5 Aug 2009

Product Rant: Garnier Ultra Mild Shampoo

Wow this product absolutely sucks! I have to say I usually buy high-end professional salon shampoos and conditioners such as Wella System Professional or L'Oreal Professionel, but lately I've been on a bit of a budget and resorting to drugstore shampoos. *ugh* My hair hates me for it already.

The latest horror story is a shampoo I actually thought might be decent: it contains nut oils which I thought might be nice and soothing on my dry ends. The scent is a nice peach smell, but this shampoo is awful! At first I liked the oils that seemed to be helping out my dry ends, but after a couple weeks of use I have the most disgusting oil build-up on my scalp! Yesterday I washed my hair and once it air dried, I realized my roots were still completely greasy and my ends were drier and frizzier than ever. My hair feels oily, dull and lifeless, and dry and brittle on the ends. It doesn't even feel clean. Even worse, the peach perfume caused my scalp to get itchy and brought on dandruff. NASTY!

Is there any somewhat decent drugstore shampoo and conditioner without a harsh chemical perfume and that doesn't cause horrible build up? I've tried L'Oreal, Pantene, Timotei, Garnier - they all suck! I should just invest the necessary 40 Swiss Franks for my beloved professional Wella shampoo and conditioner. Everytime I revert back to drugstore shampoo to save some money, I regret it big time. *sigh*


  1. Can you get Aussie hair products over there? I think they're a good price and good quality. (:

  2. Nicole11:33 pm

    Try Herbal Essences!

  3. I don't know if you have Aussie or Tresemme there, but those are my two staples. If I'm not loving those, I'll buy Biolage every now and then too, but it's expensive.

  4. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Herbal essences has very great Shampoos and Conditioners.

  5. My hairdresser said that Pantene and Garnier are silicone bombs as well as Nivea. He said (even though it's very cheap) that Schauma isn't that bad.

    The new drugstore-"salon"-brand Syoss is ok (not more) but I don't know how it helps with dry ends because I have oily hair.

    I like John Frieda because it doesn't make my hair feel heavy even when I am using only this shampoo and the matching conditioner for a few weeks in a row.
    Every other drugstore shampoo I have tried made my hair feel heavy after a while *yuck*.

    But now I am on a budget too and I am switching between Syoss and John Frieda.
    The only bummer is that John Frieda is way to expensive in Europe for what it is. :(

    1. Skip the John Frieda. My hair is in neither extreme camp of dry nor oily but the JF makes my thin fine hair way too dry and frizzy. Would that be the necessity for the silicone anti-frizz product?

  6. Oh no!! I can't use anything but Tresemme. It seems that every time I switch, my hair starts falling out! I'm not sure if they sell it in the Swiss drugstores but I'd give it a shot.

  7. Have you tried any of the new Herbal Essences shampoos? I've heard their formulas have improved. I'd maybe try the Got2B ones, I use the Got2B styletini tipsy hair silkener and it's awesome, so maybe the shampoos and conditioners are decent as well.

  8. versuch's mal mit guhl ... shampoo, spülung und haarkur kosten dann zusammen so 17 euro ... also nicht die welt :) und das shampoo ist ein konzentrat ... echt prima :) mir hat es immer gefallen ... momentan benutz ich aber alverde ^^

  9. Yeah, I would say Herbal Essences, as well!

  10. Right now I'm using Aussie for long hair, the name is something like luscious long hair, and It really goes very well, combined with my Tresemme conditioner. I also have Aussie Miracle conditioner leave-in for my dry ends when it's dry and I don't want to wash my hair to preserve my roots. They both can be bought at drugstores in UK (I don't know the availability in Switzerland) and Tresemme is a affordable "professional" line, so, I always get better results. Instead of going for a shampoo that can care for your ends, try to get an extra moisturising conditioner and specially a leave-in, so you can spray whenever and wherever you need it. Another drugstore brand that I used to go for a while ago is Pantene. Hope this help! and I love your grocery shop tour :D You could do a house/flat tour or show old pictures, would be interesting. Take care x x Thais

  11. It's so funny that L'Oreal owns almost everything but there is no consistency. Redken, Garner all of it the same company but no quality control! I try everything and I have never found anything that is the end all and be all for my very dry hair. Tresemme has pretty good conditioners however I tend to use coconut oil on top of that to give y curly hair some moisture!

    Good luck! If you find a great drug store brand I would love to hear about it!!

