1 Jun 2009

Drugstore mascaras: The Goodies and Badies (Review)

I finally had the chance to review some of those drugstore mascaras I've been hoarding and trying out. Watch the video to see which ones sink or swim!

Mascaras I tested:

L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion
L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes waterproof
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
Max Factor 2000 Calorie
Covergirl Lash Blast
Maybelline Define a Lash waterproof
Max Factor Lash Lift waterproof
Essence Lash Mania
Essence Volume Boost Base mascara

What is your favorite drugstore mascara? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Maybelline Intense XXL Waterproof - To die for! I've used all of these as well as about 15 department store brands and this one is terrific. I love using the black mascara (without the white primer) for another great look as well. Try it! :)

    Rachael (the gogo girl ;) who loves watching you for ideas lol!)

  2. we are one the same page with colossal and lash blast! i love colossal but hate lash blast!!!! love this review!

  3. I love drugstore mascara as well, they're super cheap on top of that they always have BOGO!!!
    I like colossal as well and hate-hate-hated lash blast! wasted money on that, I also like Maybeline XXL volume+length microfiber, full 'n soft and L'oreal telescopic mascaras.

    I love watching your vids!

  4. Max Factor 2000 Calorie FTW!!

  5. I agree with you. I love L'oreal Voluminous.

  6. My favorite is Maybelline the Colossal. It is not sold in my country, I´m from Guatemala. But I´ve manage to get a couple of tubes from friends that live in the US. This mascara is actually the only one that hreallyworks for me.

    I love you blog and you tube channel! Just recently email you a question! Hope you get the chance to answer!

  7. Anonymous7:46 am

    Those are my too favorite mascaras! The maybelline XXL mascara is also a favorite of mine.
    But i totally agree with you on the maybelline its crap, and i think lash blast is way overrated.

  8. Anonymous7:57 am

    I really like the MAKEUP that you wear in this video.Pleae, PLEASE, make a tutorial for this look. :)

  9. I loove Rimmel London's Sexy Curves. My eyelashes on my right eye don't curl with ANYTHING. Not even heated eyelash curlers, and this mascara just curls them like craazy! =)

  10. i think l'oreal voluminous is the best mascara i ever had. i have absolutely nothing to complain about it.
    it gives volume, it lengthens and most important, it doesn't clump. the perfect mascara.

  11. My fav mascara is Max Factor False Lashes Effect
    and L'oreal Collagene.

  12. I love Max Factor Masterpiece Max!
    It's definitely my favorite.

  13. Anonymous5:50 pm

    I love Maybelline Stretch&Define. It isn't waterproof but is very longlasting, and I have no problem with the brush, Is very easy to use.
    I agree with you, with essence Lash manía my lashes turns very stronge, "apelmazadas" in Spanish, LOL. I don't like this mascara.

  14. after watching your review, I think I'll finally open my Colossal tomorrow! I've been trying to finish up my other mascaras first. And I may get Voluminous next. Thanks! :)

  15. I love 2000 Calorie! The only con for me is that the waterproof version always flakes on me when I apply it, and throughout the day, too. I'm still trying to find a great waterproof mascara that doesn't flake. It's such a task!

  16. i love Givenchy's phenomen'Eyes :) but it's so hard to find where i live, that i will try the l'oreal. i hope it's really black, unlike some expensive YSL i bought that was a weird kind of black and far from being as good as givenchy.

  17. I hve been using Max Factor 2000 Calorie for years, and it is a great mascara. It's waterproof, black, separates my lashes (I dont't even curl them and they look nice). The only problem is that it is very hard to find a new, non dry mascara, as there is usually all bunch of them in drugstores and they just don't sell them fast enough...

  18. Anonymous2:10 pm

    amazing makeup! pleeeeeeeeeeease make a tutorial on this one!!!!!!!!
    greek girl

  19. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I made the mistake of buying Zoom Lash from Mac this week. The WORSE mascara I have ever bought!!! Even my boyfriend noticed how awful it was, so it must have been bad!! It clumped really badly and made my eyelashes look shorter...terrible.

