9 Jul 2009

Guppy Nailpolishes Swatched

These are swatches of the Korean brand "Guppy" nailpolishes that I wrote about in a previous entry. These are all the colors I own so far. If you would like to buy any of these yourself, click here for the shop on eBay although I'm not sure if all these colors are available yet, so check back later if not.

Thumb: #14, Index: #08, Middle: #20, Ring: #16, Pinkie: #33

(closeup) Left: #16, Right: #33

Thumb: #25, Index: #38, Middle: #18, Ring: #29, Pinkie: #77

(Closeup, clockwise) Thumb: #25, Index: #38, Middle: #18

Full manicure with #29

Full manicure with #77 (reposted)

Nr. 8 was the only problem child that looked very different on the nails than in the bottle, I was hoping it would be a much darker, deeper vampy red shade but even after 3 coats it just wasn't as opaque as in the bottle. Nr. 29 was opaque in two coats, but I added a third coat in the full manicure picture for depth of color. All the other shades were perfect in two coats, even the nude shades. At first I thought that Nr. 25, 38 and 18 all looked pretty similar in the bottles but when swatched, you can see that none are really dupes of the others. Nr. 25 even reminds me a bit of pictures I have seen of Orly Country Club Khaki. All of these except Nr. 77 which is a shimmer, are cream finish.

My personal favorites from the colors I own so far are Nr. 77, 29, 25, and 33. Overall like I have said before, I am really impressed with the quality of these nailpolishes, the smoothness of application and the brush itself!


  1. Anonymous9:42 pm

    I love your blog and videos on youtube. The colors are really lovely. Keep up the good work. Just joined your twitter page.

  2. Beautiful colors! I am really digging that blue color! The olive green is fantastic.

  3. Really digging the blue! It's so electric! Love the golden olive green!

  4. the blue one is lovely! :)

  5. Anonymous10:20 pm

    38 and 33 are so pretty!

  6. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Whoaaaaaaaa, such pretty colors! I just did another order to Sarah, I discovered her through you and I love her, she gives fantastic customer service, super fast shipping (I live in Spain) and everything arrives flawless, not to name the fantastic prices.....
    I should have seen these swatches before I made the order!

  7. I have to say, I love your nails this length. I think especially with vampy colours, that is the perfect length to show off the colour.

    I am also lusting after #77... but I'm on a budget. *tries to forget about the colour*

  8. i only like # 16 and #33

  9. Anonymous12:59 am

    Thanks for taking the time to swatch these Julia. I am so glad I waited before ordering! No. 25 and No. 33 have stolen my heart as I've been on the lookout for appropriate work colours. These will do the trick! Hard decision though as they all look great on your nails!

  10. Anonymous1:51 am

    yay! this is an korean productt(:
    haha sorry, just had to show my pridee(:

  11. those are some fierce nails! Beautiful collection!

  12. Anonymous3:35 am

    I love that blue colour!!

  13. omg seriously,those matte colors ARE SOOOO yummyyyy.

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  15. Anonymous6:17 am

    I am loving these colours!! The blue is great and I love #14 as well.. Will def be adding some of these to my collection!!

  16. very nice colors:-) thank u

  17. wow.. these look really nice <3
    the index and middle fingers in the first picture look very similar in color...

  18. The colors are so pretty, esp the blue one!

  19. Anonymous9:56 pm

    I liked all neutrals - they are fantastic on you!
    I have a question to you (to Julia from Yulia :)): I got a package today from Trans Desighn/ And one polish was broken. (It was Essie; all others where from OPI). Is the package which you reported, had a broken polish was also from Trans Desighn? (I had no problems like that from head2toe)

  20. Love your nail polishes colors!!! Unfortunately, I don't wear any nail polish, but I do like seeing the colors here.. Awesome Julia!!!

  21. Hey Julia! These colors are awesome! I love nailpolishes.

    But I was wondering if you know anything about this brand? I'd like to know if they test on animals and if they use any animal products on the nail polishes, but I can't find anything on google about this brand. Thanks in advance!!

  22. Daniela9:18 pm

    I like the blue one!!! it´s one of the winter colors here in Argentina!

  23. These nail polish are awesome for summer. I really love the blue, pink, and orange (?) #16. I'm checking out the ebay store.. right now THANKS FOR SHARING!! i've been looking for new nail polish colors

  24. Anonymous11:33 am

    Stunning colours! I wish I had lovely nails unfortunately I have little stumps!!!

    I will just need to stick to reviewing makeup as I wouldn't do nail polish justice!

  25. these colour are totally delicious!!!
    I love them and I had to order ten (!) nail polishes in this shop!!!
    I can't wait for them...
    Thank you so much for these beautiful swatches!!!

  26. Beautiful nails and cool colours! I adore the coral-like one,peach, blue, and green*_*

  27. Thanks for this review, I love learning about new brands especially inexpensive ones! I purchased a few shades and can't wait to try them out, I'll be sure and blog about them when I do. I posted a link to your review video on my blog.

  28. Anonymous9:35 pm

    I love that green color! Is so beautiful!!!

  29. Anonymous6:34 pm

    hello julia, i live in france and im unable to order these nail polishes,i don't understand why?
    it says:
    Dear User:

    Unfortunately, access to this particular item has been blocked due to legal restrictions in some countries. We are blocking your viewing in an effort to prevent restricted items from being displayed. Regrettably, in some cases, we may prevent users from accessing items that are not within the scope of said restrictions because of limitations of existing technology. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and we hope you may find other items of interest on eBay.
    Can u help?

  30. Anonymous4:15 am

    Just completed my order! Thanks for the swatches! XoXo from Florida

  31. riotofxmyown8:37 am

    I was just wondering if you put a clear top coat on or if they're actually that shiny straight out of the bottle? I know some OPI ones have very glossy finishes whereas other drugstore brands need a top coat to look that way.


  32. Anonymous12:19 am

    Hi there, I just recently got into nail poilish and out of all the blogs I have seen, I have noticed a trend of the individuals leaving a small gap between the cuticle and polish. What is the meaning behind this? Am I missing a secret nail polish trick?

  33. I just ordered 5 of them. Thanks a lot for the swatches, i've been thinking about getting these for a while but was unsure about the quality..your swatches convinced me! ;) Thanks!