30 Oct 2011

Demon Halloween Makeup

Are you ready to be possessed for Halloween? Then maybe this demon look is right up your alley! Enjoy :)

Kryolan washable spirit gum, Kryolan Cine-Wax, Ben Nye Neutral Set powder, Ben Nye concealer wheel

MAC Airbrush foundation in White, Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+, Kryolan HD Micro Silk powder

Catrice black gel eyeliner, Kryolan grease paint wheel (for bruises), Kryolan matte eyeshadow in dark burgundy (doesn't have a number), Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow, Ben Nye Cherry Red eyeshadow, L'Oreal Volume Million Lash mascara, Red Cherry Lashes

Ben Nye Cherry Red, Kryolan matte burgundy, Lancome kohl pencil in Noir, Barry M Lipstick Nr. 37, Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Berber

China Glaze Wagon Trail

Costume is from http://tinyurl.com/fancydresscostumes1

Watch the video on Youtube

26 Oct 2011

Am I Insane Enough? My Fitness Diary (8)

I'm undertaking the biggest challenge I have faced so far fitness wise. Yes, I'm going to attempt to do the Insanity plan from start to finish for the next 60 days. Well it's actually 62 days but who's counting?

This is the 60-day plan that comes with the Insanity DVD - they aren't kidding around, they mean business. I printed out the plan on a calender to keep track of what I need to do each day.

October is nearly complete so here's November and December...and no I don't work out at midnight, my printer randomly added those time slots.

It's composed of daily workouts, six times a week. The first 4 weeks are already hard with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for about 40 minutes each, then 1 week of "recovery" (which is pretty much more cardio but not as hard), then 4 weeks of general mayhem with HIIT workouts that are about an hour in length. Most workouts combine cardio training with strength (push-ups, squats, lunges, abs, etc.)

This is not a workout plan that I would recommend for beginners - it's way too much if you're just getting started. Remember, I've been training since January where I started with about 2-3 sessions of moderate exercise per week. I've also been doing Insanity off and on for the past month or more, but never according to the given plan because quite frankly, it's a bit crazy!

So why now? Basically, I've hit a plateau - I'm pretty happy where I am physically, but I want to have more of an athletic figure. No matter what I do, my last bit of remaining stomach fat is still "there" and I know that's ok, but I want to really challenge myself. I want to see if I can actually do this and get in the best shape of my life - physically and mentally. I'm not sure if I will be able to get through this program, but here's hoping.

I could have timed this better. It means I'll be under a strict nutrition plan up until Christmas, which means goodbye all the Christmas cookies, cakes, and liqueurs. I've decided to completely give up alcohol for this period - no more wine with dinner. I won't be changing my actual food plan much from what I'm already eating since I'm quite good with that as is. I still eat a lot of food and large portions, I never go hungry. I've recently added in magnesium supplements to help recover my muscles, since magnesium deficiency is quite common with increased sports activities.

I still don't know how strict I will be with myself during this. I somehow can't see myself not eating anything sweet or lovely for the next two months, as that is part of the Christmas holiday traditions for me, but let's see. It also means I'll have to continue my workouts when I'm on holiday this year in Vancouver - I fly out on December 20. I'm sure I will have to skip days here and there, but I'm going to try my hardest.

Why Insanity?

I love the effectiveness of the workouts and how quickly time flies. The music is not annoying, and the trainer Shaun actually motivates me, instead of making corny jokes like on other DVDs. It's a workout DVD that is very gender-neutral, unlike Turbofire which is aimed clearly at women. I like the fact that none of the women in Insanity seem to have fake boobs (as far as I can tell.) I also like how most of the workouts are done standing up, I really am not much of a lying-down-on-a-mat-doing-Pilates girl, I love the energy of jumping around. It's incredibly high energy and really tough, but somehow I like it. If you're serious about getting into the best shape of your life and don't have any problems with your joints and doing high impact sports - this is a great workout DVD.

I took some before pictures today - I can't wait to see how my body will transform after this!

Do you have any fitness or dietary goals in the period leading up to the holiday season? Please share in the comments!

Chocolate Shoot with Smart Studio

I recently collaborated with Smart Studio (you know from the car company Smart) to produce a fun, short film about Switzerland. The studio is essentially a Smart car, modified with surround cameras to give an intimate feel. The Smart team travels around the world meeting local "Insiders" to show them around the city they visit, and get a closer connection with the culture and scene.