    I really do find drug store mascaras better, think I will stick to them in future :>}

  20. Anonymous6:27 am

    I really love Maybelline's The Colossal Mascara.I've never been satisfied with drugstore mascaras before and this one is really great. It really separates my lashes and makes them longer. I also like Lancome's The Definicils, but I think I'll stick to Colossal because it's cheaper lol.

  21. Pooks6:36 am

    I looooove Max Factor 2000 Calories! Is the only mascara that doesn't wave down my very ridiculous straight eyelashes.

  22. I'm a little late on a comment but I just love NYX Doll Eye mascara. I've got a bunch of mascara's and I go to this one all the time. We have NYX in our drugstores here so I think you could consider NYX a drugstore brand. It really makes my tired old eyelashes look long and full. I look like I'm wearing false eyelashes when I use it. You should give it a try. =)

  23. BTW, I use the waterproof Doll Eye.

  24. Anonymous5:36 am

    my favorite is the covergirl lash blast. my lashes are very long but not as thick as i'd like, and that does the job.

  25. Anonymous1:56 am

    Maybelline Great lash mascara is the best mascara from a drug store. I use it. It was voted best mascara and it's cheap.

  26. I'm way behind the times here, but I just found your YouTube channel/blog, so here's my 2 cents:

    I used Maybelline Full 'N Soft for years (have moved on). It worked very well for me, and my lashes are nothing special either. Never tried the waterproof though.

    The Colossal seems like it's trying to rip off Big Fatty Mascara by Urban Decay, which is awesome, because Big Fatty is the best I have ever used but it's $25. :( So, I will try Colossal next.

    The L'Oreal extend tubes, I am currently using the non-waterproof version. Yes, it does come off with just water. Yes, you get all of these little tube things all over your face. They're kind of a pain in the butt. I also dig the extension side, but the actual mascara side leaves much to be desired. So, when I am done with this one, I am going to throw it away and never buy it again. Sadly, it was recommended by a professional makeup artist on YouTube. Just...no. Avoid it.

    Thanks for your vid, it REALLY helped!

  27. Anonymous9:26 am

    My favorite drugstore mascara is L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagene.
    I will try the Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express anyway. I am always looking for the perfect marcara and I love to do this searching.:)

    By the way, I love Lancôme Hypnose is really nice, but in the other hand I hate Lancôme Fatale (the worst mascara ever) and Dior Show (What the hell is that brush? So fat...horrible!

  28. The first mascara I used was Maybelline Great lash (curved brush), and I have repurchased it when I have budget issues.
    I have tried many mascaras from avon, apple, jafra, mary kay, max factor, maybelline, covergirl and Clarins. I found avon mascaras so-so, Clarins was fine but expensive, mary kay was unuseful for me, some maybelline mascaras let my lashes clumpy.
    I like Maxfactor Masterpiece, and Jafra VOLUMIZING AND LENGTHENING MASCARA (ALL the other jafra mascaras suck). Those two are my favorites. And Maybelline greatlash my cheap alternative, and I have to use 2 layers ¬¬

  29. You should really try the lash stiletto by maybelline! I love it! Makes your lashes long and voluminous. I wear glasses and sometimes the lashes get so long that it toutches my glasses! ;) really like it! I work at the cosmetics department at H&M and I always recoment my customers to spin the brush (In lack of a better word) as yo apply it, that will make most mascaras easier to apply.

    I sometimes buy the Dior Blackout or Diorshow, but I feel that they don't last that long. After a few weeks it gets dry and hard to apply.

    Thakyou for the review and looking forward to the next one!

  30. Anonymous9:24 pm

    i love to watch ur videos..they are very useful..keep it up.

  31. i have been using the voluminous mascara foe about 10 years and felt in love with that one

  32. i love the voluminous one, i have been using it for almoust 5 years, and felt in love with that one

  33. Loreal million lashes!

    Besides, pls check out my new blog, i started today!!
    <3 thank you a lot

  34. Anonymous6:50 am

    is the collosal also same with the maybelline magnum volume because their on the same appearance...have u tried the sephora's atomic volume mascara?,,,,i've tried it and it's really nice..it separates my lashes and gives me an effect like i'm wearing a fake lashes....haha