31 Oct 2009

Last Minute Costumes!

Happy Halloween everybody!

So what are your plans for tonight? Going trick or treating with your kids? Going to a Halloween party or a club? There's probably lots of you who haven't found a Halloween costume yet or are going out last minute! If you're dreading braving the stores looking for left-over tacky Halloween costumes (black witch hats or skeleton rubber masks anyone?) - why not just dress up with clothes you have, and use your own accessories to dress up? You can always just do a fun Halloween makeup, dress up in black clothes, and join in on the fun!

Here's all my videos that I think would be suitable for various last-minute Halloween costumes - substitute any of the products I use with anything you have at home! Make it your own, work it, and have fun for Halloween! And please don't drink and drive!

Moulin Rouge Can Can Dancer
Forest Fairy / Wood Sprite
Gothic Fairy / Fallen Angel
Pantomime Mask / Clown
Mother Earth
Good Fairy / Princess
Corpse Bride
Doll / Ventriloquist Dummy
Queen of Hearts / Geisha
Twiggy / Mod Girl
Pin-up Girl / Dita Von Teese
Gothic Girl
Princess Jasmine / Bellydancer

29 Oct 2009

MAC Style Black look

A dramatic, dark purple look inspired by and using products from MAC's Style Black collection. I personally love intense looks like this especially for both eyes and lips, but this look can easily be toned down. You can sub out the dark lips for something more nude, and just use one of the MAC Glimmerglasses from the collection on top. You could also use the basics of this look with any of the other mineralize eyeshadows released with this collection. Some suggestions of what to combine the other colors with:

Gilt by Association: Combine with cool light gold and bronze shades
Cinderfella: Combine with silver, gray, and navy blue shades
Blue Flame: Combine with violet, turquoise and Prussian blue shades

MAC Bat Black cream color base, MAC Young Punk mineralize e/s, FaceFront Cosmetics mineral e/s in Little Gremlin, Ben Nye Toast e/s, Makeup Forever Nr. 92 e/s, generic black gel eyeliner, Ben Nye blac eyeliner pencil, MAC Spiked brow pencil

MAC Velvetella Cremestick lipliner, MAC Night Violet Mattene lipstick, MAC Blackfire Glimmerglass

MAC Blonde MSF, Illamasqua powder blush in Chased

Zoya Ki .

26 Oct 2009

Hair inspo

I hate my hair right now. I can't even remember when I had my last haircut, and that is never a good sign. The "style" (if it can be called that) is a bunch of growing out layers with absolutely no shape or form, and the ends are so dry and damaged and need a good chop. I've been putting off going to the hairdresser's because I was so indecisive what I wanted but now I've made an appointment beginning of November so I've been looking at tons of hairstyles. I'm sadly no closer to making a final decision so I thought I'd get your feedback. This is only for the cuts, not colour.

I like this Kate Beckinsale style although it does look somewhat boring too.

I think this one looks cute but it's shorter than I'd like but the form is really fun and versatile.

I love this cut but again, I'd keep the ends longer than this.

Love this! Although my hair would need some major hot roller action to get this exact style.

I love this edgy, badgirl kind of style. I actually used to have my hair like this for a while in uni, but I think for now I don't want to get bangs/fringe again.

Sexy and sweet and innocent all at the same time - but again maybe a bit too boring for my tastes.

Very dated color job but the cut is so pretty and feminine.

I love Blake Lively's hair - although I think hers is a lot of extensions.

What do you think? Or do you have any other great pics or ideas?

25 Oct 2009

The Independent Feature

Thanks to one of my subscribers, Asmaa, who emailed me a few days ago to let me know that The Independent, a large UK newspaper, featured one of my videos along with some other Youtube Gurus in their online content!

Their feature was on bridal makeup videos on Youtube, and mine was the first one listed no less! Wow. How cool, I'm very flattered. Click here to check out the article.

I personally loved that look and think it's one of my favorite videos to date so I am honored that it was selected. I'm happy to see other gurus recognized as well for their beautiful work.

Elvira Halloween Makeup

(Please do not rehost my pictures without linking back to this page. Image theft is not cool!)

If you're dressing up as Elvira for Halloween, this makeup will look perfect in combination with the typical Elvira wig and her black dress. You can also choose to draw on the black upper lashes but I think it just looks weird, so I decided to use some dramatic black false lashes instead. I found this random guide on Google - not sure where it's originally from. If you liked this video, please leave me a comment on Youtube, thanks so much! :)

Illamasqua cream foundation, La Femme Champagne Lilac blush, MAC Blushbaby blush

ArtDeco e/s base, Ben Nye Grande Lumier e/s palette, 88 matte & satin e/s palette from ebay, MUFE Nr. 92 e/s, black & blue gel eyeliner, Maybelline white kohl pencil liner, L'Oreal black kohl pencil liner, MAC Carbon e/s, generic lashes from ebay

MAC Red Enriched lipliner, MAC Red lipstick, MAC So Scarlet lipstick

Zoya Kotori

24 Oct 2009

Barry M Haul

I recently hauled some Barry M cosmetics - a UK cosmetic brand - from their online shop, and today I finally had the time to take some pretty pictures of my loot! Check my video above for more details as well, and you can subscribe to my second channel if you'd like to see more haul videos. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to post hauls exclusively on my ThirdShift channel, or on my regular MissChievous makeup channel as well. All these pics are taken with my Canon 20D SLR and a 50mm lens (I should really use it more, it takes gorgeous pictures!) Click on the images to see them in full size for maximum detail and colour.

