26 Oct 2011

Chocolate Shoot with Smart Studio

I recently collaborated with Smart Studio (you know from the car company Smart) to produce a fun, short film about Switzerland. The studio is essentially a Smart car, modified with surround cameras to give an intimate feel. The Smart team travels around the world meeting local "Insiders" to show them around the city they visit, and get a closer connection with the culture and scene.

A few weeks ago I filmed with them at a confiserie (a chocolate making bakery) in Zurich. It was a lot of fun - we learned how to make a chocolate cow! The tasting was the fun part of course. You can watch the finished video on Youtube.

Check out Smart Studio on Facebook for more fun videos of the team jetting around the globe and meeting local bloggers, artists, designers and musicians. The videos are always really amusing and designed for a young, engaged audience.

Here's some pictures from the shoot!

The host Pete and I outside the Confiserie Pfyl in Zurich

It's chocolate making time, complete in our sexy food-handling outfits. There were large vats of liquid milk, dark and white chocolate - yum!

Pete and I made this chocolate cow - we named her Heidi!

With the film crew and the "real" chocolatiers from Pfyl Bakery.


Thanks so much to Smart Studio for the fun day - I had a blast!


  1. JULIA! You look absoltely stunning in that first photo you posted!
    What lipstick were you wearing? It's really lush <3

  2. LOL love the video and the last pic hahahhaha

  3. NOO HEIDI!!!! did she survive?? hahahha

  4. This cow looks so yummi! I could eat it right now.

  5. Ariana11:48 pm

    What a cute video! So much yummy chocolate! How was the smart car ride? was it claustrophobic lol?

  6. You look tall and gorgeous... are you tall?

  7. wow you look gorgeous in the first pic & that choco cow is so cute :)

  8. Anonymous3:48 pm

    wow i like you are you from switzerland? So i am =D