23 Aug 2009

Blogging block

What does a beauty blogger blog about when she isn't currently buying many beauty products? I feel a bit at a loss what I could write about or blog about sometimes as I've currently put myself on a no-buy clause due to various reasons. For one, I have so much makeup that I sometimes feel like I'm just wasting my money on another product I probably don't need that much, and two, right now things aren't looking so great on the financial aspect due to some issues going on in my personal life.

But then I realized - goddamnit this is my blog, and I can write about whatever I want, even if it's just some rambley nonsense about nothing in particular.

Well, we've been having a heat wave lately and it's been ridiculously hot here in Switzerland - but I am loving it! I'm definitely more of a summer person than a winter person - as far as I'm concerned it could be summer forever. Although I love early fall too, the turning leaves, chilly mornings with mist on the hills, collecting chestnuts, and wearing cozy pashmina shawls and cute fall jackets. This summer has been pretty uneventful for me overall - I am really ready for a vacation. Unfortunately this summer I could not go on holiday - but hopefully that will change soon. I remember the 2 week road trip my boyfriend and I did last September through Tuscany and it was one of the best vacations I ever had. I would love to go back there sometime, maybe in spring, when everything is green and in bloom. Although yesterday I was watching a travel documentary about a trip East along the Danube river. In case you don't know where this is, it's a large river in Europe that flows into the Black Sea.

Well anyhow, the documentary traveled along this river and it looked absolutely beautiful, especially the farther East it went - everything looked much more rural and untouched. That would be a really great trip to take, and to see some of these places in Eastern Europe that I haven't been to yet. I miss traveling and am a bit of a traveling nut - I traveled for nearly 2 years after high school around Europe and Asia. But, as you get older and have more responsibilities and monthly bills to pay, and a job, it just becomes so hard to take off for a longer amount of time. Sometimes I feel like so much time is wasted working at some McJob, to buy material objects to give meaning to our rather shallow lives, when that time could be spent actually living and doing other things.

Hm, well that's enough rambling for one day. Let me know if you want to see more of these off-topic kind of posts or if they bore you to death - haha! Although I do write this blog for myself mainly, it's always good to get audience input.

Hope you are having a great Sunday! Anyone going to watch True Blood tonight? I personally can't wait to catch the new episode ahhhhh! I'm in love with Eric.


  1. I like these posts. You learn more about YOU through them =]


  2. Eleonora P.8:12 pm

    I enjoyed it too :]


  3. Anonymous8:15 pm

    I loved this! Kind of reminds me of my own life at the moment. It's nice to learn about such a unique topic -keep 'em coming Julia ~

  4. Anonymous8:17 pm

    I'd love to know more about your travelling after high school. I'm currently 17 and once I finish college next year I'd love to go travelling in a gap year, just to experience something different. But I have no idea where to go!

  5. i like when you just write about stuff you're into, traveling is so much fun, i wish i had the means to spend the rest of my life just traveling. it seams everywhere is having a killer heat wave right now.
    by the way, i was wondering what sort of music you enjoy and maybe you could also blog about any local music you enjoy, perhaps on your second channel

  6. Janeva8:40 pm

    I just wanted to say this. You're a PERSON before a GURU. Blogs shouldn't have to be completely about makeup or beauty products. People don't watch your tutorials becase of the makeup you use dear. We could easily go and search up the same exact product on 20 other people if that were the case, but we don't. We keep coming back to you because of the person behind the makeup. I personally enjoy these 'rambling' blogs because they relate to me as a person and not as a professional or a beauty addict. I hope that you will continue to give us these small tidbits into your life, because as the person above me stated... it reminds us of our own lives, and that makes us identify and feel more familiar with you. :) Keep em comin darling, I'm always so interested in these. I've never been to Switzerland, but I'd like to go based solely on you.

  7. hi julia:
    i like posts like this... it's a chance for us to know a little bit more about you.
    i understand perfectly what you said about not having much to say since you're in a no-buy clause, i'm trying to purchase less things as well cause really nobody needs 56 blushes right? so i find myself blogging about other stuff that interest me or venting and people like that...
    like i said before is a way of getting to know the person.
    i like the way you write and do your videos so keep them coming hun!


  8. Heather from Canada8:54 pm

    Hi Julia,

    I enjoyed this entry - your thoughtful writing is a treat to read regardless of what it's about. Plus, if one sees make-up as a form of self-expression, it's always great to learn more about the person doing the expressing!

