23 Mar 2009

Been feeling uninspired lately...

Been in a bit of a rut lately, personal things and Youtube. Things going on behind the scenes that is making me less and less motivated with Youtube, and I'm just annoyed with a few things in the overall YT beauty community. I guess I just do not understand why sometimes very dull and boring videos get 100,000+ views while other very informative and great videos from talented people get not even a fraction of that. Just my own opinion of course, but it's very discouraging. The most skilled and talented makeup artists on Youtube do not get the views or credit they deserve (I am not speaking about myself here.) Some of the best makeup artists on Youtube are rarely talked about, like Nireyna or ApropoMakeup or AprilJ0. (Go check them out!)

In a way I feel that Youtube is less about makeup artistry, but more about video production, which is very disheartening because I'm in this due to my love for makeup artistry. Youtube is a means to an end for me and my number one priority is improving my craft and coming up with original looks. There are many gurus on Youtube who are happy to do the same basic look over and over again just using different colors, but no real progress or diversity is ever seen. Is this what the audience wants to see? This, to me, is not the sign of a true artist.

I think I may take a break from Youtube for a bit and focus on things going on in my personal life, and get back my energy and inspiration for new videos. To me it's about quality, not quantity, and staying unique. I still have a couple of videos saved up but I have not felt the desire to make a new video in several weeks now. I may post the ones I filmed in the coming weeks though.

I hope you're all keeping well! Don't worry I'll be back on Youtube, I just need to take a step back for maybe a while and get back to a happy place. I'll still be updating the blog though.




  1. xxCandyxx8:21 am

    Hi Julia,

    Sorry you're feeling discouraged but hopefully you'll get out of that rut soon. You make such wonderful videos that many of us enjoy.

    I'm also sorry that you're not satisfied with the YT community. When it comes to videos for the average person, those basic looks that are recreated are often for your average makeup user (like myself). Your average YT viewer is going to be a teen or 20-something looking for color combinations that are easy to do that she can wear on a day to day basis. Yeah, the videos are often the same with only the colors changing. But often or not, that's what most YouTubers need.

    It is beautiful to watch the artful and intricite designs of some of the "better" makeup artists, but it's difficult to replicate for someone who doesn't have much background in makeup. Often times it's overwhelming to watch videos that are very artistic when you're still learning basics of blending.

    Hope it gives you a little insight on what the average YT viewer wants to see.

    Much love and God bless.

  2. It is sad that people are only looking for quantity instead of quality...But I think people are more into the other MUA because the style is very versatile and you can wear it on a regular day outing...well I THINK thats why...but I don't really know. Those three artists you posted, I just watched their video! Well I watched Neryna a while ago and I LOVE her videos!!! they are amazing <333

  3. Anonymous8:30 am

    Hey Julia,
    Your honesty is very much appreciated. Your videos are so informative, creative, and original. I was especially blown away by the recent Arabic look you did with the Hijab. I will continue to follow your blog, and I look forward to seeing new videos from you when you are ready to come back. Take care.

  4. Aw I'm sorry to hear that. Your videos are actually the ones I like most out all the ones I've seen out there.

  5. I just wanted to say Hi and that I'm sorry you're not feeling very inspired to do many Youtube video but I understand why and hope that you make more videos soon. I love watching them ^_^ I do see what you mean about some really good people on youtube not getting as many views as they should be getting but that's the sad thing about any internet site that's like this. Such as myspace use to be a great site to talk to friend and now it's filled with people having millions of friends they don't know just so they can get to a hire level on mobster.

    Thank you for writing about those other make up artists on youtube I can't wait to watch their videos. They seem very creative ^_^

    Oh I was thinking of a idea you can do for some make up videos that might be very creative. Maybe you can take a photo from a artist like Nene Thomas or Amy Brown and do a look based off what the photo is or the emotion that is in the photo. Just an idea ^_^

    Sorry about the long comment. Again I hope to see you making more videos soon.

  6. I agree that some of the most interesting youtubers dont get enough views. It's sad that some of them are out there saying different/helpful/informative stuff that doesn't get watched over another lush haul.