  12. I have found that with hair care-you get what you pay for. Some people can get away with using store brand products and I envy them. I finally learned that after trying store brand product after sore brand product, which all made my hair awful, I could have saved money if I had brought the products I know that work- I use Redken and Paul Mitchell, in the beginning.

  13. Caroleene1:23 am

    I am also used to more expensive shampoos and I was pleasantly surprised by Dop "shampooing doux 2 en 1 à l'amande douce".

  14. I really like Dove shampoo - any one for dry hair. It doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is less harsh than Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Pantene made my hair feel like straw but when I switched to Dove, it got so much softer.

  15. Anonymous1:28 am

    I'll be honest, the best product for me is L'oreal Kids shampoo in Blurberry or Strawberry smoothie. http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemID=7192/L_Oreal_Kids_Shampoo-_Strawberry_Smoothie/L_Oreal/Shampoo

    Hope it works, Stephanie

  16. herbel essences or dove?

  17. Invest the 40 swiss franks.... LOL! I am always disappointed when I use the chemist brands, I have the same problems as you. I think it's because they are placing an ingredient in them to make your hair greasier and ends frizzier so you wash more frequently and use more of the product ;). Anyway, I always manage to break the bank and go back to the high end products. My hair thanks me for it and my man always comments on how shiny it is! :)

  18. I used Herbal Essences for years without any problem. Then I switched to Organics and hell broke loose! I used L'oreal Professionnel for a long time, until they discontinued my shampoo and I was forced to switch to the salon Schwarzkopf. Spend the extra money and get something from the salon, if you buy the 1.5L bottles, it is so much cheaper than any single drugstore shampoo! My 1.5L L'oreal Sebo control costed around 25€, but lasted for at least 10months. Can't beat that :)

  19. Wow, that's a terrible experience. And, I recently had a terrible encounter with a drug store body wash.

    It's hard to recommend a shampoo and conditioner that is readily available to you, since I am in the States (Miami, FL). Aussie has worked well for me over the years, and Garnier wasn't too bad. But, I think formulas vary country to country, regardless of what the company actually says. I personally had an experience with a great shampoo, which was not so great out of the country.

    Anyway, have you tried Aussie? I'm curious to see what your thoughts are. I use Redken on a regular basis, the difference in the body, shine, and healthiness of my hair is so evident. If you have access to Redken, I'd say try it and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

  20. Electric Emma ;) :

    I tried Herbal Essences so many times from friend recommendations, and I cannot stand that shampoo. It does to me what Julia described above, my hair doesn't feel clean, it looks/feels greasy, it was one of the worst shampoo experiences I've ever had (including hotel shampoo!!)

    So odd how drastic the difference is between those who favor and disfavor products.

  21. Anonymous2:23 am

    I love Sunsilk! It really helps my hair, but I don't know if its available in Switz. However, I still can't get rid of the friz in my hair. The only shampoo that did that was NEXXUS, and thats actually a bit expensive.

  22. Try Biolage! It's a little pricy but its probably cheaper than the salon brands and it works wonders.

  23. Are able to get Inecto Products?
    I believe they are originally from the UK and retail quite cheap here. I love the Inecto Pure Coconut oil shampoo and conditioner. I also use their treatment and shine spray (when I can get a hold of it!)
    My hair is generally unbelievably dry from so my colouring but I really like these products.


  24. I really like John Frieda products and lately I've been using and happy with Aveeno's new shampoo and conditioners.

  25. You don't happen to have Burt's Bees, Jason Naturals, Kiss My Face, or Avalon Organics over there, do you? I absolutely love Avalon Organics' hair care line. It's a bit on the pricier side for a drugstore brand, but still less expensive than salon brands.

    I'm trying to restore my hair to its former glory and have been doing the conditioner only method for the past two weeks. Sounds gross, but most conditioners still have small amounts of detergent, so hair still gets clean. It's just a matter of getting used to the lack of suds. I've been washing my hair every other day with a cheap, generic (Suave)conditioner and so far I'm seeing less frizz and less hair in the tub drain after showers. Avalon's Lemon Clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of build up. I'm liking the results, but we shall see in a month or two if my hair decides to go dry on me for over conditioning instead.

  26. Ruthie2:52 am

    If you can, then totally get Aussie mega shampoo+frizz ease! My hair is awful, but I tried that and my hair looks half way normal =)

  27. My vote go to Herbal Essences too :) the Hello Hydration and the Totally twisted line are amazing! plus they are so cheap

  28. I'm seconding the Aussie shampoo and Conditioner. I have fine, stick straight hair that's genetically an oil slick if I go a day without washing it and I've been using a combo of Aussie's Cleanse & Mend Shampoo and Aussie's Aussome Volume Conditioner for two years. My hair gets product build up like you wouldn't believe but I've had no product build up with the Aussie.