A few weeks ago I filmed with them at a confiserie (a chocolate making bakery) in Zurich. It was a lot of fun - we learned how to make a chocolate cow! The tasting was the fun part of course. You can watch the finished video on Youtube.

Check out Smart Studio on Facebook for more fun videos of the team jetting around the globe and meeting local bloggers, artists, designers and musicians. The videos are always really amusing and designed for a young, engaged audience.

Here's some pictures from the shoot!

The host Pete and I outside the Confiserie Pfyl in Zurich

It's chocolate making time, complete in our sexy food-handling outfits. There were large vats of liquid milk, dark and white chocolate - yum!

Pete and I made this chocolate cow - we named her Heidi!

With the film crew and the "real" chocolatiers from Pfyl Bakery.


Thanks so much to Smart Studio for the fun day - I had a blast!

24 Oct 2011

Before & After my Weightloss (Pictures)

I finally had the courage to post some before pictures in my latest weightloss update video. It's so strange to look back on those photos now, I sometimes don't recognize myself. In this video I talk about how I lost 33 pounds (15kg) and dropped 4 dress sizes and kept it off through healthy eating and exercise. No diet pills, no quick fixes - just making healthy lifestyle changes. I also go into detail about what changes I made, what exercise I do and how frequently, what I eat, and the challenges I have faced in this journey.

Watch the video on Youtube

19 Oct 2011

Red Riding Hood Costume & Makeup

I had so much fun creating this Little Red Riding Hood video, from the costume, to the makeup, to the actual filming in the forest. It took the greater part of a whole day to film and edit this, but I think it was worth it.

My inspiration was Red Riding Hood as a sweet little girl playing with her big sister's blue eyeshadow, but I also wanted to add a grown-up element, as this costume look is meant for adults. I think the look is both sweet and sexy, without losing the character of a frightened girl lost in the woods with the big bad wolf after her!

Revlon Colorstay foundation in Buff mixed with Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation in Classic Ivory, Ben Nye DR-12 Pink Blush

Kryolan Cloud, NYX White, BellaPierre Colorstay, Illamasqua pigment in Beguile, Margaret Astor brown eyeliner pencil, MAC Soft Brown, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, Max Factor False Lash Effect macara, Red Cherry lashes Nr. 203

MAC Red Enriched liner, MAC Red lipstick, Cinema Secrets red cosmetic glitter

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps


Watch the video on Youtube

18 Oct 2011

Dita Von Teese Interview & Extras

Just an update for you to let you know I've now uploaded my interview with Dita Von Teese on Youtube. I felt the interview went quite well and Dita talked about her new perfume, her upcoming beauty book, her inspirations, her favorite makeup products and her insecurities. Check it out!

On my second Youtube channel I filmed some behind the scenes footage from the event in Berlin, including a hotel room tour, footage from the cocktail reception, the dinner with Dita, what I wore, and my overall thoughts on the events.

Thanks so much for watching!

15 Oct 2011

Dita Von Teese Perfume Launch in Berlin

I was invited to attend Dita Von Teese's perfume launch in Berlin - a dream come true for me! Dita is such an icon in the world of fashion and beauty, I was extremely excited to be one of the only two Bloggers invited to attend, along with reporters handpicked from Germany's top beauty and fashion magazines and TV. Not only that, but I was also permitted access to the VIP cocktail party and reception with Dita, followed by a dinner in a swanky restaurant, and granted a 20 minute private interview with her the next day.


I have two videos coming up spread over both my Youtube channels including the anticipated personal interview with Dita, so be sure to watch out for them! This is only the picture and word portion of the event.

I arrived in the afternoon and took a taxi to the Lux Eleven Design Hotel, where we were staying, and promptly filmed a room tour. I didn't even have any time to relax; I had to start getting ready for the event immediately - hair, makeup, get changed.

I met up with fellow Blogger Nadine (aka Empathy25) and Daniel from Jungmut and we had a moment to chat before we sped off to Soho House, a private members club and hotel in Berlin which is often booked for such engagements. I was thrown amongst journalists from Germany's top beauty and fashion magazines, which was quite an experience in itself - some were very curious about my work, others were downright snobbish and disdainful. (All the more amusing to me since my Youtube, website, Facebook and Twitter sites receive more combined hits than most of their magazine's monthly circulation numbers - hah!)

