18 Jul 2011

Fitness Haul

I really needed some new running shoes for the work outs that I do, so today I bit the bullet and went to a big athletic store and spent about an hour trying on all kinds of shoes. The last pair of running shoes I bought are about 10 years old and were bought on a whim, without any regard to their actual specs and comfort - I basically bought those because they were on sale and dirt cheap.

Unfortunately, they also really hurt my toes whenever I worked out in them, I think they were too small for me because my big toe nail would always knock against the front, which is really painful when you do plyometric jump training. No amount of nail trimming worked, so I knew I just had to get something better that actually felt good and gave me support.

After trying on so many pairs, I finally purchased the Adidas Response Cushion shoes.

These are actually mens shoes since ladies runners don't run in my size. I have to say I don't really care for the design or colors very much, but Adidas make some of the narrowest mens shoes (most other mens shoes are cut wider, so aren't suitable for most women) and these were actually darn comfortable with a lot of grip and support. Having large feet means my choices are limited, and the point of these shoes was to find a pair that filled my requirements, who cares what they really look like. I'll only be wearing these for workouts anyway.

Here with my horrible old and painful Nikes...

I don't really have a lot of experience buying training shoes, but the sales staff was pretty helpful and the best thing is to take your time and do a few moves in the store to see how they feel - if you run, do a few laps around the shop. I must have looked a bit silly doing plyometric jumps around the store! Haha... But in the end they felt good on and my toe wasn't hitting the front anymore. I think buying good shoes is definitely worth the investment if you plan to do a lot of exercise with them, it makes a huge difference to your comfort level.

I also purchased some fitness gloves for weight lifting and push-ups.

I used to think these were a bit superfluous unless you were a pro bodybuilder or something, but I've realized how slippery and wet my hands get from sweating, and it makes weightlifting a bit cumbersome when you can't get a good grip on the darn thing. Also, we have a hardwood floor, so when doing push-ups with sweaty hands, I'd leave huge hand prints or just be sliding around - not fun.

To be honest I didn't enjoy spending money on the shoes, they are so outrageously marked up here in Switzerland (they cost less than half online in the USA I saw) but I see it as investing in my health and well being and it's actually something I needed.

I can't wait to do my first workout with these tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:22 pm

    I have a love/hate relationship with running shoe shopping haha. I'm a long distance runner and tend to wear out my shoes so I hate spending money every year or so on new shoes... I bought these amazing Pumas and almost cried when they wore away... Then I got Nike Airs and wow they are amazing! I hope you enjoy working out in your new shoes! Btw I totally agree with the glove purchase haha. I use my lacrosse gloves to do push-ups and weight training :) Sweat hands suck! haha

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with running shoe shopping haha. I'm a long distance runner so I unfortunately have to buy them every year or so. And they are so expensive! I bought these awesome Pumas last year and almost cried when they wore out haha. Then I got Nike Airs and they are even better! Hopefully they last longer haha. And I totally agree with the gloves. I wear my lacrosse gloves for doing pushups and any form of weight lifting :) Sweaty hands suck! haha

  3. I so feel you on finding shoes the right size. I'm 5'8, and wear a size 10 1/2 and Ladies shoes jump from a 10 to an 11, which is stupid. I don't really like getting men's shoes either, but its better than buying a shoe that's too big. And I'm so glad you posted this because I need a new pair of cross trainers. Your Nikes actually look good for having them for 10 years. I'm wearing a pair of Nike Air Force One's and had them less than a year. You would die laughing at how they look now!

  4. back in Feb i Bought NIKE FREE running shoes..and there also great for workouts super flexible..i love them..i bloged about them a while back,
    there meant for people who run barefoot but of course i wear sock!! i love them they cost me $80 which is worth it!!

  5. Anonymous2:17 am

    I had to buy myself a good pair of trainers. Cost $130 which is good considering they were 20% off. I too have a size 10 1/2 foot, and I'm 5'8. Totally sux looking for comfortable day shoes. Like those ballet slipper shoes and slip ons, hard to find in my size and they sell fast if they r in my size.

  6. Not sure if sizes are different from the US to Switzerland, but what size are you? I am 5'10" and a size 10 or 41 in shoes and have no problems finding gym shoes. My friend is a size 12 in womens and she has no problems finding gym shoes either. She buys Nike and I buy Asics. Is it much harder to find gym shoes in Europe?Could you have them shipped from the US?

  7. I actually have the opposite problem with shoe buying lol. My feet are about a 6.5 and while I realize that isn't really that small, it always seems to be the size stores are out of. Also, being a half size is tough, there's still a lot of stores out there that only carry full sizes so I'm either buying shoes too big or too small.

    My husband was looking for a new pair of running shoes last winter so I took him to a running store back home. It made a huge difference going to a specialty store, having the sales associate actually look at how he walked, how he ran, how his foot leans, etc. The shoes he bought were not cheap but they were definitely worth it! I'm still wearing a decent pair I bought probably 8 years ago lol, they're comfortable and they work :P

  8. was genau haben diese adidas schuhe dich gekostet?

  9. nice haul!

  10. Anonymous3:16 am

    I think the Nike shoes were for volleyball-the sole of the shoe DEFINITELY looks like that! I also just bought new sneakers... really gorgeous grey and lilac Adidas Comfort-Cools(??? not sure of the name.) They are loads better than my old, un-supportive Adidas'.

    P.S. after watching your videos on fitness I got motivated to eat more healthy, and workout more. Thank you so much! I look to you for inspiration :)

  11. Your old shoes look like indoor shoes. Like what people use when they play floorball/volley ball/squash. That type of a sole is on my indoor shoes and my boyfriends. Maybe those shoes are not for jogging? I mean if you do indoor sports you do run and jump, but the sole is different and I'm assuming the cushions are too, so maybe that's why (and the small size like you said) those shoes aren't good for your purposes?

  12. And just now I realized that Anonymous just said the same things I was saying about the shoes... Haha