  29. Anonymous4:13 am

    My boyfriend has quite long hair and he uses Schauma Volumenshampoo for a few weeks now(that one with the green packaging). It made his hair a lot softer and less dry. So if it works for someone who combs his hair with the wiriest, spikiest brush I've ever seen and blow dries it almost daily, it must be pretty good I think ;)

    GlissKur Liquid Silk conditioner and Swiss-O-Par Haarspitzenfluid worked great on my dry ends.

    Hope this is helpful! ;)

  30. My stylist recently recommended I go to the local beauty supply store (Sally's here) and look for the generic lines of the higher end brands. It's what they use in the salon and the perfumes aren't too much (most of the time). Plus, the price is barely more than typical drugstore brands. I haven't tried any yet, but thought that might be just another alternative you could try. :) Good luck!

  31. Well darn, I posted a comment but it's not loading. :( I had recommended trying the local beauty supply store (Sally's for me). My stylist recommended it, since that's where the local salons get their wash basin products (and they're not expensive). Good luck!!

  32. Yep, Garnier Fructis did the same thing to my hair, and it was SO bad that I had to go to the hairdressers and it took them TWO times to strip the oil build up out of my roots. Luckily, they didn't charge me for it, because my hair is THAT bad.

    Personally, I use Pantene, but seeing how that is on your not-to-use list, I really recommend Dove. Cheap, and it's better than the rest.

  33. You know whats insanely cheap but awesome VO5's Passion Fruit Smoothie Shampoo and Conditioner from there Moisture Milk Collection.They don't contain any silicones either. I tried them out because of the wonderful reviews on MakeUpAlley i was skeptical at first because they are so cheap but they are truly amazing. Read up on it and see what you think. and by the way i hate the herbal essence shampoos and conditioners they never work well for me:(

  34. I love Pantene, the high-up formula, not the dinky ones.

    But Aussie's GREAT, either the hair additives or shampoo/conditioenr.

  35. Anonymous6:06 am

    I think Aussie smell very good, and the conditioner makes your hair very soft. I have dry scalp, so i use tree tea oil shampoo and conditioner, they dont smell all that great, but the after feeling of my hair is amazing. It feel naturally straight and combed out.

  36. Anonymous6:22 am

    I'm allergic to most every shampoo and conditioner on the drugstore shelves and in high end salons due to their addition of scents, but have managed to find two fairly inexpensive and non-offensive scented shampoos, Prell and Suave Daily Clarifying, that do not strip my hair and clean it thorougly. I do however use MoroccanOil daily. Keeps my hair moisturized and it is never greasy. It is simply the best hair product I've ever purchased.

  37. Girl! You need to try Head n Shoulders! It may not be very feminine in scent but it makes up with awesome hair care. And why not stick to plain ol' Neutrogena?

  38. Garnier has the worst overall products ever.

    Aussie or Dove has worked best with all different hair types in my family.

  39. Try John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette shampoos! I have fine brown hair and it works great for me! They have products for light brown hair (Haselnuss bis Kastanie) and dark brown hair (Schokolade bis Espresso) and I use both shampoo and conditioner for light brown hair! I don't know, maybe you want to give those a try!

  40. Anonymous10:09 am

    i use dr fisher shampoo

  41. Anonymous12:23 pm

    The only drugstore item that works for me is Garnier Fructis Strength&Repair Fortifying Deep Conditioner (I think it's the equivalent product, mine has the label in Spanish, ahem...)I do not love the scent, I HATE the matching shampoo and regular conditioner, but the deep conditioner leaves my over-processed, dry, butt-length hair manageable and soft. Slightly greasy product I guess, but I don't apply it on my roots. I apply it on the part of the hair that would hang out of a ponytail, I don't know if that's understandable...

    As for shampoos, I hate them all. I use a local supermarket brand that is actually pretty good. But that is not very useful to you...

