9 Mar 2009

Hair Tutorial: Textured Bedhead Half Updo

In my previous Vamp inspired makeup tutorial, I had quite a few questions from viewers asking me how I did my hair. I'm honestly not one who spends a huge amount of time fixing elaborate hairstyles, I much prefer simple and effortless looks that remain stylish but don't require a lot of patience. I also don't have many hair tools to my disposal, so I make do with a crappy hair dryer and a crappy iron for now.

This half updo hairstyle looks chic and modern, but is very simple to do, especially if you have naturally wavy hair to start with. I love having wavy hair; although it can be a pain sometimes to tame, it really is the most versatile hair texture to work with. Having layers for this look is also very useful.

Tools and products I used:

Teasing comb
Large round brush
Bobby pins
Wella hairspray (drugstore variety)
Sebastian Molding Mud (hair texturizing pomade)

Try it out and let me know how it turns out!


  1. Gorgeous, I can't wait to try this look.

  2. Like this hair style tutorial! Looks so cool :)

  3. Amazing as always!
    You look like the rock star you are!

  4. Anonymous7:57 pm

    i hate my hair looking perfect too!
    Love the look reminds me of Amy Winehouse

  5. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Love the hair!!! but also love the makeup...can you share what you are wearing please?? ; )

  6. Anonymous10:24 am

    This is really cute. You could do a neat version of it too if you don't want it so messy or you want it for a more formal occasion like a wedding or prom. It would be even easier with a product called BUMPITS the website is www.bighappiehair.com This product eliminates the teasing part and still gives the height.

  7. Anonymous12:44 am

    it doesnt work on me :/ i freaking <3 it tho

  8. Great! I gave you an award for your site. It's on my site, but I'm Dutch so I will translate the rules: 1. Put the award in your blog or post. 2. Nominate at least 10 bloggers which you like. 3. Let them know :)

    I understand if you don't want to put it on your site, but your site is worth the award! In the Netherlands it's very good if you get an award :)

  9. oh boy so beautiful.. my hair is curly can i try like yours???

  10. so beautiful.... love it.. oh boy.. so my hair is curly like i try like yours??

  11. I love the look. What hair flat iron do you use? Recommendation?

  12. I'm a makeup artist too, and I love your work. Since we have similar skin tones and I love having muted pink lips, I'm wondering what lip products you specifically used in the hair tutorial. They're definitely not the same in the makeup tutorial, even though you have that listed to refer to. Thanks for your time!

  13. I was trying to figure out how to do a similar style and your tutorial looks just perfect, thanks for sharing :)

  14. Anonymous6:17 pm

    love it
    u r amazing ^_^

  15. that was a great tutorial!! i usually hate video tutorials because they drag on and don't get to the point but you've done an amazing job and i love the updo!!

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