31 Jan 2009

Review: 28 Neutral Color Palette

I already gave a review of this palette on my Youtube channel but I wanted to post a few more pictures and give some more details. Contrary to many, I did not buy this from coastalscents.com, rather on Ebay because frankly, it was cheaper that way.
This palette retails for $21.95 on Coastal Scents, and for around $10 on eBay (both without shipping.) That's less than half the price! With shipping to my country (Switzerland) it came to $22, insurance is optional for $2 and I recommend it.
The palette arrived within 9 days all the way from China, so shipping is super fast.
This palette is mass produced in China, along with all those other "cheapie" palettes sold on Coastal Scents.

  • very inexpensive so great for those on a budget
  • great color variety for neutral shades
  • variety of finishes (semi-matte, satin, shimmery)
  • comes with highlighters as well as some darker colors and a black
  • did I mention how cheap this is yet??
  • Not as highly pigmented as high-quality shadows (MAC, Makeup Forever, Ben Nye, etc.)
  • lasting power of these eyeshadows is not comparable to high end shadows
I would definitely repurchase this palette and I am quite happy with it. Again, you can't compare apples with oranges - in no way can this palette replace high end eyeshadow like MUFE, Stila, MAC, etc. in quality. But this is ideal for those who are on a budget and looking for a palette for personal use, or are just venturing into makeup, or just want to have a wide selection of neutrals in one go. Click on the images for full size.

Complete 180!

OK I've not used this blog in....ages. I've decided to dust things off and revive this blog but it will no longer be focusing on my photography. I'm going to be writing about my other passion, all things to do with makeup and beauty!

Still have to revamp the blog to fit with the new theme, but until then, you can tune into my Youtube channel where I recently passed 20,000 subscribers! Here's also some full sized pictures from that video (click to enlarge.)

Revlon Colorstay foundation - Ivory
MAC Blot Powder - Medium
Ben Nye concealer
ArtDeco e/s base
Ben Nye e/s in Turquoise, Sun Yellow
NYX e/s in White, Lime Juice
Ben Nye Contour Nr. 1 blush
La Femme Glow on Rouge blush - Nectar Peach
Nars blush - Desire
MAC MSF - Shimpagne
MAC lipstick - Chatterbox
MAC Lipgelee - She-Boom
Ben Nye black eyeliner
Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner - black
Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara
false lashes from Ebay
rhinestones from the craft store
DUO Glue