29 Jul 2009

Makeup Removal and exfoliation: Imagem System

I thought it might be time to do another updated video on skincare and realized it's something I should probably address more frequently, as I get a lot of questions about that on my Youtube channel. Instead of doing one long video on all products I use, I thought I would intersperse the videos every now and then, with product recommendations, tips or home remedy masks!

Today I wanted to do a mini review on the Imagem cleanser and Custom Exfoliation bundle. I have been using these products in combination for about a month now or more and have had a really good response.

The cleanser is a low-foaming cleanser and does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, inexpensive foaming detergents that are often added to personal care products like face wash, soap, shampoo, etc. They are also what is categorized as surfactants, wetting agents that lower the surface tension of a liquid, allowing easier spreading, and lower the interfacial tension between two liquids. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a known skin irritant that can cause severe drying of the skin, and while Sodium Laureth Sulphate is much milder, some people with very sensitive skin might still find the ingredient to be too harsh and irritating.

This cleanser does not contain either ingredient, but contains many plant extracts such as aloe, cucumber, chamomile, rosemary, lavender, arnica flower, green tea leaf and fruit extracts. I find this cleanser to be very mild on the skin, but excellent at removing makeup without drying out my skin. The Custom Exfoliator can be blended together with the cleanser to remove dead skin cells, and contains just 3 ingredients: walnut and sweet almond shell granules and aloe vera powder.

Please note the picture above is not indicative of the size: The Custom Exfoliator contains 30g / 1 oz. of product, the cleanser contains 237ml / 8 fl. oz. of product.

Nonetheless, I really love this bundle and will continue to use it. The cleanser is very concentrated, meaning you only need 1/2 to 1 pump to wash your entire face. The exfoliator should not be used on a daily basis, 1-2 times a week should be enough.

Both are available here:
Price: $39.95

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  1. Thanks for the video but I actually can't use the Imagem. I'm actually quite allergic to the final ingredient--perfume. My hyper-sensitive skin (and nose) can't tolerate perfume. I break out into raise, itchy hives. It depends on the fragrance but I generally avoid anything with perfume like a plague.

    The video was very informative. Thanks Julia!

  2. What a shame this product its not available in Brazil, well, most of the good products in the world doesn't available here.
    Congrats about the You Tube Channel. I'm always checking. This is the first time I comment.
    I also today checked you deutsch sprechen video, soooo gorgeous, I'm just learning, who knows one day I'll be speaking soooo wonderfully

    See ya.
    Kiss and Hugs

  3. Avon's Mark Beauty also makes a custom exfoliant in deep and milder granules to add to any cleanser, they're about 12 CAD. (No, I don't sell Avon). I think it's a great idea. My skin tends to be oily and I've had a lot of success with the oil cleansing method, I use Kanebo Kracie and I love it. Using oil to clean oily skin = less oil.

  4. Anonymous11:12 pm

    I disagree with Priscilla
    It's true that small brands like that one aren't available in Brazil, but all the bigger brands are like MAC, Clinique, Lancome... Although they tend to be priced at double what they cost in US, there are lots of great salon treatments which are a little cheaper and Brazilian brands like VitaDerm and pro brands like ADCOS which I always stock up on when I'm visiting. It's really a matter of making the best out of what it's available to you, and doing your research.

  5. thanx Julia for the video! *5 stars*

    i personally use Clinique's 3Step + Rinso off and 7daily scrub or the TurnAround instant facial (scrub). i have dry/normal combination skin and it has worked perfect for me for yrs, i just started using the Turnaround scrub last month or so, and i love it! i recc to everyone as another choice/alternative!

  6. I love that you are giving product reviews! I'm always reluctant to purchase blind and appreciate having someone's candid, thorough thoughts. Got the Too Faced eyeshadow primer and the NYX shadow stick in milk on your recommendations and am enjoying both. Will be checking back frequently!

  7. I feel like I should mention that though sulfates can have the drying, irritating tendencies that you mentioned, this issue has been blown WAY out of proportion in the marketing of "natural" product lines.

    Yes, sulfates can cause dryness or irritation, but only if you're allergic to them, which most people aren't. If you were actually sensitive to sulfates, you'd notice redness, itchiness, hives and flakiness on any area sulfates are used on.

    If you find great sulfate-free products like Julia did, that's awesome, and it certainly won't hurt to switch, but people shouldn't feel like they have to use a less beneficial product just to get away from sulfates.

    BTW, I'm not saying Julia implied any of this in her post, just bringing it up because I know it is a big issue right now!

  8. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Any suggestions for a good cleaner and makeup remover without all of those botanicals? I am really allergic to things like rosemary, mint, lavender, camomile, calendula, etc..... These things give me a rash, and then I have an asthma attack from having them right under my nose. It is so disappointing.