Nail Paints (L to R): Baby Pink, Lilac, Limited Edition Pink, Baby Blue

My entire Barry M nailpaint collection (L to R):
Limited Edition Pink, Baby Pink, Lilac, Baby Blue, Cyan Blue, Mint Green, Racing Green

Blusher in Pink Orchid

Lip Paints (L to R): Peachy Pink, Black, Dolly Pink

My Barry M Lip Paint collection (L to R):
Baby Pink, Palest Lavender, Dolly Pink, Peachy Pink, Black

I love Barry M products, I have a few more of their things such as one Dazzle Dust loose eyeshadow, and the bronzer, which is amazing! One of the best drugstore lines out there, I think. They make really cool, original colours and the quality of their products is pretty good. If you're thinking of buying a black lipstick to go along with the black lip trend that's so in this season, try this one from Barry M. It's really pigmented and because it's so inexpensive, you won't feel like you've wasted a bunch of money on a higher end brand lipstick that you might only wear a few times. Their nailpaints are also really nice, very creamy and opaque, even their pastel shades.

Please check their website for all the prices, and if you decide to order, make sure to take advantage of discount codes that can be found through Google. You can usually find a code that will give you 15% off your online order. I followed Barry M on Twitter and used a one-day-only 20% discount code they tweeted - score! Shipping was incredibly fast. I had my order delivered 3 days later, and I believe they ship worldwide.

Link to my haul video

17 Oct 2009

Halloween: Moulin Rouge

This look was requested by several of my subscribers in my Halloween requests video - a Moulin Rouge inspired makeup. I drew inspiration from Satine from the movie, and also from the Lady Marmalade music video. This video is also a collaboration with the lovely Marlena from MakeupGeek, as we had been emailing about something unrelated and found out both of us were planning to do a look like this. Apparently great minds think alike because our looks turned out pretty similar, haha! We had no idea what the other person was going to do so it's purely by coincidence, but I hope you can still enjoy both videos. Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Illamasqua Cream foundation, Ben Nye neutral set powder, Nars Crazed blush, Duo lash adhesive glue and various rhinestones and colored beads from local craft store

ArtDeco e/s base, MAC pigments in Gold Mode and Apricot Pink, FaceFront Cosmetics e/s in Sweet Soil, Nars Crazed blush, MAC Carbon e/s, generic black gel eyeliner, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara, MAC Spiked brow pencil

MAC Beet lipliner, Rimmel l/s in Pout, Illamasqua Maneater l/s

Zoya - Isla

13 Oct 2009

Makeup for Glasses Wearers

This video was made in partnership with a non-profit vision benefits care company named VSP, but I've had many requests on general makeup tips for glasses wearers so this seemed like a great opportunity to finally make a video like this. Wearing glasses doesn't mean you can't wear bold and colorful looks, but in this video I show you some basic techniques and tricks that are universal to all makeup looks for glasses. I decided to go for a more toned down, neutral daytime look.

Revlon Colorstay foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye concealer wheel, MAC Blot Powder, NYX Angel blush

Revlon Illuminance Cream eyeshadow quad in Not Just Nudes, 28-neutral palette from ebay, L'Oreal Carbon Gloss superliner, Revlon Fabulash waterproof mascara, MAC Dazzlelight e/s, Max Factor eye kohl in Natural Glaze

MAC Hue lipstick

Maybelline Blue Sapphire

I've had so many questions about the frames. They are Revlon RV569 in Berry Lace. The brushes I used are mostly from MAC and Hakuhodo.

11 Oct 2009

In and Out

I love reading this on other people's blogs! A list of what's In and what's Out according to - well....me! Feel free to make your own in and out list on your blog or in the comments.


Fall Makeup collections: I love them, they're always some of my favorites since I prefer dark and dramatic looks. I absolutely loved MAC Style Black, but other brands such as Nars, Dior and Chanel have also brought out some beautiful vampy color collections. The vamp is back!

Changing seasons: It's so nice to see summer turn to autumn, I love going on walks during this time of year through forests or open fields. So gorgeous!

Upcoming OPI collections: The Holiday Wishes 2009 and the Suede collection (with topcoat) look gorgeous! Will be placing an oder very soon.


Fake tan: I have to admit I hate fake tan - on anyone. I can always tell, no matter how natural it's supposed to look and how expensive the product is. It always just looks "off" somehow.

My hair: It needs a cut - badly! I absolutely hate it. I made an appointment at my salon but it's not until next month ARGH! My hair is driving me mental and the ends are damaged and frazzled. Yuck.

Matte nails: I was debating putting this on the "in" category and still not sure if it really belongs down here but you know what - I'm over matte nails. They just don't dazzle me. There's been so many collections coming out with matte topcoats or full on matte collections, but pretty much all of them except maybe OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte have left me La Paz-itively cold.

