2 Mar 2009

Ask Me Beauty: Too much product on the lips?

When you wear lipstick or lipgloss, what do you do when it starts migrating towards the inner part of your lips and forms a line where your lips meet? Is it an indication that my lips are too dry or that I applied too much?

The way you describe it, especially with a line of product forming where your top and bottom lips meet, sounds like a classic case of too much product applied. However, the easiest way to correct this problem is by blotting! I use a piece of tissue paper, and carefully press it against my lips. You can also make an "O" shape with your mouth, stick your finger in your mouth and then pull it out, that will remove excess product from the inner side of your lips, which will also prevent transferring the lipstick to your teeth. With lipgloss, just apply less, focusing on the center of your mouth.

This is how I prepare my lips if I want super long wearing lip color using lipstick and gloss:

1. Exfoliate your lips using a damp washcloth or a toothbrush
2. Moisturize your lips with some hydrating lip balm, allow to sink in and remove any excess
3. Use a bit of translucent blotting powder before applying lipliner, this will help the lipstick stay in place
4. Apply corresponding lipliner and fill in the entire lips
5. Apply lipstick on top
6. Blot with a kleenex
7. Optional: Dust a bit of translucent powder on the first layer of lipstick, then apply a second coat of lipstick
8. If you want gloss, add a small amount to the center of your lips and spread, you don't need to pile on the gloss, a small amount is entirely enough.

That should have your lip color locked in place for several hours at least, depending on the quality of the products used. If you like wearing just gloss, you don't need to slather on 5 layers, you just want your lips to look glossy, not covered in a gooey film. Using a lip balm before applying gloss also helps it to spread evenly without having to pile on lots of product. I hope that helped!

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  1. awesome advice! thank you julia!!!

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    Thanks for answering my question! :D