8 Feb 2009

Review: 120 Color Palette

February 8, 2009
I received this palette as a gift from my sister; it's the popular 120 palette available from eBay. (I don't have the link for the seller as this was bought for me.) I've been looking forward to trying this out since ages! This is a great bargain for those on a budget. It's basically an assortment of dime-sized eyeshadows in one convenient case. Here are my thoughts on this product.

  • very inexpensive! Available for anywhere between $20-$30 USD on eBay
  • wonderful color selection with bright, vibrant shades
  • 2 rows of neutrals, highlighters, monochromatic, 2 blacks
  • variety of finishes although the majority are shimmering
  • easy to blend
  • great pigmentation payoff for most of the eyeshadows
  • very compact so good for traveling and storage
  • Not all the eyeshadows are equally as pigmented or have great payoff, though that is fortunately the minority
  • These eyeshadows are very fragile and soft, meaning they are easily damaged and also cause some fallout during application
  • some eyeshadows might be damaged during shipping so I recommend insurance
  • lasting power not as good as high end brands
  • the "marbelized" row is pretty pointless though I'm not sure if that's worth mentioning
Overall I think this is a great purchase if you are starting out with makeup and want a large color selection for not a lot of money, or you are missing some shades and just don't want to shell out for high end. Stay tuned for some tutorials using this palette on my Youtube channel! (Click on the pictures for full size!) You can also see pictures of all 120 shadows swatched on Vintage or Tacky's blog.


  1. Anonymous9:58 am


  2. i want that! Its right up my alley! Cause I cant afford Mac and I love using a lot of colors. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Allison10:12 am

    There is a marbelized row?
    Haha I thought it was just fallout from the broken shadow.

  4. Anonymous1:19 pm

    How do u pay for these ... as i dont have a credit card .... could i pay it with cash when they arrive?

  5. Anonymous4:33 pm

    I recently bought this palette and 3 came damage.I over all enjoy it and there are colors I dont have.I use UPP and my shawdows last up to 10-12 hours!!

  6. Annie7:50 pm

    I wonder how this compares to the Coastal Scents 88 Palettes?

  7. i guess i would never buy that- because i would never use most colours and i am a bit worring about quality- i always think nothink that chep can be real good...i know its kinda stereotype :-)

  8. Thank you for posting such an informative blog on the 120 b/c I've been going back and forth on whether to trust eBay enough to buy them there or beauties-farm.com...the prices seems really great and the photos youpsted are very good as well.

  9. I recently bought this palette and Im still watching on it. So I hope it come soon so I can sheck it out...

    Ive seen these on Ebay and wondered before so thanks for the review!I buy cheap eyeshadow to mix with my Bare Escentuals Weather Everything Liner Sealer because it makes any shadow into great liner and I can buy tons of colors to use with it and I save my cash for my high end shadows I use for actual shadows and shading.We are moving soon and im turning one of the new bedrooms into a huge Kimora style dressing room so I will buy me one of these when we move!

  11. Anonymous7:57 am

    I have to say that I LOVE mine. Just so many options and it really is quite good quality! Just make sure you don't EVER drop it. I knocked mine on the floor once...disaster lol.
    I find it's really fun to use when you're having a girls night and you want to do wacky makeovers haha. Plus that last row with the neutral shades has some gorgeous browns! Seriously, this palette is amazing.

  12. i really want to get this now. i am a make up FREAK but my mom said im not allowed to get it... :(

    you can aim me if you want and convince my mom to let me get it. and i even told my mom that i would pay for ALL of it and she still wont let me get it. so you can aim me. idk when i will be on..well im on right now. soo my aim is abbykat94 thanks!

  13. I've got this one. It's good, but eyeshadows don't stay at the eye for so long.


  14. Bella7:06 am


  15. I find these eyeshadows last all day and night on my eyes and mine are quite oily I just use a gosh shadow stick as a base

  16. how could i get it like you?
    sherrie Thailand

  17. Andrea2:51 am

    I was wondering the same thing. How does this compare to the Coastal Scents 88 palette? I was thinking about buying only one of the palettes but I can't decide which one.

  18. Kelly7:44 am

    Hi...:]i love this pallate but i didnt have it:S

  19. Anonymous6:55 am

    I got mine from amazon.com! I love it! quality stuff!!!