  9. Merci de partager ce genre de choses avec nous. Et vive les vagues de chaleur... Pour une fois qu'on a du beau en Suisse!

  10. When you said chestnuts, it reminded of one of things that I absolutely love in winter - picking up a bag of the 'heisse marroni'! Almost every evening while heading home from work I pick up a bag and munch it away on my way home. Of course we enjoy these posts, plz write them more often! And shall I add - the first time I saw you on YouTube and became your instant fan was when you did the 'Whats in my bag' video when you were back from your Italy trip and then did the beachy waves and I loved them!

  11. Hi Julia:

    I know how you feel I'm going through the same thing except I'm not smart enough to stick to my no buy. Maybe you can blog about no buy I know I that I could use some no buy support right now. I have purchased so many items in the last week that I think I might need to get my head checked. I was going to write about them on my blog but I found my say saying this is almost identical to this product or that product and there really is no point to writing that. No buy for ya fans.


  12. I completely get this! - I've been busily saving money and organising for my trip and so not buying new beauty products or being that into makeup for the last few months and just found that I don't have that much to say on my blog. I like to read posts like this though as it shows there's more to you than just the makeup without it being too personal (if you know what I mean, I mean some people really over share!)

  13. Fer!999:32 pm

    I like this kind of posts, is like getting to know you a bit more. I know what youre going trough, and I share your feeling about the McJob thing instead of living! I finished my career 1 year and a half ago, I don´t have a steady job yet just some assistanship at the uni. I´m seaving up for a trip in december with the bf. Is hard to stay away from the stores and not buying things that I probably don´t need.

    Anyhow.... I love your blog and your tutorials, they are so entertaining! I love the way you write, so down to earth and real! This might sound crazy but I think if we met, we´ll be friends! so random right??? but is cool to get to know you!!

  14. I LOVED this blog post Julia, it is very nice to read this kinda stuff. If you do travel around a bit take pictures and post them I've always been interested in traveling but have never even been out of Texas where I was born lol.

  15. Anonymous12:33 am

    I'm from Serbia, I think you'd have a blast traveling through that country, as well as Croatia etc. People there are so friendly, I'm sure you'd have a blast :)
    And yes, I completely agree... more money and things doesn't = more happiness, especially if you don't have free time to spend with your loved ones doing things that make you happy.

    BeautyPsycho@Specktra :)

  16. Ditto to everyone above! Yes, hands down you have incredible talent and an amazing eye for detail and beauty...but it is your personality, confidence, and honesty that keeps us all coming back! Thank you! I don't know about anyone else in America, but for me, traveling means getting out of this country, and that's really expensive to do regularly. So it's nice to be able to "live" vicariously through other travelers. America's history is brief compared to Europe and Asia where I would love to be! Maybe you could use your other YT channel as a travel channel giving bits of info where you've been, best tips for travelers, pics/vids of where you went, and anything else that suits you. Maybe it would assuage the wanderlust by reminiscing through past travels. Thanks for what you do and what you share with us! Cheers!

  17. Before taking a boat trip, please read Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome. It is hilarious, absolutely the funniest book I have ever read.

  18. I like off-topics! I think its a good way to know you better. Keep publishing them.

  19. i like your off-topic posts! <3
    It doesn't need to be about makeup only :)

  20. I like to read blogs that are not strictly about makeup or fashion. Reading about the same thing over and over again IS boring, even if there are many products out there that are being reviewed. And as it has been said before, it helps to get to know the person behind this blog better.

  21. nice entry Julia! I also have the travelling bug and have done an Eastern Europe trip - if you get the chance to do one I would highly recommend it :)

    P.S. I also live in Switzerland and think that you may live near my inlaws - as I recognised the Coop you went to in one of your 'out and about' videos recently. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone where that is - as I know internet stalkers are common and I am definitely not one of them. However, if you ever wanna meet up for coffee or something I would love to - you can contact me on youtube or through my blog :)

  22. I enjoy reading about "off-topic" stuff & getting to know bloggers kind of behind the scenes =) In between manicures & polish I've posted everything from books I've read to food to pictures of pets & the garden & always get nothing but positive feedback.

    I have to confess, I get behind on reading blogs sometimes (OK, a lot of the time), and I am almost more inclined to read the off topic posts word for word & just skim over some of the other posts while I look at pictures. And of course, the bottom line is, it is your blog, post whatever makes you happy!

