7 Aug 2009

Young Hollywood Loose Wavy Curls with a flat iron

In this video I show you how to achieve those loose, natural looking waves that are so popular in Hollywood right now, for example Blake Lively from Gossip Girls, or Kate Beckinsale. For this look I used the GHD IV Styler, which is available here (link). However, if you don't have a GHD or can't afford to buy one, try it with your regular 1" straightening iron. The GHD just works really well for this. This video shows how you can get voluminous, stylish curls without a curling iron or hot rollers!

Special Promotion: Use the coupon code TWIST at check-out for the GHD and you'll receive a curling iron from La Angelique at no extra cost!

For long lasting curls, use a hair spray at the end to set the look.

Link to the video


  1. I love her hair!

  2. I tried this and I love it! I does do exactly what you say it does! the only problem is my hair is super long! but I do love it thanks to you <3

  3. your hair looks amazing!

  4. At first I was thinking how are the curls going to work but my oh my - beautiful! I have a GHD Salon styler the largest flat iron. I am going to give this a go!! May not be as easy as it doesn't have the rounded edges.
    Awesome music! Which reminds me, next Back to Mine music download - please!! :) xx

  5. beautiful!! can this 'looseness' be achieved with regular curling iron?

  6. Your hair looks amazing - super super gorgeous. I am in shock. I have had the ghd for like years and never realised the amazing looks you can do with this - aside from making my hair perfectly stick straight. My hair is only shoulder length at the moment but I am going to try this look soon!! I love your tutorials - thank you so much!!

  7. Such a natural beauty and the hair is gorgeous too! :)

  8. eleonora6:21 pm

    when is the article about you coming out?? I'm excited!!!


  9. omg this is amazing .. my hair is naturally curly so i would not need to do this but i straighten my hair quite alot so i think when i have my hair straight i might give this a go :) xx thank you :) x

    ♥ ♥