  20. Anonymous1:53 am

    hi i just wanted to know where can i order this eyeshadow plz let em know

  21. Anonymous2:27 pm

    wow i love the colores.♥
    and just 15 pounds
    aren`t very expensive.

  22. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Heyyyyyyy .. i ve seen all of ur tutorials and they are simply the best..!!
    i Really want this palette .. But can u post the ingredients for it .. as im allergic to some of them!!
    that would be really kind of you.. !!
    and once again .. the way u do ur make-up is Just Outstanding !!

  23. Anonymous3:16 am

    hi i would also like to know what the difference is between the 88 pallet and this one, because the 88 pallete is easy to get hold of.

  24. I have oily lids and the 120 palette shadows last long on my lids, once I use UDPP it will last for hours and hours and it takes me a great eye makeup remover to get it off...on top of that the colors last better than high end makeup such as MAC, I own MAC eyeshadows that don't even last long on my eyes using UDPP as base.

  25. Anonymous4:26 pm

    ermmm... how much is tat 120 Color Palette ??

  26. Carool9:34 pm

    me gustó lo que enseñaste en tus videos y me la compré, me encanta ^^
    I liked what i saw in your videos and i bought that palette, i love it ^^

  27. Anonymous4:06 pm

    i just came across your youtube vidio on this, i have had this pallette for ages now and love it, its so good for any sort of eye make up and if you wet your brush you can get a more intense colour thats metalic like...

  28. Anonymous7:18 pm

    hey i really love your work!!!!! this was a good review on the palette they also on ebay come with fake nails and a couple brushes awsome :) any how and the palette cost around 20 to 30 dollers like she said

    angel girl forever:)

  29. can u pls temme how cn i get this..
    m really sorry to say bt i dunt knw wats ebay..
    pls tell me n help me out buying dis platte

  30. Anonymous6:47 pm

    wow julia! you r amazing!!!!!!!!!! i've watched allllllll of your tutorials on you tube!!! i think you r wayyyyyy better than makeupbyrenren! she is good 2....but u r awesome!!!! i wanna be that good at makeup! but i doubt i will pe....im not paciant enough! lol well i'll leave u more comments l8r! oh yah......r u from sweaden?

  31. Anonymous6:04 pm

    I think this palette is better than the 88 palette because in the 88 palette there is no bright and vivid green as well as there is no cool yellow or orange so for me who loves bright color thats a no brainer lol get it its worth it!

  32. Anonymous8:55 pm

    for those of you that don't hav credit cards you can buy gift credit cards and buy them that way

    however for me how many of shimmers are there how about the mattes...bc im debating the 88 or the 120...help=)

  33. Anonymous10:35 pm

    i just got one, its great !

  34. mannnnn first time where to buy it noooooooooo idea help meeeeeeeeee xxx

  35. Belén8:03 pm

    Hi Julia I´m Belén from Argentina.
    I want the palete of 120 color eye. I can buy in argentina?.

    Please sendme an email.

  36. Anonymous6:25 am

    is the brand name for the 120 pallet called manly

  37. What is UPP??? Where do I get it?

  38. What is UPP? where do I get it?

  39. Anonymous6:17 am

    i found a really cheap mac pallette like this @ www.volashouse.weebly.com

    I agree I absolutely love it! And i'm not one to wear make up but this is beautiful!

  40. Anonymous1:47 am

    well i wanna try it but i dont know if its good for texture because i know that i have a certain texture that ive adaptod to. so just tell me about the texture and ill get it./\

  41. I ordered mine yesterday for $16.99 and free S&H!!! The worst part is having to wait for it to come in the mail :/ I can't wait to try it out!

  42. I got mine on ebay for $16.99 including shipping! The worst part is the wait!

  43. Anonymous11:08 am

    hey i visited ur blog for d very first time... u work great...

  44. Anonymous5:36 am

    I just bought this on ebay after seeing it on youutube. I recieved it after 3 weeks of waiting and 9 colors were broke which was a huge mess to clean up.

  45. I live in Norway, took about 2,5 weeks to get it, and one eyeshadow had a LITTLE piece broken off. The colours last great, just use a primer underneath. It held for all 6 hours at my job and more until I removed it ( I work at a bar/restaurant, things get hot there!)

