26 Feb 2010

Longer Eyelashes with Lilash

In this video I review LiLash and LiBrow, two products I have been testing and using since April 2009. I have had very good results with these products and have noticed that the length of my eyelashes has increased. A lot of my subscribers have actually asked me if I'm wearing false lashes in videos, when in fact they were my natural lashes, enhanced by LiLash.

Watch the video if you want to know how this product works, my experiences with it, pros and cons, etc. LiLash and LiBrow cost $139.97 USD per vial, which is steep, but for me the investment has very much been worth it. You apply it once a day in a line, as if you are applying liquid eyeliner. The product is a clear gel, and lasts for longer than 6 months. In this video, you can see the maximum length my lashes reached using LiLash. I took a break from the product for a while, but am currently on the wagon again and using it daily.

You can purchase LiLash from their website here. I personally would not feel good about buying these products on eBay or Amazon Marketplace sellers due to the risk of counterfeit products which might contain potentially harmful or simply mystery ingredients.

19 Feb 2010

Painting on the Body

Looks like a painting, right? Wrong! It's body painting on a model, it's all makeup at a photoshoot! Click on the picture to see full size. Simply amazing.

Lancome Contest launched

I am so excited to finally be able to share my Lancome premiere Video with you! This video was quite hard for me as it was all in German and I still wanted it to remain professional yet personable at the same time.

To kick things off, Lancome Germany has offered up an enormously generous contest, the likes of which have rarely (or dare I say never) been seen before on Youtube. There will be a total of 110 prizes given away to lucky winners: 10 complete look sets of Lancome products worth €272 (about $366 USD) as used in the video, and 100 Hypnose Precious Cells mascaras, a brand new product set to launch in March. The contest is open worldwide!

Here's what you need to do to enter:

- You must be a Fan of Lancome Germany's official Facebook page; hit the "Become a Fan" button at the top of the page beside their name. You must be a Fan to be able to win.
- In the Gewinnspiel tab on the top of the page, enter your details. You must complete this form to be entered into the prize draw.
- Winners will be selected by random draw and notified.
- The prize packages will be sent to your shipping address directly by Lancome Germany.
- Please subscribe to my channel for more giveaways and looks.

Become a Fan of Lancome Germany on Facebook:

Translation of the form you need to fill out:

Click on Zum Gewinnspiel

Frau / Herr = Mrs. / Mr.
Vorname = First Name
Strase & Hausnummer = Full Street Address
Nachname = Last Name
PLZ = Postal Code
Ort = City

Make sure both checkmarks are ticked and click on Teilnehmen. That's it! If you're unable to see the tab, make sure your Flashplayer is updated to the latest version, or try in a browser such as Firefox - it works! Make sure you have Flashblock disabled if you have that Add-on on Firefox of course.

I hope you enjoy this contest, and please become Fan of Lancome Germany to show your support! It would mean a great deal to me also.

11 Feb 2010

MissChievous for Lancome Germany

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you: Lancome Germany has given me the opportunity to present videos for them on my Youtube channel! Lancome is of course a household name with anyone into beauty and cosmetics, and I was recently introduced to trying their products around Christmas time last year. I am overjoyed to be able to work together with Lancome Germany, and will soon present to you, my dear viewers and readers, an upcoming video for this prestigious brand.

The video will launch on February 19 and coupled with it will be an absolutely amazing contest with over 100 prizes! Yes, you read right: over one hundred prizes! What's even better is that the contest will be open worldwide, regardless if you speak German or not. The video will of course be in German language, but I will provide subtitles for all you non-German-speaking viewers, and will give you lots of details on how to enter the contest.

To already join in on the fun, all you have to do is "Become a Fan" on the official Lancome Germany Facebook page. Much more details on the look, the prizes, and the products I will present to you will follow.

I am thrilled at this opportunity, and I hope you guys will find it also exciting to perhaps win some goodies from Lancome! And of course watch out for my video for Lancome Germany on February 19th on my Youtube channel. I hope you will join me in making it a smashing success.

9 Feb 2010

OPI Bastille My Heart

Todays nails of the day are OPI Bastille My Heart. This red polish came out with the France collection. It doesn't show quite accurately on this picture, it's deeper in real life, like a deep crimson red. I'm not huge on red nails, but every now and then it tickles my fancy.

This actually came about because I filmed a video tonight on how I manicure my nails, so I picked the brightest color so it shows up really well on film. Filming the manicure video was so much fun actually, that it's made me consider getting into nail art. I'm not huge on nail art as I think a large part of it just looks really tacky, but I have seen some designs that looked really good, especially those of the "less is more" variety.

Would you be interested in seeing some nail art videos from me? I have a feeling it might be something I could get good at since I love artsy stuff in general, and I'm pretty decent with a paint brush. Although I have no idea what type of brushes are suitable for nail art, can you just use normal art brushes? Can you use normal nail polish, or does it have to be thinned down a bit?

I'd be happy for any input or tips in the comments!! Oh and the manicure video will be coming up soon on my Youtube channel. It's been so frequently requested but I was never able to do it before without a good tripod, which I have now! Yay for sturdy set-ups.

4 Feb 2010

German Carnival Makeup

This look is inspired by Carnival, which is traditionally celebrated in February (I think) in Germany, as well as some neighbouring European countries like Switzerland and Austria. It's similar to Mardi Gras, which is more known in North America. I decided to go for a really colourful, cheerful, and creative mask as it's a great idea for wearing to a masked ball, and an opportunity to practice your skills.

Products used:

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ Foundation, Ben Nye Grande Lumiere palette (eyeshadows), Mehron Paradise palette in Tropical, Ben Nye Cake eyeliner in black, MAC Blacktrack & Uppity Fluidliners, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara, Illamasqua Maneater lipstick, Essence glitter eyeliner in Gold, Ben Nye Final Seal spray

Nails: Sephora by OPI - Metro Chic

If you want to purchase Ben Nye, Kryolan or other professional brands, here is a list of recommended shops and retailers.