Long fake acrylics with nailart: Speaking of nails, when have these ever been in? Ugh. Just my personal opinion! Natural nails, even if they are short but well groomed, look so much classier to me.

Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

10 Oct 2009

NailTek vs. OPI Nail Envy

I've been a long time user of both NailTek Foundation and OPI Nail Envy as basecoats and I always get a lot of questions about how I maintain my nails so long without breaking. I have a separate article on that with some tips, but I also think the right basecoat and topcoat make all the difference.

I started out using OPI Nail Envy (Original Formula) and used that for several months. At first I thought it worked great as my nails were definitely getting stronger and therefore longer as there was less breakage. But I also noticed my nails were still peeling a lot, where the top of the nail would peel into its various layers. This meant I had to keep buffing them to smooth out the texture, which resulted in weak and bendy nails, and therefore caused breakage.

Then I read some recommendations for NailTek Foundation and decided to try it out. I can say I've never looked back. This product line comes in a large variety of formulas, but the Foundation series is made to be used as a ridge-filling basecoat prior to applying colour polish. I selected Foundation II as this formula is made for soft, peeling nails. The other formulas are made for specific nail problems, so check their website and make sure to select the one right for you. I have noticed major results as my nails don't peel at all anymore - they are strong and healthy. I also think using a glass or crystal nail file instead of those cheap emery boards has made a huge difference. For topcoat I still swear by Seche Vite.

Overall I can say that this product worked wonders for my own nails. It has a very strange and unpalatable smell, but I can overlook that. This product leaves a "grabby" matte texture on the nails that color polish sticks to really well, versus the OPI Nail Envy which felt and behaved just like a clear glossy nailpolish. I definitely noticed more pulling when I used Nail Envy, meaning there would be slight bald patches on the nail where the application did not stick on smoothly. NailTek Foundation smoothes out my nails and helps my polish to adhere; in combination with Seche Vite topcoat, my manicure easily lasts for 5 days, depending on the polish I use.

I order my NailTek from transdesign.com but it is also available at other e-tailers and salons.

Maybelline - Blue Sapphire

Neither the name nor the color of the polish is particularly unique, but I do love this deep almost navy blue shimmer nailpolish and have been meaning to own a shade like this for a while. Who would have thought that Maybelline actually produces funky colors now and then? Here our drugstore nailpolish color variety is a sea of safe pinks, reds, browns and french manicure sheers. *Yawn*

I noticed that this nailpolish "pulls" a bit (meaning it leaves some bald spots on the nails through uneven coating) but that might be because I used OPI Nail Envy as a base, which I've really fallen out of love with. It's just too slippery and doesn't grab the polish at all.

However, I'm really lusting after the OPI Holiday Wishes 2009 collection ever since Scrangie posted up her fabulous swatches! This collection will be available soon on transdesign.com and I feel a big nailpolish order coming on. I'm out of Seche Vite and Nailtek Foundation II; need to replenish my stock! I think I might order the large refill bottles this time, plus there's some other polishes I've set my eyes on.

What's on your nails, and are there any collections you're looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

8 Oct 2009

MAC Style Black Haul

My MAC Style Black Haul! I purchased Young Punk Mineral shadow, Bat Black Cream Color Base, Night Violet Mattene lipstick, and Blackfire Glimmerglass. I have to say I really love the eyeshadow a lot and think it's so great for doing smokey looks, especially layered over a black base. I was afraid that Bat Black was going to crease like crazy, but after some experimentation I found that it works fine if you apply it over a MAC Paint (I like Untitled) with a brush and just apply a very thin layer. Didn't crease at all after that!

Overall I love this edgy collection and wish that MAC would release more collections like this - how many times have we seen the same colors just repeated over and over again in different packaging with a new name? Enough pinks and nudes already! How many MAC collections have we had this year with those same boring shades?

In this haul I also purchased MAC Media lipstick, and So This Season Lipglass from the F/W Trend collection. I love both! I have an obsession with vampy lipstick colors, can you tell? Don't be afraid to stray from the ever-so-popular nude lips - dark, bold lipstick shades can look fabulous!

Sorry, I'm not one for swatching, but you can find some great swatches of this collection here.

7 Oct 2009

Forest Sprite: Halloween Tutorial


This look was inspired by forest nymphs, wood fairies, and sprites that love to roam through the trees, padding gracefully over soft moss, their dresses trailing through the dewy grass. Similar to my Mother Earth look I did a while back, but using quite different techniques, and not going for a full face painted look. I like the green lips better than the red, what do you think?

Revlon Colorstay foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye Grande Lumiere eyeshadow palette , Mehron Paradise Palette in Tropical and Pastel,

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Horseradish, 88 Matte and Satin palette, Rimmel Jungle Green eyeliner pencil, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

Lips (Red Version)
MAC Red Enriched Lipliner, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in NSFW

Lips (Green Version)
MAC Clear lipglass, La Femme Sparkle Dust in Emerald

China Glaze - Mom's Chiffon