13 May 2009

72 Neutral, 72 Ultra Shimmer and Concealer palettes Review

These are two palettes that I received as a sample gift from my trusty eBay seller jolieeeee (aka Sarah) who I have purchased many palettes from previously with great customer service. On the right in the above picture is the 72 Color Professional Eye Shadow Neutral Palette. The neutral palette is very similar to the 28 neutral palette, which I reviewed earlier on my blog and on Youtube. The main difference between this one and the 28 neutral palette is the size of the eyeshadows, they are quite small but as a trade-off you do get more colors. The color payoff and finish is really pretty much the same so make sure to check out my earlier review.

The palette on the left is the 72 Ultra Shimmer Palette which is the exact same format and size as the neutral palette but these colors are very bright, pigmented, and the finish is shimmery/sparkley. These shadows do contain a lot of sparkle/glitter in them so I wouldn't recommend this palette if you don't like that kind of finish as they are all like that. However, I did use a few of the shades for some looks already and they do look really pretty when combined with matte eyeshadows. I used a sparkley color on the lid and a matte in the crease and for me this was the perfect combination. It's a real mixed bag of colors but this is a great palette if you like sparkley eyeshadow, I could see this being very appealing to younger girls and teens. The finish is similar to MAC Lustre eyeshadows, but I found these apply and adhere better.

Sarah also sent me the 10 Color Professional Camouflage Concealer Palette that I was really keen to try out. The color range is great, I am lighter than MAC NC15 and I could still find a color in here that was right for my skintone! I am not sure what the darkest shade would equate to in MAC, sorry. So color spectrum - thumbs up.

As to the quality of these concealers, well...they are OK. I still would opt for my Ben Nye concealer wheel over these as far as lasting power and strength of coverage, but these aren't bad either. I was actually surprised at the quality, these are better than some drugstore concealers I have tried out! What I like about the texture is that it is very emollient and easy to spread, but then very quickly dries down to a smooth powder finish. It's almost like a cream-to-powder foundation in texture, but not overly heavy, and could even be used as a foundation.

The only thing is that this palette doesn't come with any color correctors (green, orange, lilac shades) so this would be of limited use to a makeup artist having to color correct, but these would work well to go over a corrector to even out the skintone again. I could see this palette being suitable for a beginner makeup artist just venturing out into the professional world without a huge budget to spend on kit essentials, or someone who just likes to apply makeup on other people, their friends, etc. Because at $6.99 for this palette (without s&h) you can't really go wrong. The quality is admittedly not top-shelf, but considering the price, this isn't a bad purchase for those people I just mentioned.

I have purchased several times from Sarah's shop and have always been happy with my purchases, the customer service, and shipping turnaround time. I would not be endorsing this seller if I did not stand behind her business practices. Her packages are always very well wrapped and I've never received a package with even a single broken eyeshadow. I would recommend insurance though just in case.

Her eBay store:


  1. I had been thinking about getting that concealer palette but went with cinema secrets instead. For 6.99, I might have to try it anyways!!

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  2. It looks very nice!

  3. Thanks for the review! I think I will try these!

  4. Haha, I was already wondering when the first review of this would come up cos I discovered them a few days ago in her Ebay shop, when I was looking for gel eyeliners and empty palettes (which I ordered from there). Anyway, she has got a color correcting/concealer pallette and I nearly ordered it but I don't really have a use for the darker concealers. So something like this but for different skintones would be great! :-)

  5. I just ordered from her, too! Great stuff she's got there.

  6. I just ordered some stuff from her, too! She's got really great products.

  7. Anonymous3:00 am

    Jolieeeee's most popular seller is the New 28 Piece Eye Shadow Eyeshadow Neutral Nudes Palette.

    Mei Ling

  8. whoa, great stuff shes got.. and she sells the palette a lot cheaper than other places (cough cough cs cough cough, lol)

    i am SO buying some palettes from her!

  9. Thanks for the seller, I just realize that they sell the 42 double stack palette too..whoa and much cheaper than the famous CS... I am very ecited in getting it, also I wanted to get the concealer palette but I was thinking the concealer wasn't thin like some drugstore concealer. I wanted to know is it comparable to MAC concealer?