  7. Hi Julia! I understand why you're feeling down and I hope you'll do more videos coz I enjoy watching them! Maybe for someone like me who is adventurous in colors and is not afraid to spend so much time in re-creating a look, videos by great MUAs like you are our favorite to watch since we will easily get bored with basic makeup...but for someone who is just starting and learning the basics (like many YT viewers) they will really watch those easy to follow videos...so don't feel down..I hope you can recharge and get into the swing of things again..take care and God bless :)

  8. Julia,
    I understand your thoughts but I really hope this doesn't discourage you from continuing to post. Like you wrote, there are people out there posting same look / different colour every day of the week, and I do think that for a mainstream audience that it probably satisfies what they want. They just want to know how to do smokey eyes or another Kim K look and they want it presented in an easy-to-digest format. But for those of us who share a real passion for makeup, we look to those who have the skill and creativity that is required to push the boundaries, and to those who want to learn as much as teach. You and such artists may not get the same views from a wider audience, but I do hope you realise that, among the audience you do have, you have a very loyal following. I hope this helps you out of your rut... take care.
    (anita22 on Specktra)

  9. Hi there - I agree with some of the comments you made and definately feel some of the most interesting youtubers don't get enough subscribers or attention - I personally was unaware of some of the guru's you mantioned, so I've checked them out and subbed... I'm fairly new to youtube and definately a beginner at posting my own videos, but I can definately say that you and other youtube guru's have enabled me to explore my creative side more (I admit my current vids are all haul and basic looks - but I need to practice a LOT more before I feel able to post anything verging on as creative as some looks out there!)....
    Hope to see you back on youtube soon xxx

  10. Hi Julia

    I'm truly sorry that you've been feeling disheartened about doing YT videos. I've been following your videos for quite some time and heck, you've been inspiring me from the day I knew you at Specktra.net! Your skills have never ceased to amaze me and they inspire me to improve at makeup. It's a dream if I could ever be just as good as you. I've never gone to a makeup academy either and knowing that there's a possibility to be as good as you even without going for a professional course, gives me lots of hope and encouragement.

    I suppose sometimes on YT, viewers are more interested in seeing how to replicate looks that they can achieve. Personally, I'm not so much a fan of "natural" looks because they're always the same things over and over. It's the creative and bold looks that I pick up most of the techniques. In fact, it was Nireyna who taught me how to shape eyeshadows according to eyebrows and that tip has completely changed how my eyeshadow looks. It's something that I've never heard or seen anywhere else. I also have to thank you for posting such a comprehensive guide on taking make-up pictures (in Specktra. If it wasn't for you, my blog would suck big time with overexposed pictures.

    I will still be following your blog in the mean time. Hope to see you on YouTube soon but even if I don't, I'd be excited to see your FOTD pictures all the same :)

    All the best with everything.

  11. Please do not stop making tutorials because of this, please... I love your videos and admire the art you create. Keep doing what you love, and your followers/subscribers would appreaciate it so much

  12. Hi Julia,
    Please come back to youtube when you get everything settled - I'd be really sad if you didn't make videos anymore - I really look forward to them and get inspired. Find your happy place, girl!

  13. I so have to agree with you, i am bored you tube make up community lately, there are numerous haul videos....i feel there is lack of style, creativity around at the moment. have a good break, look forward to more of your videos when you come back refresh!

  14. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Julia, I understand what you mean. I've been cleaning up my subscription list because the quality of some peoples videos have been lacking lately. I give them props for putting themselves out there but I'm not going to watch the same video over and over again. Your videos have been really amazing and every look you've done has made me want to go out and try something new. I hope after you take your needed break you come back and share your talent with us and enjoy doing it again because you truly are one of the amazing ones! Take care!


  15. Hey Julia, I absolutely love all your videos, I hope you find your inspiration again soon (for your sake and for the rest of us who thrive off your fantastic tutorials!).

    Thanks for posting the links to the other artists, I was getting sick of watching super amateur videos that were of no help at all.

    Thanks again and I hope you get out of that rut soon! :)


  16. Monica5:18 pm

    Hi julia:
    Im from Spain and I think yur videos are amazing but I also think that they are more artistic and that we or some of us need to watch some day/night,basic make up,make up that we can wear every day or in special events but not "that" artistic,although like I said you are very skilled.

  17. Hey Julia,

    I am sorry you feel that way and will miss your videos. Mainly for the same reason you have raised in that post. Many of the make up artists on You-Tube can barely speak...

