Hi, everyone! I'm Julia Graf and I'm the owner and writer of this blog.

Most of you probably know me from Youtube where I create makeup and beauty tutorials. You can check out my channel here. I became interested in makeup when I was in my college years, and I saw it as a beautiful and expressive outlet for my creativity. It became a replacement for art, which I loved in my teen years but now had no more time for due to my studies. I see the human face as my canvas. I began uploading how-to makeup videos on Youtube in 2008, and since then my channel has received over 160 million views, and gained over 772,000 subscribers. I have been featured in  and interviewed for many national and international Press outlets, which you can view here.

On a more personal side, I am Swiss-Canadian (dual citizenship) and I currently live in Switzerland. I grew up mostly in Canada though, and my family still lives there. I studied Political Science and International Development Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. After finishing college, I moved to Switzerland where I have built up a life for myself. When I'm not working on my blog and on my Youtube channels, I pursue my numerous hobbies. I love to cook, read, and lead a very active lifestyle. I like to keep fit by going trail running, swimming, biking and hiking. In the winter, you can catch me carving up the slopes - luckily I live very close to the Swiss Alps and skiing and snowboarding is just a short car ride away! I also post fitness, cooking and life vlogs on my second Youtube channel, which you can see here. Two years ago I lost a lot of weight (about 40 pounds) and since then, healthy living and healthy cooking has become a huge part of my daily life! I love food and coming up with delicious and healthy ways to prepare it.

I also love traveling and I have spent several years exploring Europe and Asia on my own. I saw so many countries and fell in love with discovering new places, people, and cultures. I also speak three languages: English, German and French!

You can also watch me Draw My Life if you want a complete Bio of who I am as a person!

Thanks for checking out my blog!