23 Jul 2009

Sydney Morning Herald feature

Thanks to a viewer, Janet, for emailing me a link of this short news feature in the Sydney Morning Herald. It's a short video featuring myself and some other Youtube beauty videographers, talking about the popularity of online makeup videos. Here is the link:

Click to watch

They have used a clip of my Haifa Wehbe video tutorial in the news story, as well as some clips of other popular videos from other users. Kind of cool, but what's with the utterly judgemental tone of the journalist? "Let's hope we don't all walk around looking like this!" My god lady, lighten up! Sounds like a classic line coming from someone who probably ascribes to the Bobbi Brown makeup philosophy. Yeeesh!

Also, this article is really too short to shed light on really anything of substance - watching that video makes me really wonder about the journalistic capability of the reporter. What on earth was the point of that video? The gist I understood was, makeup videos are popular and sometimes the person will hold up a camera to the lens. Wow. Thanks for the enlightenment and your profound understanding of the online makeup community! Good job, mainstream media.

What do you think?


  1. "lets just hope we all dont all walk around looking like this"

    ...... WTF is all i have to say....
    so sad this reporter completely failed to see the art in makeup.

  2. Anonymous4:40 am

    wow well um, I think the online community is great and they shouldn't be judgmental regardless of whether or not they even like the looks being shown. The online beauty community is sooo informative and helpful. I would be so lost about what products are good and worth buying if I didn't keep up with makeup gurus.

  3. I like neutral, everyday makeup but I think I did learned quite a lot this past year from all those make up vids and are now experimenting more with colors.
    I think your videos are great and the make up very expressive. Which is what make up is, after all :)

  4. I felt the same, what was the purpose of that video? The reporter lacked on the importance of art and creativity make-up can give and, how can she not mention the guru's background?

    If it wasn't for you beautiful ladies, many women (and men) wouldn't have a clue about the make-up industry and how it all works.

  5. Holly5:44 am

    Wow, the video really was pointless. I guess she had nothing better to report on! Dumb lady.

  6. Anonymous8:16 am

    Can't open the video but I strongly believe that the online makeup community is very helpfull to any and every woman...don't get it - how can someone be sarcastic about looks and makeup?!

  7. What a bitch - that's what I think. (sorry, for the language). :S

  8. Anonymous10:17 am

    that last line was a pathetic attempt to wrap up the feature narration in a "witty" manner.
    artists and people who appreciate what you guys (makeup gurus) do and teach shouldn't expect the common mass to understand or even see beyond the colors.

  9. Jeez - Well I hope.. 'we do all end up walking around like this!'. The world would be a very interesting place!

    I love watching tutorials of dramatic looks and I certainly wouldn't want annyone to stop doing them. Make-up is a form of art and expression. Shame the journalist can't see that really!

  10. Anonymous10:59 am

    I am Australian and I am on the SMH website all the time. They have this person doing a beauty blog on that - and listen, I learn more in 5 minutes on Makeup Alley or YT than reading that drivel.

    Julia - you are an artist and wonderful. This journo is forgetting that make up is fun. I think the SMH woman who does the blog is over 50 and let's face it - at that age you don't tend to experiment new looks anymore.

    SMH is a joke. It was nice featuring you - but no doubt the journalist is a person who thinks makeup is putting on the chapstick and leaving the house.

  11. Anonymous12:39 pm

    I feel the same way. What that feature showed is what a cynical reporter can deduce from 5 minute glance at the online makeup community. Congratulations Julia, but it appears some people really need to gain some perspective.

  12. I just think that reporter needs to take the stick out of her ass =/

    pardon my french...

  13. Linda1655:28 pm

    I agree with you about the article, 100%... but pardon my ignorance... what is the Bobbi Brown makeup philosophy?? Thanks!

  14. I feel like she was expressing a personal opinion, which to me is detrimental to the story in this instance. Since she is a reporter, I feel like it's important to remain neutral towards what you are reporting so you don't give an unfair bias to the story.

    Also if any of y'all want to let the SMH know you think the video is crap, there's a link at the bottom of the page to contact them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

  15. Andreia8:30 pm

    A journalist must respect the elementary deontological principles and behind many, impartiality.
    Following this statement, she isn’t a journalist and only shows one side of the story: her obtuse point of view and lack of content in that ridiculous pseudo-video.
    Summarizing… congratulations to you and the others makeup fellows for the good work.
    Just like me many people have learn with your makeup videos, the opposite of this SMH video that is completely pointless.

  16. I really have to agree! That video was pointless, and never once did it show the journalist! =) I wanna see who does her makeup! How does she have a right to say that we can't all have a little fun? Seriously, makeup is a form of expression. Some just choose to express themselves in ways that others find unconventional!

  17. Anonymous3:05 am

    The SMH tends to think of itself as the 'High Art' of the newspaper world. Obviously this was one person's view on a not-so-new web phenomenon; she seems to have just caught up and is probably a bit peeved about that! The feature is trivial in its brevity and the fact that it fails to properly appreciate just how popular and influential people like Julia are in reaching a very wide audience.


  18. Anonymous6:43 am

    Lighten up! Negative press can and does generate positive attention. Whenever a person draws attention to themselves in front of a large audience (youtube) there are going to be decenters....you have alot to offer the world, who cares if a few people don't like it.

  19. Anonymous11:01 am

    As much as I enjoy the Youtube makeup community, I really don't understand how so many readers/viewers can not understand that this video was not a news article, but a fluff/opinion piece/feature? Not everything we read in a newspaper is news, or needs to be unbiased. I should add, I most certainly wouldn't refer to the SMH as high art? It's mainstream media and I really doubt they are trying to project a high art image.

    I guess I just don't understand the outrage over this clip? It's just one person's opinion after all :)

    That being said, I definitely don't agree with her opinions and think you're fabulous, Julia ;)

  20. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Oh dear..... I am going to try and be diplomatic. I am Australian and I know Australian humour is sometimes wrong and can often be very sarcastic.... I believe her comment was an attempt at humour; albeit an expremely poor, sarcastic and offensive one. I agree with stargirl37 and the Anonymous Australian. I love watching your videos and thank you for them.

  21. I'm not offended by the piece, I just thought it was ridiculous and poor journalism because it doesn't shed light on anything...haha!

  22. well if you pay really close attention and really think about what shes saying.. like in the begining shes like "theres tons of people doing videos to teach smokey looks even thought they are pretty common and everyone knows how to do it" (basically)and then they are saying that sponsors look at our videos and just give us money.. like the girl showing her camera (hinting that a sponsor got her the camera) soo over all shes wrongly advised and knows nothing about makeup as an ART.... and they took the WORST part out of the whole video of me showing a SUPER dramatic look. thanks lady! I wouldnt even worry about it because its clear that everyone featured on that video has more talent in their pinky nails than she has in her whole body for reporting!
    <3 Macismycrack AKA Chel-C