5 Mar 2009

Tutorial: Vampy gothic inspired look

As you may have read from an earlier post, I've been reading (and have now finished) the Twilight book series. You can check out what I thought of the whole series by clicking here. I know there's been a lot of Twilight inspired looks posted on Youtube, so this is not a Twilight look. I started with the idea of vampires and then just drew inspiration from that - a dark, vampy, gothic type of look, but still keeping it modern and not too over the top. I guess this is how I envision myself to look if I were a vampire! I used gothic-makeup elements of black eyes and deep blood red lips. I also tried to do my hair in a vampy style, whatever that means! On the black and white photo I have added some effects in Photoshop to create a slightly spooky mood. I hope you enjoy this look and try it out yourself!

(As an aside, I wish I had the opportunity to film all my videos during daytime, the video and the pictures come out so much better, and capture the makeup more accurately. *sigh*)

Click the images for full size

Products used:

Face: Ben Nye concealer, MAC Studio Fix foundation, Ben Nye White eyeshadow (for added pallor), Ben Nye Contour Nr. 1, MAC Blushbaby blush
Eyes: MAC Untitled Paint as a base, black gel eyeliner (eBay), Ben Nye Graystone eyeshadow, MAC Carbon eyeshadow, generic false lashes
Lips: MAC Blot powder, MAC Velvetella lipliner, Nars Scarlet Empress lipstick, NYX Chaos lipstick, NYX Grape lipgloss, MAC Style Minx lipglass (limited edition from Heatherette collection)


  1. Hot!Makes me want to join the afterlife! ok, maybe not but its still gorgeous!

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  2. Anonymous8:38 pm

    I think the eyes look more Middle Eastern than gothic. Great look either way. I love how green your eyes look in the first picture.

  3. pretty! I love how you lined your eyes <3

  4. Amazing! As always your give us a wonderful and inspiring look!

  5. Anonymous1:27 am

    Middle Eastern? This has gothic written allll over it!!!

  6. i love the two-toned lip effect!

  7. Anonymous11:30 am

    umm have u seen middle eastern makeup? this looks like it too..they looooove to use eyeliner and they love dramatic looks.
    Go on youtube and look up arabian makeup.
    I love this

  8. ^ Hahah yes I am very familiar with Arab makeup, check out my channel I have done 2 Arab looks ;)

  9. wow, this is a gorgeous look!

  10. amazing! you're my makeup hero! :)

  11. Anonymous9:22 pm

    the lips start out looking stupid, but the whole 5-tone thing is really cool!

  12. Wow...just gorgeous...fab....whoa.....:-)

  13. Babe, i lurve ur lip colors.. Its so amazing & gorgeous!!

  14. Anonymous12:39 am

    thanks so much for this look! this inspired me to design my character with similar make up ^^ you are my inspiration for makeup, way to go!!

  15. amazing! well done! congratiulation

  16. what are good substitutes for the lip color?

  17. really loved this look.. it's awesome :)

  18. Anonymous6:40 am

    What size eye lashes are you using?

  19. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Thanks for that gothic inspiered vamp make up. I was looking for some tricks to improve my gothic style und your video is great.

    Greating from Cologne, Germany

    by Sarah

  20. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Gorgeous look, I'd really like to try it out. One thing I am wondering though, are the fake eyelashes necessary? I am just not a big fan of them, don't really want to go out and buy them, and I don't even know how to put them on properly :P. If you DO need them to properly achieve this look, then I might as well go get myself a pair, but I'm wondering if you don't need them..

  21. Anonymous12:34 am

    Oh my gosh! I REALLY admire your work here!
    I'm a teen that's obsessed with the movie "TWILIGHT" but i'm not obsessed
    anymore. I absoloutely love this look
    tho. Great work! I hope i can do this
    make up look for Haloween this year :)
    thanks for the Tutorial. It's so gonna
    come in handy :D that's totally AWSOME!
    5 STARZ * * * * * !

  22. As a photographer I find these posting very useful when I have to describe looks I want from the make up artist I work with during a shoot.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  23. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Great job...
    Hey could i have plz the brushes numbers?

  24. Toasty7:58 pm

    mhh I think you look really great. You're vid is good, but I can't copy it. I mean my make up is eehm...not so heavy :) Yeah good. You're really sexy.. I like your face ,it has sth different.
    Sorry my English isn't that good it could be.
    I'm from Germany (:
    Okay CU

  25. Anonymous12:58 am

    The whole look is wonderful but I was wondering how you did your hair. It really brings the whole look together.