    It is rare to find videos done by an eloquent and intelligent person. That's why I enjoyed your videos, I cannot bare watching some of the other popular but not as eloquent (...) make up artists.

    It is sad that in life popular and promoted beat the professional and talented, but that's life.

    I hope you'll derive motivation from your great fans and your loved ones and be able to ignore the crooked rules of the industry.

  18. i def know what you mean but we love your work and we miss u...but we all need to regroup and remember why it is we do what we love and love to do what we do...so u take all the time you need and hopefully it won't be too long!

  19. Nireyna is one of my favs too! I agree with you, YT has many talented artists who don't get recognition, and get discouraged by negative feedback. I hardly make YT vids anymore, simply because I don't want to hear/read any negativity.

  20. Anonymous7:09 pm

    I agree. There are so many Youtubers that see themselves as gurus and such and it makes me laugh so much! A lot of them can't even apply makeup properly and yet they are so popular. I think they're popular 'cause they mainly suck. People enjoy people who aren't the best 'cause then they feel like they can connect with them?! I don't know. Most of these popular girls can't even do their makeup evenly and show no techniques, and yet they get so many hits. I think it's a bunch of 14 year olds and their friends subbing to them. :) Pixiwoo is incredible too, you should check them out.

  21. I have been watching Nireyna and ApropoMakeup for AGES. I just subscribed to April.

    I really agree with you and although I don't make any videos on YT I was feeling quite angry with those repetitive videos myself. I unsubscribed from most of the "popular" "GURUS" that were making videos to show off every single MAC purchase. Don't get me wrong, I love watching previews of products but those makeup "GURUS" are gaining popularity by uploading a multitude of make-up, clothing etc hauls and "make-up tutorials" that like you said, are the same look using different colours. I don't watch those videos because they just waste my time and don't deserve my attention. I think anyone can do their "looks" by themselves. There is no need to waste my time watching something I already know. Plus, some of those "GURUS" act so unprofessional. Like somebody above mentioned, most of their audience has to be young girls. Besides, I'm not sure if you've ever noticed but those "popular" "make-up artists" get SO many hateful comments! There are people that, in my opinion, have made fake accounts just to insult them.

    Too bad the number of views one gets gives popularity on YouTube! ... and too bad people like watching junk! =(

  22. Hey Julia,

    du gehörst zu meinen absoluten Lieblingen auf YT und ich muss zugeben, ich hab dich und deine Videos schon vermisst.

    Du bist einer der wenigen Youtuber, die neben den "day to day looks" noch mehr können und dies auch zeigen. Looks, wie dein "line those arab eyes" sind KUNSTWERKE und es gibt nun mal weniger Künstler, die auf YT nach Inspiration suchen, als junge Frauen, die über YT einfach lernen wollen, wie sie die Form ihrer Augen besser zur Geltung bringen. Ich denke, es ist nicht verwerflich, dass jemand wie panacea81 oder marlena (die m.E. nach sehr talentiert sind) das zwanzigste Video posten, in dem sie erneut erklären, wie man das "outer v" findet. Denn glaub mir, es gibt so viele Frauen dort draußen, die jeden Tag mit dem gleichen Make up rumrennen, welches noch VIEL einfacher, unprofessioneller und wahrscheinlich langweiliger ist als das, was uns so viele Youtuber immer und immer wieder als "neutral daytime look" vorbeten. Für diese Frauen (udn ich gehörte auch dazu) bietet YT eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, in die Welt des Makeups zu schauen und sich die Basics abzugucken.

    Viele Zuschauer geben sich damit zufrieden, sind stolz auf sich, wenn sie einen schönen Look hinbekommen und ein paar Tips zur Pinselpflege gekriegt haben. Und die wenigen, die ihre Liebe zum Make up als einer Kunstform entdeckt haben bzw. erweitern wollen, schauen etwas genauer hin und das sind dann auch diejenigen, die Videos von Nireyna oder ApropoMakeUp entdecken und regelmäßig anschauen. Sich von solchen Looks inspirieren zu lassen, benötigt sehr viel Zeit, Engagement und großes Talent, welches viele der Youtuber, die sich Makeup-Videos anschauen, nicht besitzen.