  42. hey julia,

    ich kann sabina nur zustimmen: versuch' es mit guhl (das gibt es doch sicherlich bei euch in der schweiz). eine gute freundin von mir ist friseurmeisterin und hat mir mal gesagt, dass guhl das einzige drogeriemarkt shampoo ist, was mit professionellen salonprodukten vergleichbar ist, weil es nicht voll von silikonen, weichmachern, glanzpartikeln etc ist!

    sag unbedingt bescheid, wenn du ein gutes, billiges shampoo gefunden hast! mein geliebtes redken-set ist mir manchmal auch zu teuer!

    lg lisa

  43. Anonymous1:14 pm

    I must say I live in Australia and I have never seen the brand aussie here. Must be something that is only available in US I think. I have long hair to my waist and I have just recently changed to drugstore brands, and I hate them all. I will be going back to my my old brand. Good luck

  44. Have you tried Fructis? There stuff is full of fruit oils and works well on my hair. Just don't get the colour range ones - I am using the blonde right now and it's no good! But their normal ones are very good. My faves are nutri repair and long and sleek. Although, bear in mind I have curly dry fine hair, so maybe the best one for you would be the 'normal' one.

  45. The trick I use with drugstore shampoos: mix them. Never use just one at once. Also, you have to follow the following steps:
    -Wet hair with warmest water you can stand;
    -Shampoo 1 until it's all lathered;
    -Rinse after 3-5 minutes (still with warm water)
    -Shampoo 2
    -Use a little conditioner if needed (probably required if you have split ends)
    -Rinse with warm water, then switch to coldest water you can stand until your hair is cold.
    -Squeeze water out, sponge hair with your towel, then wrap the towel around your hair and head and wear for about 30 minutes before doing anything else with your hair. If you can wear it longer, it's even better because this process lets your hair gain moisture. I usually just go to sleep like that and comb my hair the next morning (which you shouldn't do if your hair is naturally frizzy, mine is really straight with a slight tendency towards waving...)

  46. Michelle2:21 pm

    I can't help you, have used l'oreal professionel for years and never switched back to drugstore brands...

  47. Really ? You didn't like it?
    Since I was a baby my mom used on me that same brand but for blond hair the one with chamomile, and 19 years latter I still love it! It's does wonder for my hair, Ultra Suave(in Portuguese) is my go to brand every two months!
    Nivea also does wonderful shampoos and Herbal essences too! The ones I don't like are Pantene \:

  48. ich kann dir auch nur den tipp geben den mir mein friseur gab. die schauma oil intense pflegeserie ist echt super und dann noch so spottbillig =)bin mehr als zufrieden damit und meine freunde nutzen es auch und freuen sich über den tipp. nach der ersten anwendung hab ich direkt gespürt wie glatt und weich meine haare wurden.ich hab das shampoo, die spülung und das fluid und kanns nur weiterempfehlen.

  49. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Have you tried the brand Organix? i love the brand, their products smell amazing and they really clean your hair.

  50. Anonymous6:20 pm

    My hair has never reacted well to Garnier products :(

    I don't know if its avail. where you live but John Fredia's Root Awakening line is amazing!

    Also I just started using coconut oil as a overnight treatment, its wonderful!! (dont use a ton though!) It's the only thing that's worked really well for my damaged hair.

  51. Chandni6:24 pm

    I don't know about the shampoos, but I use Herbal Essence conditioner and I absolutely love them! I see some negative reviews up there but I guess it works for some and not for others...

    But they do have a new line out for all different types of hair:

    hope you find something that works

  52. Marina10:42 pm

    Ich habe meine Haar gesund geplegt mit Silikonfreien Shampoos - früher habe ich nur Wella Professional, Redken, L'Oréal etc. benutzt... (Fast) alles Mist!

    Was wirklich richtig glänzende, nicht ausgetrocknete Haar macht ist meine absolute Lieblingskur und -conditioner in einem: http://server2.gs-shop.de/200/cgi-bin/shop.dll?AnbieterID=5617&Seite=frameset.htm&PKEY=17BF

    Als tägliche Reinigung + Pflege nehme ich nur noch Alverde (gibt es in Deutschland beim DM - ist ja nicht so weit weg von der Schweiz ;-)).
    Probiers mal aus, wenn du die Möglichkeit dazu hast.

  53. Marina10:44 pm

    Was ich vergessen habe: ich habe noch so viele Komplimente für meine Haare bekommen... es lohnt sich also! :-)

  54. You could try going sulfate-free with shampoo. Sulfates are the really lathery stuff in shampoo and using them over time will cause your scalp to overproduce oils because the sulfates strip all of the natural oils from your hair. Use of sulfate shampoos can also lead to dry ends. Going sulfate free doesn't work for everyone, but I've noticed very positive results for my hair since going sulfate free.

