8 Jul 2009

GHD IV Styler Demo and Promo Code

I've had the opportunity to test out the GHD IV Styler (Dark limited edition) from Beautychoice.com and I have to say this has totally changed my feelings on straightening my hair. I used to hate doing it because it was so time consuming with my old iron, it would snag and pull, and I'd have to go every section a million times before it was really poker straight. Since I've started using the GHD about 3 weeks ago it is so much easier and takes much less time. While this is indeed a pricey straightening iron, I have to say that I think it is definitely worth the cost if you are someone who uses a straightening iron frequently as the results are amazing, and this iron could also be used for waving or curling your hair. The fact that it's also universal voltage makes it especially appealing to anyone who travels, since you won't have to purchase a special traveling iron if you go abroad.

(Just an FYI, heat tools will not work with a simple plug adapter in a country with a different voltage - it can actually break your iron. Take it from someone who has even bought a voltage converter for a North American hair straightener, only to have the converter melt!)

Right now BeautyChoice is having a promotional offer to pass on to my viewers. With the purchase of any GHD flat iron you will get a FREE Le Angelique Curling 13/25mm inverted cone iron. These are very similar to the Enzo Milano curling irons (I have the 1" and love it and use it a lot!) This one normally retails for $99.95 USD on their website. Use the coupon code TWIST and get the Angelique Curling iron for free with your GHD.

I hope you enjoy this promotional offer! This is a really great bargain for two amazing tools.

Click here if you would like to buy the GHD iron for youself and make sure to use the promo code TWIST at check-out to get the Angelique curling iron for free! You can also click here to check out the same model in white.

Click here to check out the Le Angelique iron for more details

Update: I called the official USA GHD head office to verify that the US versions of the GHD styler do not have the Holograms but come with a reset button on the plug, only the European GHDs have the Holograms. The US version (as sold on BeautyChoice) come with a Datecode on the actual styler. Once you receive your styler make sure to register it here. The US versions will have the North American plugs but can also be used in Europe or elsewhere with a simple plug adaptor. As there are many counterfeit GHDs out there, make sure to purchase your GHD from an approved retailer.

Nailpolish: Illamasqua - DWS

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  1. gonna go and buy it right now! amazing! thanks Julia!!!

    xxx <3

  2. Anonymous5:14 am

    What nailpolish do you have on? =]

  3. Julia's Nailpolish: Illamasqua - DWS

  4. Hi Julia, great tutorial. I have the same one but in white and I have short hair, but I still used it to curl my hair.


  5. Thank you Julia! Lovely review!