    Lass dich davon nicht entmutigen; sehe dich nicht als Teil der riesigen, sehr kommerzialisierten Makeup-Community auf YT, sondern außerdem als Teil des auserwählten Kreises, die MakeUp als Ausdrucksform und Kunst verstehen.

    Ich hoffe, ich habe mich verständlich machen können :-) Du bist was Besonderes (oh mann, ich klinge als wäre ich verliebt...) und bereicherst YT! Wie du schon sagtest: YT ist dein Mittel zum Zweck, also nutze es!

    Du hast viele treue Fans und ich gehöre zu denjenigen, die voller Spannung auf ein neues Video von dir warten. Nimm dir die Zeit, die du brauchst; lass es dir gut gehen, tanke Kraft und suche Inspiration.

    Wir warten auf Dich :-)


  23. I know what you mean when you say very talented artists on youtube are not really appreciated. I have a feeling it has to do with communication as well. The more the audience has to relate with the person creating the look, a bubbly personality, the more they watch them. There are some people whom I watch just becuase of their awesome personality. It has nothing to do with their makeup artistry.

    I make videos on youtube too and the video I have copying a singer's look is my most poputlar video. I honestly don't really like those videos that much. That's why I don't have many like that. I get so many requests about replicating looks. I keep telling them that the outcome will be different on me and on you because we don't look anything like this person. Makeup is not going to turn you into an Aishwarya Rai or Rihanna! But anyways...don't feel bad about this. It's just people's mentality. It's not your fault. I hope your break from youtube goes well. I've seen many many youtubers taking a break because of hate comments and personal issues. If you have to take one, take it. There's no need to apologize to take time out for yourself. I donno about you but I make the videos because I like to make them. Once it starts to get demanding like a job I'd hate doing it because then it's not fun anymore.

  24. Julia
    Never minde what other people in youtube might tell or do. It's true some videos of some people are BS, sometimes I think that those who watch are the same pervs that like to stare at this girls. They don't give anything new. Even if I wouldn't try exactly the looks u offer, I confess I can learn of the technics u use and teach, so I apply with the colors i think match me better. I think u do a great job and u are very kind on answering any doubt or suggestion.
    Get ur energy back and never forget theres people that like ur videos and wait to ur comeback.


  25. hey julia, i totally understand what you mean. and although i love ur vids, i think you deserve that break! ;) enjoy and may be when u come back u will be even more motivated than ever. i'd love that and then u will kick some make-up guru mainstream bud...
    anyway greetz from germany,

  26. Anonymous12:23 am

    I do hope you decide to come back soon, your videos are my favorite. I'm still a beginner and my skills are no where near yours, but that's why your videos are interesting, there are enough everyday looks out there and not enough progressive looks. Thanks for recommending new artists :) We'll miss you!

  27. I understand your feelings on this. However, I do think that a few things are in play here....
    First, very very few people have the combination of artistry and education/instruction that you do. For this reason, you are by far my favorite YT guru. A lot of people can't just look at makeup being done and deconstruct the look. Having a good explanation of technique, tools, and products is amazingly helpful.
    Second, it's kind of like the idea of "celebrity..." do the most intelligent/talented/etc. people always get the most famous and the most recognition? Usually not. I think part of it is personality. Part of it is a high-school-style popularity contest/idol worship. Part of it is a spectacle...What else could explain how one YTer who posts ONLY hauls has 10k subscribers?? A lot of my favorite gurus have gone from doing tutorials and looks to doing haul after haul after haul, reviews, and pushing products.
    And finally...
    The YT demographic. Now obviously I don't know for a fact, but it seems that a lot of YTers are a younger crowd, at least the ones watching the beauty videos.
    Please take the time you need for yourself but I will miss your vids!

  28. I can understand your frustration and totally agree. I thoroughly enjoy your tutorials and they are extremely creative and I can tell you put thought into them. I hope you dont stay away too long!

  29. Hi Julia!

    I love your make-up ever since I saw your FOTD and tutorial on specktra. I think you are superbly talented and your blog is one of my top priority read.

    Anyway, I guess I'm gonna say what everyone says...truthfully I watch your videos for your application technique and tips. I rarely replicate your looks because it is quite complicated and even if I do it is not suitable for day time. That, and the fact that our eyes are not the same. I usually watch some of those typical videos and follow them because usually when I saw how pretty their eyes are, I want my eyes to look that way too, and it is subtler for an everyday look. Plus, their eyeshape is the same as mine so it is easier to replicate. But I love your videos for the creativity and your awesome skills so I am always waiting for your updates.