    I also use a non-silicone conditioner as well since silicone can build up under the hair cuticle and lead to limp, lifeless hair.

    I currently use Dr Bronner's Magic Soap for my hair wash product, and Mane 'n Tail conditioner. Dr Bronner's is only available in the states as far as I know but you can order it online. Mane N' Tail is based out of Britain so I imagine you could get it in Switzerland. If you Google "sulfate free shampoos" the very first link (to a Blogspot, no less) has a great article on going sulfate-free as well as a long list of sulfate-free shampoo.

  55. Anonymous11:57 pm

    I dont know if they have the Burts Bees line there- but their shampoo/conditioners are great and natural. You might like them a lot and their very inexpensive.

  56. Anonymous1:14 am

    i recomend Herbal Essences too... I have very sensitive scalp and i also have very dry ends and it's hard for me to find a shampoo that makes my hair look great and that doesn't make me alergies and of all of the ones that i tried (almost every drugstore shampoo available on Portugal) those which i think that are better are Herbal Essences (the blue one which is for dry hair and smells really good) and the Revlon Flex...

  57. michellen1:41 am

    i heard john freida was good, dont know if you can get it over there though?

  58. Anonymous4:52 am

    hi, i dont know if anyone mentioned this yet, but i love aussie shampoo and conditioner. seems to really work for dry ends too! you should definitely give it a try;)

  59. I like Aussie "Opposites Attract" It's amazing! I use a lot of heat on my hair, and I lighten my hair as well. Aussie helps to keep my hair feeling virgin. You should definitely try it.

  60. I'm using the Aussie products right now and they're great. You can also try getting a conditioning treatment just for the tips so you won't end up with greasy roots. I know you can buy packets in the U.S. at the drugstores.

  61. When I have to cheap out on hair products (my fav is Ojon & Bumble and Bumble)I sacrifice shampoo. I can't seem to sacrifice conditioner.

    I have to think of it this way-do I waste more money on drugstore junk trying to find something decent, or do I just save up and buy the decent stuff?

    Since my hair is wavy and tends to frizz I try to use the "heavy conditioning treatments" as a daily conditioner when I'm stuck with drugstore brands.

  62. Raven8:27 am

    I always use Dove now.. I have tried loads of different brands and I have found that my hair likes Dove best.. they do have shampoos and conditioners for different hairs types which is always handy.. they also do deep conditioning products which is great for my hair as the ends are very dry do to colouring.

    I hope you find a product that works for you.. I know how hard that can be.

  63. omg Garnier is the absolute worst. i wish their products worked because they're sooooo cheap and they're always on sale on top of being cheap... but yeah, they suck.

  64. Julia - I really love Japanese hair products. I used to live in Japan and I have tried a lot of the brands out there. If I were you I would try ASIENCE (grey coloured bottle) or Kose SALON STYLE Moist Keep SPA Conditioner (funky yellow bottle). I order mine from www.sasa.com and it is free shipping (even for heavy stuff like shampoos/conditioners) if you spend over $75 US. I live in Australia and have been ordering it from sasa for 2 years!

    Otherwise, I would go for earlier advice and just spend a lot of money on the really huge bottles of salon shampoo/conditioner. If your hair is used to using really good products, it will be very difficult!! Good luck! (Btw I used to use Keraste and then changed to the Kose product - and although Keraste was better - the Kose stuff wasn't too bad!)

  65. Anonymous10:33 am

    Try dulgon. It's super good. I have it for my greasy hair and it work perfectly. It does wash your hair properly but you will also need a conditioneer that will suit your hair.

  66. hmmm, da ich dank sehrsehr langer haare (bis zum po) ein ähnliches problem habe und mit drogeriemarkt-zeug auch nie klargekommen bin, hab ich einen versuch mit festem shampoo von lush gemacht. und ich muss sagen, ich bin rundum zufrieden. ich habe kastanienbraune haare und verwende deswegen reincarnate.

    sie haben dort auch noch andere feste shampoos, schau am besten einfach mal auf deren website (www punkt lush com), was dir dort zusagt. ich finde die klasse. auch die conditionier waren für mich persönlich eine offenbarung. angefangen hab ich mit jungle solid, aber das aufbringen dauert bei meiner matte einfach zu lange. jetzt hab ich retread, und der ist auch super, macht wunderbar weiche haare mit super griff und riecht nicht zu aufdringlich. das kann ich nämlich nicht ausstehen.