We were admitted to a lounge that was adorned with beautiful models passing around feathers clouded with Dita's perfume, waiters circulating with bubbly and delicious hors d'oeuvres, and everyone dressed to the nines. It was a surreal atmosphere - we were all excitedly waiting for Dita to make her appearance, and she finally did! There was a moderated introduction where she talked to us about her perfume, before we were asked to step to the side as the doors would now be opened momentarily for the press photographers and TV - the vultures descended, running and elbowing their way to the front to get pictures of Dita, who played her part perfectly, posing as if it were second nature to her.

The photographers were only allowed a few short minutes with her, during which time the room was abuzz with shouting and the constant flashes of the cameras, before they were asked to leave for the next crowd of reporters. Meanwhile we sipped on our champagne, chatted, and took in the scene unfolding before us.

After the cocktail reception, a smaller selection of the invited guests and VIPs we were chauffeured to the stylish and upscale Grill Royal restaurant, where our party had a private room where admittance was by guestlist only. Dita's bodyguards stood grim faced at the door and kept watch.

The decoration was beautiful! The table setting was kept in black and red just as Dita's perfume is packaged, with lustrous deep red roses, votive candles, and each person had a personalized name card for their placement. Tasteful and artistic nudes adorned the walls. We were seated and anxiously waited for Dita to arrive. She sat in the middle - I couldn't believe I was sitting down to have dinner with Dita!!

Now I'm a foodie so you know what's coming - food pics!

For starters we had a choice of salads - one was a fennel-pear concoction with walnuts, the other was mixed baby greens on a bed of grilled vegetables. I had the fennel and it was a little bit bland, and wished I had chosen the greens.

As a main we had a choice between Argentinian sirloin steak, fish, or a vegetarian dish. For me it was a no-brainer: I took the Argentinian sirloin and requested it rare. It was perfection! I can honestly say it has been ages since I have had such a top quality steak between my teeth, perfectly rare inside without leaking blood. Served alongside was a creamy Sauce Bernaise, green beans, and some potato dish that reminded me vaguely of french fries - I barely touched those.

Dessert was again a connoisseur's highlight as waiters placed tiers of mouth watering and beautifully handcrafted goodies before us.

Ok WHAT! No, no, no...we need to see that again, close up!

I think I tried a little bit of everything it was that delicious! The crème brulée was one of my favorites, but then again I don't think I've ever had crème brulée that I didn't enjoy. The chocolate cakes were so rich, and with some of them I didn't even know what I was eating but I knew it was making me want more.

I kept sneaking glances at Dita, who looked like the perfect doll, and who I saw heartily eating a steak the same as everyone else. After dinner, she took out a rhinestone encrusted compact, a tube of red lipstick, and quietly touched up her ruby lips - very elegant.

I got home to the hotel at about 1:30 am and promptly fell into bed as the next day was filled with events again. I met up once more with Nadine and Daniel to tuck into breakfast at the hotel where we discussed a rundown of the scheduled interviews. I'm so honored and proud that I was among the lucky ones, since I was told that hundreds of reporters had requested interviews and only a select few were given the chance - a BIG affirmation not only for myself, but for social and new media in general!

Over breakfast, my tension was definitely starting to build even though I had a list of questions prepared. At 11:00am we drove again to Soho House where the interviews were scheduled back to back in 20 minute intervals in one of the beautiful and retro decorated hotel suites.

The night before we had been informed we probably would not be allowed to film for Youtube, as Dita and her team are very particular about what is allowed to be published. I was very disappointed and really tried my best to convince her people that indeed it was so important for us to be allowed to film, the same as the TV reporters, as our audiences are equally as large, in some cases even bigger! I knew how disappointed my fans and subscribers would be if I came back "empty handed" and had no video footage to show them.

I really went to bat, and low and behold, we were informed on the day of the interview we would be allowed to film! I was elated. I entered the suite with my camera, tripod and questions in hand and was personally greeted by Dita. I was flustered at first but then realized, she's just a person like the rest of us, I should just do what I do best and get my job done professionally, and have fun doing it.

We began the interview and I was happy to see that Dita was very open and talkative about everything I asked her, never did she ask to skip over questions or gave one-word answers. Things went very smoothly, we had a laugh together chatting about beauty, makeup and her life, and time flew by! Suddenly my time was up, I thanked Dita profusely for agreeing to the interview and we had just enough time to snap a picture.

I sure felt like an Amazonian compared to this petite and almost fragile looking woman. Afterwards she gave me a copy of her book, autographed in my name! What a nice gesture - thank you Dita.

