16 Jul 2011

P2 - Pink it Up!

I love this nail polish. These pictures were taken in artificial light at night but I just wanted to take a quick snap. I love this color, it's a warm medium pink cream. It's not super original by any means but I don't have any pinks like this in my collection actually!

P2 is a German drugstore cosmetic brand that is unfortunately not available in Switzerland (yet.) They have a really wide range of colors in their nail polish range, also bright and fun colors. I'm heading to Germany soon and I might have to pick up a few more of these as they are so cheap. Can't say much about the lasting power of these yet but to be honest it's not a big factor for me as I change my polish so frequently anyway. Oh I also filed my nails down a bit, they were getting ridiculously long.

What's on your nails right now? What colors have you been rocking a lot this summer?


  1. I'm also wearing p2! 740 electric, beautiful orange color :) love it :)

  2. Wonderful color!


  3. I'm actually getting ready to do my nails. I felt like doing something goth; maybe pink and black

  4. I'm wearing Barry M Pink Flamingo right now!
    You can see it here! http://mesbistouilles.blogspot.com


  5. Hi,
    I met his blog recently and am loving it! I have some brand lipsticks p2, are very pretty but I do not last long in the mouth.

    *I dont speak English very well. hahaha

  6. nice colour!and sooo shiney,what topcoat do you use?

  7. Lovely colour!
    I use to wear it most in summertime, it's gorgeous!

  8. p2 has the best and longest lasting polishes... in that price range. love themp2 has the best and longest lasting polishes... in that price range. love them

  9. There's no P2 in Austria too :( But I use Essence and S-HE @the moment a gold glitter nail polish :) xxxcaliforniaxxx.blogspot.com

  10. I went shopping at Charlotte Russe in the US and I couldn't help but buy their orange nail polish, I think orange is a great color for summer

  11. Could you do a video or a post on how or what do you do to have those long nails??
    I have brittle nails, they slip in half, and even if I put "first aid" clear nail polish or take supplements, they keep the same. Although they grow, they are not that long...
    Do you have some tips?