    allerdings kann ich zur frisierbarkeit der haare nix sagen, weil ich meine matte entweder offen oder mnit barett-spange trage, wenn sie frisch gewaschen sind, oder in einem tomb-raider-mäßigen flechtzopf. ob die lush-produkte also die haare beschweren oder so - ich weiß es nicht.
    preise sind nicht billig, aber mmn moderat genug, zumal grade das shampoo wirklich ewig hält.

    na denn, ich wünsche viel erfolg!

    herzliche grüße von frau hühnerschreck

  67. Kristy4:19 pm

    Hi! I completely know what you mean, i have a sensitive scalp and a lot of drugstore shampoo and conditioners have chemicals that dry out the scalp causing it to irritate and get really itchy. That is why i do not suggest to use drugstore shampoo/conditioner products but it doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on salon products because i will tell you about a natural product in a bit.
    In the past couple of weeks my scalp got so itchy and irritated i could not sleep because it was way too itchy! I really do not suggest drugstore shampoo and conditioners because they all contain silicone which coats the hair making it appear silky and smooth but it can start to build up on the hair and causing the hair to become heavy, greasy and dull.
    I got a good home remedy though to remove all that product buildup - using apply cidar vinegar, yes it really works. You can search it up, my friend used to use Tresemme a cheap drugstore brand and her hair was greasy and heavy. I told her about apply cidar vinegar as a clarifier each week and her hair looks so much healthier again. It will also help your scalp feel better!
    Here is some simple steps: http://www.ehow.com/how_4480406_rinse-hair-apple-cider-vinegar.html

    I go to Beautyheaven.com it is a Australian beauty site - almost like makeupalley but beautyheaven is australian. A lot of the people raved so much about a brand called 'Moogoo' it is all natural and it is perfect for those with sensitive skin or problem skin. I had to buy it because my scalp was so itchy. If you want to read the forum about Moogoo, please do! You will not regret it! http://www.beautyheaven.com.au/forums/20/topics/3467
    I have to say, i am SO glad i got this product - my scalp is so much healthier and my hair is so soft and silky. It is all natural and smells good, it does not contain nasty chemicals like those sold in the supermarket - please check the site, they do ship international. They are amazing products, i really hope you try it out because i know for sure i am not here to advertise but to share my experience. I really would love you to let me know if you ever try out any of Moogoo's products. If you are curious of the site here it is, please check it out! : http://www.moogoo.com.au/

    Thankyou! My user on youtube is Freshpetalz, you can contact me there if you try it out thank you. =D

  68. I third (or fourth? or maybe even fifth... lost count) the recommendation on John Frieda brilliant brunette. The frizz series one didn't impress me at all though.

  69. Anonymous3:26 am

    I've been using Garnier Fructis for a couple of months now, and it works WONDERFUL on my hair. I have really curly and dry hair, and it keeps it very smooth and shiny.

    All my friends with dry curly hair use Garnier Fructis, and we all agree is THE BEST product we've ever used for our type of hair

    Now I'm going to start using Sunsilk. My aunt gave them to give as a gift, and I'm going to give it a shot.

  70. Silvrpanthr5:05 am

    I swear by Redken and Matrix. After years of switching from drugstore brand to drugstore brand, I finally broke down and bought some expensive salon stuff. I use less which makes a bottle last longer and my super processed hair is remarkably healthy and silky again. The money you spend trying cheap brands over and over adds up to the cost of a good brand very quickly. You might as well just bite the bullet and buy something worthwhile!

  71. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Herbal Essences Glanz Shampoo und Conditioner, super Duft, Haare sehr gut stylebar, nie plattgedrückt oder öliges Gefühl wie du es beschreibst (auch nicht nach Dauerbenutzung). Bis jetzt das EINZIGE Shampoo mit dem ich tadelos zurechtkomme (habe schon einiges durchprobiert, auch high end). Die Volumenserie (orange Flaschen) sind auch gut, allerdings pflegt diese nicht so...Build up Probleme hatte ich mit der blauen Serie (Feuchtigkeitsshampoo).
    Nicht schlecht finde ich auch das Honig Shampoo von Elvive (ElVital)

  72. I don't know where you're located in the world, Julia. Maybe Switzerland or Germany, perhaps? But if these products are available to you, try them, because they've been great for me. I love using Tresseme Moisture Plus Shampoo+Conditioner, also any Mizani or Design Essentials Shampoo+Conditioners,or other products. Design Essential products are infused with nutrients and conditioners in the Shampoo and has other products that are great to use also.