  23. I completely agree with you, sometimes I get so paranoid about spending my whole life in a boring office job - when those kind of thoughts hit me I'm like a freak for days! Traveling is one of the most beautiful things in life and a trip through Danube is an awesome idea - there are beautiful cities to see, like Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade (I'm from Croatia and Danube passes slightly through my country also) and i think you'll have a wonderful time if you decide to make that trip.
    PS These random posts are great!

  24. Hi Julia,
    I love reading what you write -- and doesn't matter if it is makeup related.

    I can't wait to see this week's True Blood episode. If it were up to me, I would watch it every night. I'm also on team Eric!


  25. I would love reading your non-beauty entries, its interesting to read about you and your life outside of makeup:) I would love to travel, I haven't been out of the states since '98! Unfortunately for me, I need a job first to be able to afford to travel anywhere :/

    Oh and I love Eric too! Don't you like TB better than the whole Twilight series??

  26. I always enjoy your blog. Great writing and honesty is what it is all about, and you never know where an off topic path will lead you. Embark on those dreams and travels and then tell us all about it so we can live vicariously through you!

  27. I know what you mean, is it weird that I want Sookie to like Eric! I think its partly because of the books

  28. Anonymous3:58 am

    You made smile, I kind of agree with what you said. I'm wondering, what part of Asia you visited???


  29. Anonymous8:12 am

    Hey Julia,

    it´s weird because I had just about the same thoughts the other day! Travelling is so about "coming home" to yourself rather than just see new places. I do miss that...
    virtual hug

  30. As you and everyone else said, you can write about what ever you want- we come here to YOUR blog to see you, and it's a delight to get to "know" you better.

    Having said that, I'm a beauty blogger myself and have realized over the years that a lot of the knowledge I've collected and take for granted may be helpful to other people. There's nothing wrong with a two sentence post to share a tip that you have. Of course, as you pointed out, you've also amassed a ton of product, so you could probably write up a review of something almost anytime!

    I, personally, would love to see a post on the best NON US market beauty products- things that you just can't imagine not having access to- what should us beauty junkies hunt down and have shipped to us?

    Above all, be yourself. If you're not inspired, that's OK. I know I feel bad if I don't get a certain number of posts per week up on my blog, but I think most readers totally understand that bloggers are real people whose interests don't begin and end with makeup. I know how much time, dedication and passion it takes- thank you!

  31. Anonymous4:40 pm

    you're so right about the jobs, im always thinking about this, there are so many things that people can do or would like to do but they have no time because of work, but if they don't work, then they will have no money to do such things they like..it sucks, we become slaves whether we like it or not to this greedy system.

  32. It's nice to get a window to you as a person. Travel is much easier where you are, I live in Austin TX, where you have to drive for at least a day just to get out of the state! It was also 104 degrees yesterday, so I'm way more into winter than summer, but glad summer is nice for other folks! Your travels sound wonderful.

  33. Anonymous11:19 pm

    It is refreshing to hear you say that you sometimes feel like you're just wasting your money on another product you probably don't need that much. I often feel like this as well. Watching your ( and other gurus') tutorials usually makes me want to go out and buy more make-up, but it is not financially possible for me. Because of this, I will sometimes even avoid watching the tutorials!
    Not only is not financially smart, but I also feel like it can be just too frivolous and deacadent to have every product under the sun. Watching some of the gurus' "hauls" really turns me off, because I just can't believe how much stuff they buy, seemingly without any guilt or questioning. One of the reasons you are my favourite internet makeup guru, is that (aside from your talent), realize that it is not entirely necessary to have all the high-end products to create a good look. I personally have lots of the basics now, and I find there is plenty I can do with that. I'm sure that even if you have put yourself on a spending freeze, you will continue to create some new and original looks with what you have. Thanks again!

  34. Anonymous5:38 pm

    hey julia,
    you know most makeup gurus on youtube just buy and buy and buy makeup and do so many friggin reviews on them it makes me wonder how human they really are.
    especially with these videos and all, i always found myself HOPING i could use hudreds of dollars on makeup every month.
    but the recession does keep me from my dreams haha.
    you should def. talk about whatever you want more often on this blog. i feel that your blog is called misschievous and not BEAUTY BLOG.
    be more open girll!! i love you!!!

  35. Anonymous9:20 pm

    I live in Romania and i feel really good that you wrote about this.Thank you for making us famous lol :)