  46. Anonymous2:49 am

    I orderd one on ebay like 12 days ago so it should be here soon. Im sooo scared though cause i dont want any of them to be broken :(. . but i cant wait 4 it to come at the same time :). I will tell you how many are damaged when it comes, hopefully none :) byeee

  47. Anonymous11:48 pm

    I had this palette, I gave it away because I HATED it, the colors were nice but the fallout was amazing, shadow went everywhere! Plus when I finally did get it there was 5 broken shadows! Everything you said positive was true though; I think the 88 formula is actually way better, they are packed together more tightly.

  48. Anonymous7:17 pm


    My name's Paula, So I'm brazilian, and I love all this stuff!!!
    I love your blog too... you are so cute....

    Then, I wanna buy this palett but I don't know where I can buy it ... (manly or coastal)???

    Please help me : paulalibanor@hotmail.com

    Ps: Sorry about my english I'm beginner yet... rsrs

  49. Anonymous1:51 am

    hello!! my name is Kley, Im brazilian, i realy wanna buy a new eyeshadow, but i dont know if i get the 120 manly or the 120 bhcosmetic or sephora(do u uese this brand?)
    love all of ur makeup!!!!
    kley!! kleifanya@hotmail.com

  50. Anonymous11:13 am

    Hello everybody!!! I need some help please, could someone kindly help me?? I´ve been checking the 120 Palette on Ebay and there is a great variety of palettes, all of them looks very similar the difference is in the price. I.e: there is one for only $8.99, but maybe it´s not the same quality. Could you please tell me which one should I use?? Many thanks!!!!

  51. Anonymous2:26 pm

    HI I bought one recently and i am wating for it. I hope it has no damges. what is UPP?

  52. Anonymous8:34 pm

    wow! ur so creative! wonderfull! best regards from Croatia! Jasmina

  53. Anonymous7:35 pm

    what's the brand of this??..pls tell me

  54. Anonymous2:35 pm

    UDPP is the Urban Decay Primer Potion it's a famous eyeshadow primer which makes your eyeshadows last all day.

  55. Shazia12:09 am

    Hii, I just saw your video & it said that they coast around $20-$30. I ordered one yesterday. They 120, for $16.94. Is that okay? & Sadly, I don't think I have insurance on it.

  56. Anonymous7:12 pm

    wow ! I want a 120 palette.

  57. Anonymous11:47 am

    i want this ! i've been looking for it and i found one what is only 22.90€ pretty cheap, so will i see the cheepness in the quality too? and plus im from finland so will it be all damaged when it arrives?

    - kata

  58. i ordered one on ebay but it hasn't arrived yet.. it said it was being shipped from HONG KONG its been a week hopefully ill be getting it soon..

  59. Anonymous6:52 pm

    this is amazing!!! I am so excited to buy one now!!! thank you!! :) just as an fyi if u live in the states....i would be a little hesitant about buying cosmetics from another country so anyone reading this might want to consider buying the 120 palette from bhcosmetics.com. the palettes are made & shipped from the states which gives me a little more reassurance that the colors would be...cleaner? i dnt know...it just makes me feel better when i put them on :)

  60. I really want one of these palettes, they seem really cool. I hope to get one soon so I will be able to do tons of new looks! :D

  61. hey, i have the same palette but one of my colours broke i dont know how but when i opened it i found the purple colour brocken. the colours r very soft the easily brake.

  62. Anonymous11:28 pm

    i recently got this pallette from ebay for around £7.00, and when it arrived there was slight damage to only one eyeshadow, the colours are good, although i agree that the matte colours need a few layers to show properly.its a great bargain, would def buy again if i ever finish the current one i have.

  63. Both me and my sister have 120 palettes with no names on. I bought it from Ebay and she bought it from a seller in my country paying over 2 times more then i did on my palette. The truth is that they are different! My palette's color payoff is crappy as hell ! Pigments lack , eyeshadows too chalky, hard. The colors on my lid seem like they have been rubbed off , very few pigment actually stays on.. i simply hate it. And in comparison my sister's palette is better but still she dont get as much color payoff as we see in tutorials and reviews .. ! i dont know about the branded 120 palettes , i just ordered one from BH cosmetics and i may come again and write whats my opinion on that more expensive branded one.