  73. Try Herbal Essences or Garnier Fructis products...they are fantastic in my eyes!

  74. I had to come back to this review and mention that I recently tried Fruitopia Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I have never heard of this brand or shampoo before, but the packaging was a nice bright yellow, and the description seemed like the product might be decent. I've been on a bit of a budget as well, and decided to check this out. WOW! What a horrible, terrible, absolute waste of money. The way I described this product was the same way you did above, my roots felt greasy even after a thorough lather with this shampoo and conditioner. The top of my hair didn't seem to dry properly, and dried hard as if I had put products in it. Also, the highlights in my hair look dull and faded, compared to when I use Redken. I felt like I had a sticky scalp and small amounts of dandruff I could feel running my fingers through my hair. Even my boyfriend noticed the difference in texture. DO NOT BUY THIS SHAMPOO! IT SUCKS!

    I totally level with you on this. And, thank you for giving me the heads up on Garnier.

  75. Have you tried Schwarzkopf products? I'm a french girl and I live near Deutschland. I buy Schwarzkopf shampoo in Deutschland and they are fantastic for drugstore products. And the best is Schwarzkopf Professional, perfect for my long hair! (sorry for my english but my deutsch is worst)

  76. Herbal Essences ist wirklich genial! Musst du wirklich ausprobieren, es gibt so viele unglaubliche tolle spezifisch ausgewiesene Shampoos für zum Beispiel trockene Haare, und sie helfen wirklich extrem gut!
    Sie riechen total gut! probiers einfach mal aus :)

  77. Anonymous5:07 pm

    I don't know if it's available in Switzerland (I live in Germany), but Murnauer's Totes Meer shampoo is very gentle (it has no colours or fragrance), cleans well, doesn't dry the hair, and it's inexpensive (around 2 euros a bottle).

  78. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Neutrogena Triple Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner work amazingly well for drugstore products. I am a hairdresser in the U.S. & got a little color crazy late one night and found myself in desperate need of a good conditioner when the beauty supply wasnt open. I purchased the Conditioner and the Leave in conditioner and know they helped rescue my too bleached ends. I was so impressed that I went and bought the shampoo too, and now switch back and forth with my salon shampoos every month or too. The shampoo doesnt have much of a lather, but shampoos dont need that to cleanse well. My skin tends to the sensative, and plenty of hair products give me itchy dry scalp (including my fancy ones) but the Neutrogena never has. As you well know body chemistrys vary so something thats great for me might not work for you, good luck.

  79. I try tresseme and is much better. I buy Fekkai shampoo por color care, Fekai full volume and oscar blandi for alternanza as is a gentle exfolating.
    Also I try Kielh's for volume. With all this brand shampoos I expect tat my hair will feel, see and change much better. Really dispointed.

    What do you think about them? Anyone have try it yet?

  80. Savannah C10:36 am

    I'm not sure of what products are available to you, but in the US Target stores they sell this fairly inexpensive organic brand called Giovanni. I adore almost every product I have purchased from the line (I've bought quite a few). It's sulfate/fragrance/paraben free and my hair feels perfectly balanced and silky. I however would not reccommend their shampoo specialized for brunette hair; it caused a strange build-up. Good luck on your budget shampoo mission though! I know what you mean by most drugstore shampoos being crap. Again, the more inexpensive natural/organic brands seem to be the only place I can find decent shampoo.

  81. Happend that...every single hair is different...
    and it's so hard to said what kind of shampoo you need....and i think that any shampoo that we recommend you it's going to works....since your hair is used it to professional products.

    I don't know...but for i know pantene doesn't work for people who lives in Europe. (im panamenian) Pantene is so wonderful with my hair...and i don't know if is something youknow related that i don't use any chemical products (besides the shampoo....and other stuff that i can't remember) and if i use another one....i don't feel any difference hehehehe!!

    the only thing that i can said to you....because you are more senior in this camp is that if you want to try a drugstore shampoo....try to use it...at least at month until the hair get used to it. (im sorry my english is not that good, broken one!) And....i don't know if you can mix products....that is not from the same brand of the shampoo but try that...(i do that all the time!) it's the only thing that i can suggest right now.

    I love your tutorials....and you are very pretty i bet that you look the same without make up....im interest in make up now...im 22 and i never try before....im girly but im simple! hahaha i never cared about looking good until now ! the only question that i want to ask is that the makeup that you teach can be use for all skin colors...? because my skin is very tropical!!! and...use to much make up makes look like too heavy, so i prefer light one...! but still-....