    I have this do not discourage you. I mean, this kind of thing happens all the time. Great musics sometimes were left behind and some mediocre music tops the chart and get the most views on youtube...the community just like typical things.

  30. I hope you come back soon, your seriously one of my FAVORITE guru's on youtube.

    p.s thanks so much for posting the link to Apropo's page I was subscribed to her on my old YT and when i tried to look for her i was typing her name in as (APOROMAKEUP), so thanks again!

  31. Anonymous9:53 am

    You've summed up the YouTube community quite well. I think you are definitely right about those who do well in producing good looking videos, but the substance is quite generic, and not all that unique. Some of the gurus really bother me because I wonder how they get so many subscriptions for their mediocrity. In fact, some really irritate me (they act so immature, and cater to the immature), and only a small handful are worth watching. So many of the "popular" gurus essentially make the same video over and over again, and the only thing of importance in those videos is to show that you need to blend. It bothers me when a really good channel is overlooked. I think you should keep producing videos because you have always given quality videos that are so professional and educational, I would hate to see you drift off while others stay and continue to get undeserved attention. Your personality and techniques are what made me subscribe to your channel, and it would be hard to find another of your caliber. Please stay optimistic and continue to give us a glimpse into your world of art (even your photos look amazing, no point and shoot photography for you!). Ultimately, should you find yourself no longer producing videos, please continue to maintain this blog. It would be a pleasure to see your FOTDs, what you buy/reviews, and where to buy things.
    -Milla (swtlitchi on YT)

  32. well, youtube was never meant to be a makeup artistry platform at all but i think it's not all about the views.... ois it?

  33. zgbivana3:23 pm

    I am very sorry you're not going to post any new videos on YT for a while, I'll really miss them. I agree with you that some gurus do repeat the same thing all over again, and I do like some versatility on the channels I follow. For me, balance is the key since I'm a beginner in makeup and appreciate good neutral looks, but more creative looks are just SO MUCH FUN to watch and try to recreate. I hope you will find your happy place soon and return to YT!

  34. So much has been said by everyone else. I just want to add that your videos are the ones most people look forward to viewing because it's really informative, the lighting and quality of video is great and there never is any unnecessary embellishment.

    All the best.

    I for one would rather you not stop. Youtube will be greatly lacking.

  35. hi chica, i've also wondered the same thing...how some youtubers get sooo many views and some don't...i've had a slow and steady rise but i'm definitely not at the top of the bunch, and i wonder if maybe i should act more bubby or am i missing something lol? i do appreciate your artistry along with nireyna and apropro makeup (subscribed to them all a while ago)...i don't blame you for taking a break...it's really tiring

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Anonymous11:41 am

    I love your videos. They are one of the ones I look forward to. Thankyou for mentioning those other YT makeup artists - I love Nirenya's work and now there are two more I can watch :)
    I hope you are able to come back and continue to make awesome videos about everything - I love your nail polish videos.

  38. Hey Julia!

    I'm really new to the youtube makeup community in the sense of making actual videos. But I've subscribed to your channel a long time ago along with others who I have really loved this past year. Basically, I've been noticing how the makeup community is what you said, the same look over and over. I can honestly say that some videos I've done have been "celebrity" inspired although most are my own creations. I find that my videos with celebrities are the most watched of them all. But I really don't have any subscribers or views...something that does not really bother me. If people want to watch its out there for them to watch. I personally wanted to make videos because before I was actually practicing in the bathroom so why not film it for other people to learn from as well.

    I can see why you feel that way. I've seen about 3298438 haul videos in the past year or so and most are basically the same over and over, not really reviewing the product but in a sense, kind of "showing off" what they got and what "damage" they've done to their bank account. Then when you watch their actual makeup vids, there's really no artistry there.

    I can see the majority of youtube being beginners but at the same time, there are ones who want to advance. So I can honestly say that there are many many youtubers that would love to be on a higher level of makeup than beginner but it just takes time. Don't be discouraged! It's really tiring to make videos and inspiration falters when it's needed the most. It'll come back. Hope you do too!

    PS: I hope my videos are not the ones that are in your category of "the same videos over and over."

