8 Feb 2009

FOTD and Tutorial: Arab Eyes using greens

February 9, 2009

I hope you enjoy this Arab eyes inspired look! Products I used to create this look:

Afterglow mineral foundation - Cameo, Ben Nye concealer wheel, Ben Nye blush - Latte, Estee Lauder Shimmering Powder - Light Snow

Urban Decay Primer Potion, 120 color eyeshadow palette, L'Oreal Carbon Gloss liquid eyeliner pen, MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack, no name brand false lashes from eBay, DUO lash glue, Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara - black, MAC Brows - Spiked

MAC Myth lipstick, MAC Liplacquer - Babied

Thanks for watching and subscribing! Until next time...


  1. Very authentic,I'm Egyptian :) I love the tape tip. It's so funny whenever I'm watching your tutorials I catch myself making my eyes wide and raising my eyebrows along w/ you!

  2. What does FOTD stand for?
    I just watched the video, and this look is amazing. You make everything look so darn easy :)

  3. Awesome!! I like green eyeshadows... Thank you for the tutorials!!

  4. FOTD stands for "Face of the Day", like makeup look of the day :)

  5. well looks very nice on you- for me it would be really too much :-)

  6. Fantastic look!
    I'm really glad you were able to show us the eye-lining, that's the part I have a lot of trouble with.
    Definitely going to try this one out. :D Thanks for the inspiration Julia!

  7. Why is non-waterproof mascara used when applying to the false and natural eyelashes?


  8. i think she used non-waterproof mascara to protect the integrity of the false lashes... so they'd last longer and be easier to clean after use.

    this is a really nice look for a night out.

  9. You are absolutely beautiful and I am in love with this look. You are such an inspiration. :]

  10. @Amber Wave: Yes, non waterproof mascara is used because waterproof mascara is very hard to clean off false lashes.

    Thanks everyone!

  11. LOVE THIS LOOK! The lashes are amazing. You're truly an inspiration!

    Check out my blog whenever you have a chance. Thanks!

  12. Anonymous11:48 pm

    i love this look so much. You look very very beautiful dear. Keep up the good work

  13. Anonymous3:18 am

    im totally gonna buy that eyeliner !

  14. Another amazingly beautiful look from you.
    I always sit and refresh my youtube channel
    hoping that you do a new video! haha.

  15. Anonymous7:23 am

    i sweat under my eyes what should i do when im applying makeup

  16. Anonymous5:40 pm

    FOTD = face of the day

  17. love d green eyes...
    u made it so easy

  18. love those green eyes,,,u made it so easy to apply it on...

  19. love the tut and the look, but especially the nailpolish, it's awesome!!!

  20. Chantal.6:57 pm

    Hey I'm just wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to properly apply false lashes, my sister and I have tried several times but have never really pulled it off! Thanks
    P.S I love all the Makeup tutorials that I have seen of yours so far, so keep it up!

  21. I bought The Carbon Gloss Eyeliner after seeing this video and it ROCKS!

  22. Anonymous8:35 pm

    this is amazing! i combined this look with the fauxhawk mauhawk a few nights ago at a rock concert and it was TOTALLY AMAZING. i love ur tutorials ur so gr8!

    AM x

  23. Hey Julia. Congratulations for the channel. I personally love make up and as today I'm going to an indian dance show, I wanted to give it a try in this. Have a look at my result (without the greens as I don't have the colours!)
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/piggbox/ (the first one!)

  24. Hi Julia!
    I'm loving your blog. I want to learn more about makeup. you know if these eyeshadows are strong? [http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/Main_Pages/Profile_ESP10CEC.htm]. I wanted strong colors such as yours!
    Congratulations on your work.
    Sorry for english!

  25. Anonymous10:16 pm

    This is way too beautiful and I just love this look. Thanks you for all that you bring to us

  26. Anonymous10:03 am

    I can't believe I didn't think of the tape, that's brilliant! heh.. Nice look, and I love the fresh face the eyes are against.

  27. Anonymous6:15 am

    I have never see a blog so nice and simple like this one !! All I have to say it's "THANK YOU JULIA". I love the easy way how you explaind everything. Good luck with all. See you around !!

  28. Dilyana2:40 am

    Hi Julia, I'm just dropping in to say I really appreciate what you do with all those tutorials - tonight I stumbled upon your YouTube channel for the first time and I've been watching the uploaded clips - wonderful job!
    I'm a photomodel from Bulgaria, some of that would really serve me well, for I'll be going for some different looks... Maybe I'll share some photos in real future with the result.

    In short, THANK YOU!!!

