25 Aug 2009

Products I'm using right now - August 2009

This seems to be a popular tag going around right now and I wanted to participate! All the products I'm currently using and enjoying.

Shampoo: Rausch Weidenrinde shampoo (so soothing!)
Conditioner: L'Oreal Elseve for Colored hair
Styling products: currently none, I need a haircut
Shower Gel: Palmolive Tahiti Ylang Ylang (love this scent!)
Body moisturiser: Bebe Body Lotion for dry skin
Deodorant: Nivea perfume-free roll on
Fake Tan: Gave up, they all look orange and fake on my pale skin
Cleanser: Imagem cleanser from Beautychoice
Exfoliator: Imagem from Beautychoice
Primer: I use my facial moisturizer, Eucerin oil-free spf 15
Foundation brush: Illamasqua blush brush 
Concealer: Ben Nye corrector wheel
Powder: Ben Nye neutral set or MAC Blot powder pressed
Blusher: Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pink pot rouge
Bronzer: Barry M Natural Dazzle
Highlighter: MAC MSF in Blonde
Eyeshadow base: ArtDeco e/s base, MAC Untitled Paint, NYX Jumbo eye pencils
Eyeshadows: MAC Woodwinked, Dazzlelight, Calypso Minerals
Eyeliner: generic gel eyeliners from ebay (I love these)
Curler: Hardly use one anymore thanks to the effects of Lilash!
Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous
Lipstick: MAC Bing Mattene, Illamasqua Maneater
Lipgloss: NYX Smokey Look
Nail Colour: Zoya Isla


  1. I just had to say that they are almost all the same products that I use. I just wanted to check one thing with you. I have been thinking about buying the lilash but, it is expensive and I just wanted to see if it has worked for you.

  2. L'Oreal Elseve for Colored hair? Do you have coloured hair?
    Well, I too was thinking of a haircut yest - will go to Valentino this time around. Where do u go in Bern?

  3. Yay, ich benutze das gleiche Shampoo, habs gerade erst für mich entdeckt und ich liebe es ^

  4. Julia, which is better? Artdeco e/s base or MAC untitled paint? my MAC painterly paintpot is nearing its end and I'm scouting for a new one..my paintpot dried up after a couple of months and I'm reluctant to try another one..thanks! ^_^

  5. Hey Julia!
    I just bought the generic gel eyeliner from Ebay. They are all the same righ? It seems all the same for me (like the 88 and 120 color palette, from the same distributor..)
    How do they behave, comparing with the MAC Fluidline? Thanks!

  6. Snacks: Try the salon "Taj Mahaar", I go to a woman there named Sandra she's very good, very stylish and modern cuts. Although it's been a while for me. I don't actually live in Bern but I work there. I also went to another salon before called "Ops Divina" it's in the Olmo store, Guiseppe was my stylist. He has a long waiting list though and I like Sandra more. But Guiseppe was great for coloring.

    Crystal: I have an eyeshadow base review video on YT that might help you out.

  7. Oh I just saw you stopped by my blog! Thank you! I always wonder how you manage to juggle so many things - work, Youtube, blogging, reading, and of course True Blood..haha! So a person as busy as you visiting and commenting on my blog makes me happy. I too though of making YT videos on food, but then figured it'll be too time consuming, maybe some other time. And food doesn't really get as big as beauty on YouTube. Congratulations on your success..maybe it's time for a make up line of your own!

  8. I've heard lots and lots of good things about L'oreal Voluminous- I personally like Maybelline Colassol Volume Express.

  9. Have you ever buy ArtDeco eyesahdows? I found some last year in Berlin and was pleasantly surprised by their quality. They are quite small but cheap too so I whish I bought more colours ^^

  10. Woodwinked is an amazing color! I went to MAC, not really expecting to buy anything, but ended up falling in love with the shade.

  11. I just ordered three of those gel eyeliners , the white, brown and black. I can't wait for them to arrive!

  12. MissChievous, I love how you do your makeup. I've seen your videos on youtube too. I was just wondering, do you know if it is possible to buy the MAC cosmetic palletes already filled? And where? Thanks!

  13. I like the Nivea deodorant ^^

  14. Great product range. I like your choice and might buy some of the above products.