Now since this whole event was about the launch of her first perfume, let's talk about that. I received full sized gratis samples of the entire line, including the perfume with the atomizer pump, the cute purse sized version for on-the-go, the shower gel and the body lotion. The purse sized version is an excellent idea and I wish more perfumes offered this. The nozzle has a special stopper function, so no fear of it spraying in your purse.

On the evening of the cocktail reception, Dita herself said she wanted a perfume that represents her fully - timeless elegance, a master of seduction, and nothing to do with foodie, girly, or baby smells. From the press release:

Dita Von Teese created a timeless scent which opens with a head note composed of fresh peonies, fizzy bergamot, and slightly spicy Bourbon pepper. The heart of the perfume beguiles the senses with a full and at the same time pure bouquet of Bulgarian rose, Tahitian Tiaré petals, and fresh jasmine. And in the base note, the mystical and warm scents of patchouli, musk, and smoky Gaiac wood and sandalwood captivate all who smell it.

Like an homage to the 1930s, the black glass bottles express Dita Von Teese’s glamour and allure along with her love for all things vintage. With their elaborate details, the flacons represent the type of luxurious accessories found in the boudoir of any true Femme Totale.

I feel the perfume really captures Dita's personality - and this coming from someone who owns no other celebrity perfumes. It is a heady, opulent and dramatic scent without being old-fashioned or headache inducing. It is both musky and floral, without being cloyingly sweet or overpowering. This probably isn't the typical perfume that young women or teen girls would reach for because it doesn't have the popular gourmand (vanilla, apple or strawberry) notes, nor is it light, fresh and citrusy. For me personally, this isn't the type of perfume that I would wear during the daytime, it's a bit much for that setting. I can see myself reaching for this perfume if I want to feel extra sexy, womanly and grown-up for a special evening out somewhere, maybe wearing a beautiful dress and high heels. If you like womanly perfumes that lean on the stronger side, I would definitely check this one out.

Dita Von Teese perfume will be in stores late October 2011, and the suggested retail prices are as follows:

Eau de Parfum, 20 ml, MSRP: € 16.50
Eau de Parfum, 40 ml, MSRP: € 28.00
Deodorant Spray, 150 ml, MSRP: € 11.50
Shower Gel, 200 ml, MSRP: € 11.50
Body Lotion, 200 ml, MSRP: € 11.50
Gift Set incl. Eau de Parfum, 20 ml, and Shower Gel, 75 ml, MSRP: € 16.50

For more information on Dita's perfume:

I then had a few more hours in Berlin so I took a Taxi over to the Kryolan store - this is quickly becoming one of my favorite make-up brands! Honestly, many of their products blow department store brands clear out of the water and at an affordable price point. Why must you play so hard to get, Kryolan, I want to make sweet love to you!!! I shall film a haul on that sometime later.

Then it was back to the airport and a long journey home, but it was a memorable experience - understatement of the year.

Thanks so much to Daniel and Jungmut - your kindness and organizational talent was much appreciated!


13 Oct 2011

Vampire Makeup Revisited

I wanted to revisit my first ever Halloween makeup tutorial I uploaded in 2008, which was a Vampire look. I've always had the hankering to re-film that video because there were many elements I just wasn't happy with: it's incredibly long, the fangs are horrible, and my technique was nowhere where it is today.

This year I decided it's finally time to film a new and updated vampire look, but using many of the stylistic elements of my initial video. I liked the overall concept I had come up with, using glitter on the eyes, the dark violet lips, and the dramatic eyes that went beyond merely black eyeshadow which I find a bit unimaginative - but I wanted it to look even more theatrical and artistic.

I'm very pleased with how it came out! What do you think?

Eyebrow covering
Kryolan Cine-Wax, Kryolan Washable Spirit gum, Kryolan spatula, Ben Nye Neutral Set powder, Ben Nye concealer wheel

MAC Airbrush foundation in White (Pro), Revlon Colorstay in Buff, Ben Nye Neutral Set powder

Ben Nye Contour Nr. 1, MAC Copperplate eyeshadow

MAC Flammable Paint, Kryolan deep purple eyeshadow (has no name), Sugarpill Bulletproof, Ben Nye Cherry Red, Illamasqua eyeshadow in a pink color (depoted without label), MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, MAC Feline kohl pencil, Obsessive Compulsive red glitter, Bella Pierre ColorStay (sticky glitter primer), false lashes (random brand), L'Oreal Volume Million Lash mascara

MAC lipliner in Velvetella, MAC Nightviolet lipstick (LE), Ben Nye Cherry Red eyeshadow

Scarecrow set

Kryolan Transparent Filmblut

Color Club Jewel of a Girl, Essence Feels So Good (LE)


Watch the video directly on Youtube

10 Oct 2011

Mummy Nails for Halloween

Want to mummify your nails for Halloween? Check out my tutorial!

