19 Mar 2009

Nailpolish Haul and China Glaze update

Remember when I blogged about the upcoming China Glaze Summer Days collection? I said I would let you know when the collection becomes available. Well you can now order it on head2toebeauty.com and transdesign.com if you're interested!

I talk about my recent nailpolish haul in this latest video, I will try to get pictures up of my haul as soon as I have some good lighting again with daytime sun.


  1. I just bought it today for $21 !!! I LOVE it!!!

  2. Thank you for the reviews! :)

    I love China Glaze but I haven't seen the summer collection out here yet. I guess I'll just order them from the online stores you've suggested.

    The green you wear looks great.

  3. you inspire me to take care of my nails!

  4. great haul review and rJulia. I also picked up Strawberry Fields and Grape Juice from Summer Days last week. Unfortunately my skin repels orange so I had to skip Orange Marmalade :( Misa's are great, I've got about 12 bottles and they're all wonderful

  5. Hi Julia! Can you please show us how to put on nailpolish? It is maybe a stupid request, but when I see your nails I wonder how you do it so nice! I would like to learn the technical part of it:) Especially with dark colours. I searched your blog for this type of video, but couldn't find it.

    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge about make-up. Lots of greetings from Holland!!!!!!!!