5 Jul 2011

My Fitness Diary (3)

Just a little update on how things have been going in the nutrition and exercise department! OK I admit it, yes I've been slacking off a bit lately. Not completely derailing and stuffing my face with cake, but last week I think I only worked out twice, and I've been letting my healthy eating slip a bit. Not majorly, but I know I could be eating better. I've had a few too many "just before bed" snacks that basically do nothing but turn to fat, and I've also been consuming too much alcohol. Not that I'm an alcoholic, but my boyfriend and I have been consistently polishing off a whole bottle of wine in the evening with dinner and afterward just sipping in front of the TV. I've also been consuming white bread again a bit too frequently, which I know is a big fat zilch in the healthy eating department. We've also been invited out to dinner a few times and hosted some dinner parties at home, where I don't normally watch what I eat because I want to wow my guests with lovely home cooking.

It's ok to have these little set-backs but the important thing is to realize you're veering off-track and to do something about it! Today I went clothes shopping and bought the perfect little black mini skirt to go clubbing in Berlin (in a size 8!) - I'm so excited for these upcoming holidays! I combined it with a tight fitting tank top and a belt, and when I looked in the mirror, I actually thought I looked pretty darn good. Now this isn't meant to be narcissistic self-wankery, but it's been years since I've been able to wear clothes like that, and actually feel comfortable in them. It gave me that little kick in the butt to remember all the hard work I've put into getting to that shape, so I decided I am going to put in 200% again and be really consequent with my nutrition and work out routine until July 27 when we fly to Berlin. (Obviously meaning to continue afterwards also, but it's like a mini goal for myself.)

I would love to slim down maybe just a bit more before Berlin - stupid stomach area problem zone! It is so hard, I won't lie - and it's one of the hardest areas to hide with clothes. The Insanity work-out DVDs I've been doing have really been kicking my butt, but I've noticed a dramatic change in my overall fitness level. I can breeze through the hardest programs on my elliptical machine now, I  think it's too easy.

So my plan of action for the next 3 weeks:

- eat breakfast regularly and include whole grains (oats, pumpernickel)
- increase green and red vegetable consumption (ie. more spinach, less watery lettuce leaves)
- eat lean proteins without sugary BBQ marinades
- no more late night snacking on carbs
- only sugar consumed should be from fruits and naturally occurring (no sweets, desserts, etc)
- reduce alcohol intake to 1-2 glasses of wine max. per evening and increase water intake
- work out at least 5 times a week (mix of high intensity cardio and strength/resistance)
- in case of extreme "must indulge in something" feeling, eat extra dark chocolate (70% cocoa)

Am I going to starve myself? Hell no! I love food way too much to ever deprive myself, and I absolutely hate the feeling of hunger pangs. I eat when I'm hungry, and I don't eat when I'm just bored. Luckily for me I love veggies and meat, so I feel satisfied. Am I going to overwork myself on exercise? No - I've worked out 5 times a week before and I want to get back there, I felt great afterward and full of energy. It still gives me 2 days of rest per week if my muscles get sore. Plus, I have an excuse to break in the new sports bra I bought - it's hot pink!

I can't wait to go clubbing and nightlife hopping in Berlin - and I want to look hot doing it. Maybe that makes me vain and shallow, but those doubts quickly subside when I think of my increased endurance, the fact that I can actually see the beginning of muscle definition on my arms (oh hi biceps, I didn't know you existed anymore) and that I feel about a million times better about myself in general.

Maybe I'll update you after a week to see if I've stuck with my goals!


  1. you know there is a linkwithin tab underneath which links to your older posts. I saw your older picture, and gosh, you are looking so much fitter just looking at your face. Dont let your hard work so far go to waste, you are doing great girl! xo

  2. and you will look great in that mini. ;)

  3. Julia, good for you for realizing that you need to stay on top of your workouts and nutrition! Best wishes!

  4. You'll do great - you're a total inspiration!

  5. I don't think it is ever wrong to 'like' yourself or find yourself 'hot'. You have worked HARD for your health AND your appearance. Show off that hard work! :)

  6. A huge pet peeve of mine is people saying you're vain for wanting to look good. "It shouldn't be about how you look but about how you feel." Well they're right, but when you like the way you look you feel good, so you should never have to apologize for being proud of that!!
    I've completely derailed on my health and fitness goals over the last 2 months and I desperately need an overhaul in my mindset. I know everyone has their off days but I think my willpower needs a huge boost lol. I'm thinking I might have to come up with a reward system for myself, maybe the new tattoo I want when I reach my goal? ...hmmm.

  7. Good for you that you can stay right on track, and we all need minibreaks sometimes :)
    For the tummy area, Pilates works great, I'm really liking it. It doesn't make you sweat, but damn, it makes those muscles burn and it's perfect to shape the core area.

  8. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Hi Julia, I love your blogg, I just want to give you an advice. I have a gluten allergy This means I can not eat any kind of wheat source, here in the states you find a variety of gluten free products. My point is that I always get complements about my skinny waist and flat belly, I have realized that belly fat has to do with wheat. I eat healthy but here and there I eat big meals and sweets but my belly never gets big is always nice and flat. Try to go wheat free and I promise you will see a huge change around your waist, although you look gorgeous already.