  39. Anonymous12:27 am

    Well in places likes Youtube there is room for everybody. I think gurus who make a lot of videos generally have more subscribers and views cause the viewers can identify with them. Also talking about personal stuff, posting hauls etc contributes to that.
    I personally like people like you who focus more on techniques and looks that are not everyday, and then also other people who do everyday makeup.

    Don`t get yourself down over this, there is a place for everyone on Youtube. It´s just that a lot of people won´t be able to recreate your looks due to lack of talent and techniques (I count myself in that category too lol), so at times it´s discourageing to watch some of your more difficult videos. I`m like I wished I could do this, but I know I can´t.

  40. Hi Julia.

    This is the first time i post a comment on your blog and i just wanted to tell u that cuz of your love for makeup artistry and inspiration, it has pushed me to finally do something about the love for makeup that i have.
    I'm really sorry that u've felt uninspired lately but ur right. Its kinda difficult finding something different but i think u've accomplished to stand out. I hope that whatever is going on in ur life turns out for the best & that u'll soon come back to YT. I know that when u do come back u'll come back feeling more inspired & u'll come back with a BANG!!! (lol. sorry i can be a dork sometimes)
    Again, thanks so much & i look forward to seeing u on YT soon.
    P.S. I'm hoping that i get to show you my makeup vanity & my slowly growing makeup collection!

  41. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Hi Julia,
    I'm just a typical viewer, who stumbled across the YouTube makeup community by chance a couple of months ago and was dellghted as I learnt a lot about makeup application and products. However there are only so many videos you can watch about someone's nude lip collection or their smokey eye shadow collection before the viewer starts to wonder is this just an exercise in vanity, an excuse for the you tuber to pout at the camera and enjoy all the adulation they get from their uncritical subscribers rather than showing something new and inventive. Same with haul and organization videos which are less about reviewing products or showing how to store makeup and more about showing off how much they have bought and collected. I understand your disillusionment with YT but don't let these faux Gurus get you down, someone has to fly the flag for inventiveness. Keep up the good work.

  42. you bring up alot of great points Julia
    and i agree for the most part...i dont quite understand how some gurus get countless views for uninspiring tutorials

    but the way i look at it...youtube is suppose to be fun, isnt it? unless your priorities are to become the most popular guru in YT and look at it more of the busines end of it, i dont know.

    an analogy might be how can an "artist" like say, a britney spears become rich and famous when someone with tons more talent go unnoticed?

    if makeup artistry means anything to you then why compromise for YT fame?

    you are definitely one of the best out there and im glad for your success and i wish you more as long as it makes you happy :)

  43. Hi Julia I'm really sorry that you feel that way about the other gurus on here. However I do feel that sometimes we watch those is because we can relate and they are looks that can actually be worn. I understand that it is an art for some and for others its just about looking good. As for the hauls I love to watch hauls I like to see what other people get and see what they think of the product, before I go spend my hard earned money. So ya, I hope that helps. Thanks for all your videos!

  44. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Stimmt, YT ist inzwischen etwas eintönig geworden. Jedes Weib mit Mascara macht ein Video und diese "Haul" Videos nerven. Ich hab dies, ich hab das... sickening... Und das gebettel "Please subscribe to my channel" ugh... Ich mag deine Videos sehr, weil einfach jedes anders ist und auch wenn viele nicht für mich "tragbar" sind (aus beruflicher Sicht), habe ich schon viel mitgenommen und ausprobiert. Ich hoffe du kannst dich in der Zukunft wieder dazu aufraffen uns etwas von deinem Talent zu zeigen.

  45. Julia let me tell you something:
    You are the most AMAZING, TALENTED, BEAUTIFUL, and GENUINE person I have ever met. And I know that you must be feeling down this days, but I just want to remember you how great it is for ME to watch your videos, I don't know why people do certain things; what I know and can tell you is that for me your presence in Youtube is wonderful, and you have taught me sooooo much, and have inspired me to do what I like.
    I enjoy your videos and I love to see Maria (ApropoMakeup,She is one of my inspirational muses as well)and Also Nireyna.
    ...and I think my dear Julia, that people that really know and enjoy to see the expresions of art can relate to you, because you are an ARTIST and thanks to you a simple plain person like me can learn new things to feel pretty ...always, so THANK YOU!