Nailpolish used:

Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
Illamasqua Load
Illamasqua DWS
Illamsqua Throb
China Glaze Classic Camel
L.A. Colors Art Deco in black

Watch directly on Youtube here

9 Oct 2011

Exotic Pumpkin Soup

I made this delicious exotic pumpkin soup because I just love pumpkin at this time of year, and you can't go wrong with some homemade soup on a cold autumn or winter night.

What you need:

1 pumpkin (Hokkaido/sugar pumpkin)
2 onions
1 stalk of lemongrass
6 Kaffir Lime leaves
1-2 hot chili peppers
1 garlic
1-2 tablespoons powdered vegetable stock
juice from 3 oranges (or from concentrate)
fresh ginger
180 ml sour cream or crème fraiche
herbs of your choice (chives or cilantro)

1. Cut pumpkin in half and remove seeds. Place on baking sheet and bake for 30-40 mins at 165 C or 325 F.

2. Meanwhile dice onions, chop lemongrass and chilis. In a large pot, add some cooking oil and brown onions, then sauté the chili, lemongrass and minced garlic.

3. Remove the peel from the pumpkin with a paring knife then add into chunks to the pot. Add 2-3 cups of water and vegetable stock, drop in kaffir lime leaves and bring to a boil. Simmer for 20 minutes, remove kaffir lime leaves, then purée the soup with a hand mixer or blender. Add orange juice and blend again.

4. For the topping, grate some fresh ginger into a bowl, add sour cream and chopped up herbs. Serve the soup piping hot and add some of the sour cream topping.

Enjoy! Let me know if you try this recipe and if you like it.

7 Oct 2011

My Fitness Diary (7)

Today I went through my closet because I am endlessly frustrated that I have so little space and so few clothes in it that I actually like and wear. Even though I recently purged my closet - and you can look back on that blog entry here - I keep finding clothes hidden somewhere in the back that just don't fit me anymore.

Like these jeans.

I mean just LOOK at those jeans! I used to wear these!! At moments like this, I think - how did you ever let yourself get to that point? It makes me sad, but at the same time it's a reminder to myself to never lose track like that again.

A lot of you have asked me, "How do you stay motivated to keep eating healthy and exercising?" To be honest, it's just become part of my life by now. When I started this 180 turn-around in January, I did zero physical exercise and indulged regularly in sweets, chocolate, cake, pizza, etc. I didn't watch my portion sizes or how frequently I ate these things - all I cared about is how good it tasted.

Do I still get these cravings? Sure - and sometimes I'll have a piece of cake, or some chocolate, but nowhere near as often as I used to. In the back of my mind, I've become very aware of how much physical activity is required to burn off the amount of calories in a single slice of cake, let alone a meal at McDonalds (about 1500 calories)! So I know that if I go back to my old ways, I'll pack on the pounds again in no time.

When I got back from my New York trip - and I thoroughly enjoyed the food I had there - I had such a craving for healthy food again: spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh fruit, plain yogurt and whole grains. Your body gets used to whatever you feed it - be it healthy or crappy foods - and you begin to crave it when you go without for a while. When I was in New York, I had indigestion and spent a lot of time on the bathroom, and I knew it was the food I was eating. For me, it was a joy to go back to my normal eating plan, which is focused entirely around whole foods.

On the exercise front it's my overall health that keeps me motivated. Seeing results, even small ones, are a highlight. Take chair dips for instance - when I started, I could barely do any, now I can keep going for a long time until my arms give out.

Even the fact that I can go hiking, or for a run, without getting winded immediately keeps me motivated.

One of the biggest motivators for me of course is also seeing old pictures of myself, or when I see the "big girl" clothes I used to wear. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to know that now, my "skinny" clothes are hanging in my closet, and my fat clothes are downstairs in the basement. I want to get rid of them, but some part of me has me hanging on - not in the hopes that I will fit into them again one day as it used to be, maybe as a reminder to myself, a warning not to go down that path again.

Today I bought a slinky form-fitting black cocktail dress for an event I'm invited to this month, and I nearly had tears in my eyes when I wore it in the store, and actually ventured outside the changing room to see how it looked in the full length mirror. The feeling I had when I saw my reflection was, "You did it!" I felt so confident. Half a year ago I couldn't imagine even trying on a dress like that - the clothes I purchased were more focused around hiding my size.

