17 Jun 2009

Review: Lip Palettes

Above: 32 color lip palette #2
Price: USD $5.99 (without shipping and handling)

Above L to R: 10 Color Lip Palettes #1, #3, #2
Price: USD $5.99 (without shipping and handling)

Sarah sent me these lip palettes to review; they are available on eBay at her store. Please click on the images to enlarge. Here is my honest opinion of these palettes.

  • inexpensive way to attain many lipstick shades all in one go, making it suitable for beginner makeup users with a limited collection
  • palette form is easy to use on other people, more sanitary than tube lipsticks when used with a spatula
  • formula is creamy and easy to apply
  • mixing and custom blending of different colors is very easy
  • some are lipgloss textures that could be layered
  • mixture of finishes include creams, frosts, sheers and glitters
  • large color variety and good combination of color families in the 10-piece palettes


  • not as richly pigmented or as long-lasting as higher end lipsticks
  • palette form means harder to touch up on the go
  • lack of flavoring to mask the lipstick taste

Overall I think these are a great bargain for the beginner makeup collector who doesn't have a lot of lip colors to work with as the price of these lip palettes are surely a bargain, and work out cheaper than even most drugstore brand lipsticks. However, if you're looking for extremely long-lasting lipsticks I'd probably give these a miss. These palettes are a great way to try out a large variety of shades to see what works on you, or how to combine them with a variety of eyeshadow looks, or if you want to practice doing makeup on other people as the palette form is much more sanitary. These lip palettes are in a much lower price category than higher end brands like MAC or others, so a comparison on that level would be out of place. They are more comparable to the NYX Round Lipsticks in texture and longevity.

If you would like to try out any of these palettes or other products from Sarah's shop, please visit her on eBay. She has great customer service and her items are always securely wrapped and shipped promptly, she also offers combined shipping rates for multiple purchases. And - always cheaper than Coastal Scents!

Click here to visit her store on eBay

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  1. Thanks for reviewing it for us!

  2. Great review! I love these bargain palettes, and I see she has a 72 Neutral one I now have my eye on, ha ha.

  3. Argh! Colour overload! When I see lots of colours I can't think... I wouldn't know what to use first on that palette! There's too much choice...

  4. So beautifull... but I don´t know how to buy at ebay.... =~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. Lula (scrappymamas)5:54 am

    Thanks for reviewing these for us! And i loved shopping from Sarah thanks to your recommendation i got that wonderful True Black Gel Liner that i thanked you for earlier since it lasts forever. The ebay generic makeup palettes are a great inexpensive way to start a professional makeup kit too. Thanks again Julia! :)

  6. i checked out the seller's ebay account and gosh, she has so many cool stuff. she has the same stuff from coastal scents but for a more cheaper price. thanks for sharing!

  7. I loved the red one you put on your lips that you said was "berry". It just really popped on you! You should wear more of those colors that really make your face come to life =) Thanks for the review. I just can't figure out why you would want a palette like this unless you were a makeup artist. It's not really good for putting in your purse to go out ;D On the smell? I was smelling my MAC lipstick while you were trying to describe the smell of these palettes and I have to say I don't like the smell of MAC! :) So I guess to each his own.

  8. Do you know if these palettes are made in China? I don't entirely care one way or another, but it's good to know what I am using. :)

  9. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Hi everyone,
    I am Angela from Serbia...I would love to know where can I buy 120 palette,considering that I am from Serbia.Can I buy it on the internet...thank u a priori

  10. Anonymous5:41 pm

    heyA mischevious..hope u having a good life...ammm..well i have a query...i really wanr to buy all of dese nice lip palette..bt i liv in uk stafford..nd the link for joliee...i just checked out..the product is cheap...bt the shipping is three times more...am also thnking to buy coastal scents though..bt these doesnt seem to appear in uk..n the delivery charges are a bit too much for me...i had really like some suggestions on it plz..have wonderful days..zara

  11. Anonymous3:15 pm

    i live in kosovo how can i buy in ebay

  12. I love the color. Too bad it doesn't sound like it's long wearing.
    My own site sells Sephora and department store type brands of makeup with big discount prices, usually 20-70% off. Maybe you will want to do a review some time? :-)

    Please say hello if you come by!