  29. I can't find the liquid eyeliner! Is it only available in the UK?

  30. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Love your video Julia

  31. Anonymous8:31 pm

    I love the nail polish. What is it and where did u get it?

  32. Anonymous6:25 pm

    I liked the video very much. You do a great job, thanks for sharing your video with us.



  33. Anonymous2:41 am

    What are good mac alternates???

  34. Anonymous7:12 am

    Heyy :) LOVE THE VIDEO. I do arabic style eyeliner all the time. Im obsessed with it and i like how u put the dramatic eyeshadow on the eye with it.
    I was wondering for blue eyes do u think i could pull of this green look or should i which it to a different dark color likr gold or purple

  35. Anonymous11:42 pm

    hi you r so nice with arabic makeup
    iam from saudi arabia>
    alot of girls here hate arabic makeup because is too much and make bigger.
    for me and other girls we like asimple makeup
    it make us look cute

  36. Anonymous6:57 pm

    hey julia,i looovvveeee your tutorials.it all look sooo good..eventually for me,i have trouble with applying shadows as i have no double eyelids and my eyes are small.i always wanted to have those beautiful tutorials of yours on me.please help..thanks a million!

  37. Greetings from Chile! in found you because of haifa wehbe :D i loved ur make ups! thanx for make me life sooooooooo easy :D you are my Zen master :D kisses and hugs

  38. Marie5:45 pm


    ich schreib dir mal auf deutsch as you understand both languages :) du hast es echt drauf, um es mal zu sagen, wie es ist. aber genug der beweihräucherung. ich hab jetzt einige videos von dir gesehen und das ist das erste, in dem du mit lose powder gearbeitet hast. ich such schon nach ewigkeiten nach einem, der genau dem zweck entspricht, für den du ihn verwendest. ich hab sonen mineral scheiß und der arbeitet sich immer in die haut ein, wenn ich in auftrage, anstatt zum später entfernen draufzubleiben? ich hoffe, du verstehst meinen stümperhaften versuch, dich nach rat und einem produkttipp zu fragen.

    mach weiter so. you are off da hook :D

    liebe grüße aus deutschland (berlin) wherever you are right now...


  39. Anonymous4:12 pm

    your looks are very very special and fantastic. i love all your make ups!i tried the colorful arabic make up and i was so surpriced how wonderful it was. i felt great!

    thanks for given me inspiration

  40. u are in my blog ^^

  41. Anonymous11:41 pm

    love this look

  42. Laura5:37 am

    I was just surfing the youtube and bumped into the foundation and concealer tutorial u were demonstrating. I saw also others you've made as well. I thought u were great! I've never done my eyes before, so I thank you for including such dramatic and everyday eye makeup. Loved ur tutorials so far! You're definitely a true makeup artist. Iam wondering, where can I get your kind of makeup. Is there a specific place I can get a bargain?

  43. Anonymous6:26 am

    Hi, could you do this look using silvers and purples? And only using MAC makeup please? Thank you so much! I love your tutorials - you are very talented!

  44. Hello Julia , you are really awesome , and i think that make matches you ,you don't have to have arabic heritage to look that way , it is truly nice , and i loved the eyebrows . i'm Egyptian by the way .
    i've a question for you if you don't mind , i have a real dark black eyebrows , i've stained it in one of the salons in Egypt to the brown color , but as you know stain fades away after while, now i am in USA and have no idea how to stain them into brown color , so if you don't mind would you ,tell me how to do that ,putting into consideration that i have never used any stain in my my life by myself ,do you have any tips in general for the dark black eyebrows

  45. Hi, I love your nail polish color, would you please let me know where did you get this color and what brand? thanks!!! I love your tutorial!!! thanks for sharing

  46. maria williams11:00 pm

    i love it...lol...

  47. Anonymous3:02 pm

    greetings from munich
    i luv ur tutorials :-)

  48. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Hi, my congrats! I am laina, and I love make up, it's really my style, not like european style. I love it:)

  49. This is very good.
    Thank you for this blog

  50. Anonymous4:57 am

    i love itttt !! it's my style <3 <3

  51. Anonymous11:40 am

    Hi, Julia! I'm not ignorant with doing make-up, i love it and always try to do smth interesting and new.I've got already some practice in it as i am 40.LOL But i have to say that your tutorials are just great. I tried some of yr make up styles on me and it was super! thanks! the best wishes and much success to u! Svetlana.

  52. Wow,that was amazing color and technique! i have to try it at home

  53. Anonymous4:55 am

    Can we send request here or would you like it elsewhere?

  54. Anonymous7:30 pm

    great!! xactly what i was looking for.. keep it up!!