13 Jul 2009

Teen Week: Emo Makeup

I'm so excited to be launching TEEN WEEK on my Youtube channel with a much requested look: Emo makeup! This entire week will be focusing on makeup videos specifically geared towards my teen viewers. Even if you're no longer a teen, I hope that at least some of the looks might still appeal to you. These looks are especially appropriate for beginners or for those who do not have a lot of products and brushes to work with. Although I use some high end brands, I make specific recommendations for budget or drugstore alternatives. In the next video this coming Wednesday, I'll be featuring my next teen look, as well as make some great budget makeup brushes recommendations so make sure to tune in again!

Illamasqua cream foundation, NYX Angel blush
ArtDeco e/s base, Ben Nye black eyeliner pencil, MAC Carbon e/s, Ben Nye Greystone e/s, MAC Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
FaceFront Stunt Double concealer, NYX Smokey Look lipgloss
Barry M - Cyan Blue


  1. you really did a great job at this. i'm not a teen but i would still wear it.

  2. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Stunning look! It is years since I was a teenager but this is too nice not to try out!

  3. This look is definitely a good one! I like that you are inventing new stuffes each time you make a video.
    And your nails, OMG, they are so perfect that they nearly look fake!!! It does not sound like a compliment but it is one anyway ;p!

    Never stop doing your amazing vids please :)

  4. I'm all over this look even though I'm wayyyy older than teen. Looks gorgeous!!

  5. Wow, I'm amazed at how you've pulled that off. I mean, emo make up can go wrong so easily. But you make it work. It doesn't look too heavy at all.

  6. Could you PLEASE post pictures of your hair? I really like it. Thank you!! Much appreciated!

  7. The drugstore alternatives idea is great!

  8. Hello Julia. I just love your looks, i've been watching them a while and i'm so addicted in your videos, they're stunning. I have a blog too, but its in portuguese ahah, so you cannot understand ( i think!). Its about make up also, but i'm not so wise as you. I'm following you though, and waiting for your next video entry, for sure! Bye bye :)

  9. sabrina1:22 am

    amazing keep on love it hon..
    this is really what am looking for :D

  10. you look so cute. love it

  11. Anonymous2:57 am

    fabulous !
    you can rock any kind of look :)
    thanks for a great tutorial and i'll see you on weds =)


  13. Wow! you really look like a teenager with this look!
    you're so pretty! <3

  14. This is stunning, I love the teal glitter. Your nails are gorgeous :).

  15. I love how easy you make it look, and your face is so angelic-like*_* It came out looking great, I'll be tuning in! BTW, where are you from, I can't peg your accent down, Canada?

  16. uweeee...feels like a teenager now..*dream on*

    btw, the emo look matched ur hair colors the best! u make me feel like getting a new hairdo now.

  17. I think the best make up every teen girl want to try is a face with pink blush and pink eyes, a natural look, easy to apply and light enough for summer time, especial for people with oily skin.
    And ur tut is really amazing, thank for this emo look :X

  18. This look is stunning! You did a great job!

  19. Anonymous11:46 am

    could you do a very natural foundation look? since your doing TEEN WEEK, i figured teenagers(like myself) are really struggling to do the no make-up make-up look.. you could even do a video on tips on how to make it natural.. thanks!! and BTW, i love your look!!!

  20. Teen week... 8D Maybe I can finally try something, since it looks so simple... Love this look, can't wait to see more! And LOL? Canadians don't have accents, thank you very much. I think Julia is from Switzerland.

  21. I love the eye make-up! It is FAB! x

  22. Anonymous10:11 pm

    I love this!! the 'emo' look works brilliant on you. It really does make you look younger. I have literally just tried it out and it worked pretty well for the first time, unfortunatly i didnt have any glitter so it didnt look any where near as good as yours did.

    Could you maybe do a look for the summer,a really light shade. Using summery colours and things ?? :)

  23. Anonymous2:16 pm

    I like your makeups. They are sO beautiful !
    I'm fOund your videOs On YOUTUBE but i'm nOt all understand because i'm a french people. :)
    COntinue yOur great makeups :)

  24. Anonymous9:42 pm

    You look really pretty here!
    I love this look.

  25. Shannon9:03 pm

    Hey Julia!

    I love your vids and i was wondering if you could do like maybe a psring look. With the purples and pinks and blues and stuff. That would be so pretty!

    Anyway, I love Vamps and the gothic and Emo looks so I've been doing them on my Mom since I'm not allowed to wear make-up.

    I think your looks will look awesome on my Mom!

  26. Anonymous4:10 am

    can you please tell me where to find the artdeco?

  27. Anonymous10:27 pm

    I'm a teenager and I can't say anything but thank you for making this video:X I was amazed at your photos because you look really young and teen 0.0 I adore you so much, thanks^^

  28. Amazing look! Would it be possible to use a few of your pictures for my blog?


  29. I love the whole idea for make-up. But if you're in a rush or don't want somethings to apply on your face, putting black eyeliner all over your eyes is enough for your emo make-up.