can no longer do it when ever you just want to enjoy it. It then becomes something you MUST do. Then it can lose it's fun and mystery. Of course if you are lucky enough to do what you love every day, and make money at it you have found a secret to happiness. You are also lucky because you are very beatuiful and don't "need" make up to look pretty!

    I would love to show your videos to a friend who is a very prominent fashion designer. I think he would have a blast with your makeup creations!

    Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy what you do. Thank you for the beauty you bring to the world and our lives!

    Hugs from Florida!
    Susan and Gaylen

  41. Olá! meu nome é carolina mora no Brasil! você é a melhor que já vi! obrigada pelos vídeos.
    Gostaria de saber aonde você compra duas makeup da MAC?

  42. Hi Julia,
    i love your videos i think u very artistic, very talented and i was amazed to know that you are a self-taught-amazing!
    and the way that you explaning things ( -Giving from ur heart)-real professional!
    also beautiful
    Im addicted to ur vids
    keep up the good job!
    thank u for sharing with us ur knowledge,

  43. Hi Julia :)
    I would like to know which camera you use to take your pictures ?

  44. Anonymous3:21 am

    Where did u buy your earrings ? they are beautiful !

  45. Nicole5:09 am

    Hi Julia,

    I've always loved your make up tutorials but I was just wondering whether you've tried the La Mer tinted foundation. I heard it's great and I'm using the one from Laura Mercier at the moment, but I just wanted to hear your thoughts and whether you'd still recommend it after telling us all how great the Kiehl's one is :)


  46. Anonymous10:39 pm

    i´m glad there are people like you who do all those videos - it´s a lot of work and it really helps people like me, who like make up, but are beginners or don´t experiment that much (for whatever reasons).
    i like your look - and i like the tutorials in german! your german is great and i wonder what kind of aliens critizise you for it. gosh - there are people who are born and raised in austria whose german is not nearly as good as yours! so just keep going - you are doing a great job! thank you so much! tanja

  47. Hey Julia! I have a question for you that I hope you can answer. I am considering starting a blog similar to this with my own makeup looks and nail art designs. As I have looked at your pictures, I've noticed that the lighting in your pictures is uh-ma-zing. The colors are so vibrant in your pictures and you can see every detail. I can't get any camera I use to do any of that no matter how hard I try. I was wondering if you can give me a few tips on how to light my photos so I can actually post good ones on my blog?

  48. Koochie5:02 am

    Tiff tiff knock on da wood ! you so talented & amazing teacher :p i tried some of your looks & WOW ppl were amazed :o) keep up the good work n God Bless :o)

  49. Anonymous1:07 pm

    I am a spanish girl and i like what you do, i would like translated into spanish the videos, thank you very much, Greetings

  50. Shiran12:34 pm

    Though you don't take requests I really hope you can make a brush tutorial video - like, showing us which brushes to use and what are they used for. I have a MAC brushes set and I always use the same 2 because I've no idea what the others are for.

  51. Anonymous1:56 am

    The transgender community thanks you for the help you have given us

  52. huuuum thank you for help us :)

  53. Hi Julia! Just wanted to say that I've been a subscriber of your YT channel (annalizaescondo) for so long and you never ceased to amaze me. Hope it's ok that I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award. I did a post regarding this in my blog.

  54. Anonymous7:25 pm

    how do you make your eyebrows?

  55. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Thanks. I've learned quite a bit from your makeup and diet vids.

  56. Anonymous3:43 am

    Which of the three primer potions do you use/prefer? Also do you recommend the primer potions and what are the differences?

  57. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Julia, I have looked EVERYWHERE for a way to send you a fan letter, but even after looking through your entire blog, facebook, twitter, youtube account and google - I have only been able to find your business mail, and I refuse to be a jerk and write you that way !! ;)

    I have written you a thousand times on youtube, but since you get thousand of those mine drown in the comments!

    So my question is, how do I send you a mail/fan letter?

    I hate myself for not meeting up with you a while back when you were meeting fellow makeup lovers!

    I hope you see this!


    The 24 year old fan from Denmark <3

  58. Katrina Spencer9:15 pm

    Hi I was wondering if you could do like a purple eyeshadow look that could be used as an everday look. I was also wondering if you could do it with the E.L.F Palette. This one in perticular if possible Thx Julia :) I love your video by the way <3


  59. Anonymous7:51 am

    I love the makeup on the front page of your site. Do you have a tutorial for that?