26 Feb 2009

There's a thief on Youtube...

...stealing mine and other videos from makeup gurus! Very annoying!

Please flag this channel if you have the time: http://www.youtube.com/user/amyoren60
If you could also flag the stolen video as Spam or something else, that would be great, I already filled out a copyright infrigement form through Youtube.

While you're at it, please also flag these videos, stolen from Pursebuzz and Gossmakeupartist on Youtube, by seemingly the same person: http://www.youtube.com/user/anneuem

Thanks for your help! It makes me so mad that these people capture and re-upload videos that are made by the hard work of others! Why not just embed my video? That's what the embed code is there for!

UPDATE: Thanks everyone, Youtube removed my stolen videos! Please let me know in the future if you see anymore stolen videos rehosted on another Youtube channel (embedding my video on a website is fine.)


  1. Goodness me! So sorry you (and other gurus) have to put with this!

  2. Hi Julia,
    How do I flag the channel? Or does this option exist for the video itself?

  3. wow people really are desperate! good luck, I did my part to help

  4. wow i didnt know it was possible to be able to save the videos to your desktop and reupload them like that. thats insane!!! youtube should def. do something about this.

  5. There is the option to flag just below the video, and on the channel profile page, there is a report link just underneath the user picture that you can click.

  6. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Hate ppl who cant do anything themselves just stealing from others.. I definitely flagged that

  7. Done. Reported. (It must be awful for you. I know how much work it is to film, edit and upload a video to you tube. I make crafting vids).

  8. i'll be sure to do this today :D

  9. Anonymous1:04 am

    i wasn't sure how to flag it, so i put spam or something...
    that's really creepy. i think just about every makeup guru i'm subscribed to has had people steal their videos and put up the guru's picture as their own. i'd be freaked out. wtf?

    i'm sure youtube is coming up with something to catch these people... i mean, they're under maintenance like every other day so they'd better be doing something useful.


  10. I guess they love you that much! =)

  11. i am so sorry to hear that! this is terrible,why some loser will steal other's people work?
    i hate thieves.
    i am flagging those videos as well.

  12. Anonymous3:55 pm

    this person doesn't have anything to do in her/his life. she/he has many time to upload videos from others instead click "Favorite".
    i hope she/he will get consequences soon.