    Thanks!!! ^^ smile!

  82. Hi! We have a phrase here in our country, which is (in rough translation): I'm not so reach that I could afford buying cheap stuff.
    My humble opinion is: if you know about a good shampoo and it works for you, maybe you should sacricife that extra money and continue buying it, because buying various drugstore shampoos and then throwing away half full bottles and bitching about it - in a long run you could spend more money this way, or even, throwing it away :)
    Anyway, I have thin, greasy hair, and the only drugstore shampoo I like is the one from Alverde (olive&henna). It is also very high ranked by the Oeko test. You can buy it at DM drugstores. And yes, it is extremely cheap, not more than 2 Euros :)

  83. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Hey there Lather Friends,
    OK here's the deal-- I tried everything. Literally. Bath and Body (not bad stuff for shampoo), Prell, Suave (yuck), Garnier (triple yuck), Aussue, Dove, yadda yadda..I switch a lot but I hate products, I wash and blow dry and go. So right now, I'm trying Vo5 Passion Smoothie which doubles as a kickass body wash. I washed my hair today and brushed it out, no conditioner, and it feels aiight! It even feels cleaner than when I tried Neutrogena Anti-Residue. I have wavy, fine hair but I have a lot of it, so sometimes it's mistaken for thick except by stylists who know hair. Anyway, this shampoo smells awesome and leaves your skin really soft, not like body washes that kill skin with petro and silicone. And I checked the ingredients; no cones in this 'poo. So I don't think there's a lot of build up. Also, chicas, salon shampoo aren't miracles from God. Like overpriced skin cream, salon shampoo is a sham-diddy! Believe me, I speak from experiece. My skin care, by the way, is under $10 all the way! I look fine.
    Check out the Vo5 if you want a quick bubble bath or wash or 'poo!
    take care gorgeous people :)

  84. Anonymous3:05 am

    Try St. Ives, it's awesome. Or invest on a solid shampoo from LUSH. They last forever, so it's really worth the money you pay for it.


  85. Yseult4:17 pm

    "Or invest on a solid shampoo from LUSH. They last forever, so it's really worth the money you pay for it. "

    I was just about to say the same thing. ;-) Godiva and Karma are giving Kerastase a run for their money. And... it's all vegan in case you have supersensitive hair conc. Silicone and Glycerine.

  86. There's is nothing out there compared with the professional products. Only a few bio products, but they are just as expensive.

  87. Anonymous8:10 pm

    I mix Mastercuts Vitamin C shampoo and Vo5 kiwi clarifying and my hair feels clean. I tried Aussie Volume and wow, it did make my hair stick out, but the thing is, it felt like unnaturally thick, as if there was either something coating my hair OR overcleaning it. I heard two stories: one person said volume shampoos coat the hair making it seem thicker, and the other person said they act as clarifying shampoos. Anyone know what the truth might be? I liked how Aussie made my hair squeak, and I know you should switch shampoos, but even though it was clean the next day, it felt strange, as in the texture. And my curls were gone. I have wavy hair, not too thick but definitely not overly fine. Anyone have the same experience with Aussie? I also hate Suave naturals line. They make my hair disgusting, as in dirty and slimy.

  88. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Syoss products are good and not expensive. ( i think )
    They have good shampoos and conditioners.
    Regarding Garnier, my sister uses Garnier Fructis color resist shampoo and conditioner and it's fine.
    Her head doesn't itch or whatever.
    Which product is good for your hair depends of the quality of your hair and your type of skin.
    Every person has different ph value.
    I use to use Pantene and Head & Shoulders and my hair was falling off and i had dandruff.
    So i changed to Garnier and it was ok for two years, but my skin got saturated and i changed shampoo and conditioner.
    Also, don't mix different products that is not always good or maybe never.

  89. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Hey there. Dont know if this site is still open but walgreens and amazon have two products I LOVE. Prell shampoo, classic and concentrate, and Sunny Smile ocean wave conditioner, which is the store brand. You can order these online. Prell cleans AWESOMELY for hair and skin, and the ocean wave condish, which I found randomly, is great because I love to saturate my hair after a good scrubbing. Both have nice fragrances, no cones, no proteins, etc. The condish has cet-alcohol, glycerin, aloe and panthenol. It has become my favorite. Walgreens also has a citrus condish if you prefer, same brand. I seem to stumble on these things out of nowhere, but I swear by them. Best of all, they're cheap-but behave expensively. :)