I totally encourage those of you who are overweight and have given up not to do so - I want you all to experience that feeling, when you've reached your goals and you see how how your hard work has paid off. I feel like I got my life, and myself back. I feel like I was just drowning underneath that weight, like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Please let me know your own weightloss struggles and successes in the comments - I would love to hear them!

6 Oct 2011

Gossip Girl inspired Fall Makeup Trend

I took these screenshots from the last episode of Gossip Girl because I really liked Blair Waldorf's makeup. It's a really fashion forward look because it's continuing the orange lip trend into the autumn season, combined with bronze tones on the eyes and cheeks.

I had my go at it but decided to bump up the look a bit to make more of a statement. I absolutely love pairing red lips with bronze/brown eyes, and this is a slightly more modern spin with the orange.

MAC Bronze, Inglot (matte brown), MAC Soft Brown, MAC Malt, MAC Vanilla, MAC Dazzlelight, Inglot (shimmery vanilla), Margaret Astor brown eyeliner, L'Oreal Superliner, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes, Red Cherry lashes (maybe Nr. 47)

Lancome Teint Idole foundation mixed with Neutrogena Healthy Skin, Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer, Sleek Suede blush, MAC Shimpagne Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Redd, MAC Lady Danger, Catrice Oh Juicy

Watch my tutorial how to achieve this look!

Click here to watch directly on Youtube

3 Oct 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection

I'm sure some of you have seen the pictures for Illamasqua's Theatre of the Nameless Autumn/Winter 2011 collection already, if not, let's take a moment to drool...

Stunning! Again and again, Illamasqua's collections have promo pictures that just blow me away. The collection was inspired by the 1920s nightlife in Berlin, of dark sophisticated tones combined with dazzling iridescence for a modern twist.

Cream Pigment £17.00 in Androgen (Coral) and Depravity (Magenta)
Pure Pigment £15.50 in Zeitgeist (Dark Shimmer), Beguile (Light Shimmer) and Berber (Auburn Shimmer)
Precision Ink £17.00 in Havoc (Aubergine)
Nail Varnish £13.50 in Taint (Stone Brown), Kink (Bottle Green), Vice (Deep Cerise), and Faux Pas (Blue Violet)
Shimmer Blusher £16.50 in Ambition (Neutral) and Morale (Rosed Flush)
Lipgloss £13.00 in Intense Lipgloss Façade (Grey Pink), Belladonna (Deep Pink) and Sheer Lipgloss Violate (Dark Green Shimmer)
Lipstick £15.50 in Kontrol (Blue Violet)
False Eye Lashes £16.00 in Grandeur and Blackened Auburn Weimar

Here are some of the products I have swatched for you.

Blush in Ambition: Warm tawny pink shade with gold shimmer

Cream Pigment in Androgen: coral

Ambition (left) and Angrogen (right) swatched

Top to bottom: Facade, Violate, Belladonna

These lipglosses are so incredible. The Intense Lipglosses are more like liquid lipsticks due to their high pigmentation, and even though Violate is supposed to be sheer, it goes on very thick and intense. I absolutely love that they made a forest green lipgloss!! I could see Facade working really well as a nude tone for those with darker skin tones.

Pigments in Berber, Beguile, Zeitgeist

Berber swatched over Androgen Cream Pigment

The pigments are the hardest to photograph and my pictures probably don't do them justice. Berber is just incredible! A coppery red with silver and gold micro-sparkle, buttery smooth and intensely pigmented when swatched over a sticky base. Red eyeshadow isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you like copper burnt tones, this is definitely one to check out.

Beguile I would describe more as a glitter rather than a regular pigment - it's quite sheer when applied, but has the most wondrous reflecting glitter in a multitude of colors - gold, turquoise and pink. This will look absolutely beautiful layered over darker colors, or even dabbed onto lipstick. I can't wait to use this more!

Zeitgeist is a matte black base with micro-shimmer in green, blue and magenta. This is probably my least favorite of the three pigments, simply because I prefer to use a pressed matte black eyeshadow when using black, but that's just down to personal taste.

Overall I think this is a quite unique collection with some unusual finishes and colors, mixed in with more run-of-the-mill shades. You can watch Alex Box in action as she creates the makeup looks for the promo shoot.

I also have the nailpolishes from this collection, but I will swatch those another day. ;)

Products available at http://www.illamasqua.com/