18 Aug 2009

Makeup Trends Fall 2009: Berry Lipstick

Summer is slowly coming to a close and I'm looking forward to being able to sport some darker, moodier, smokier looks again for the fall season. Not that you can't wear that type of makeup whenever you want, but...you know!

Some of the upcoming fall makeup collections, such as the Nars Lolita and the Dior Jazz Club collections, inspired this look. While I'm not using any of the products from those brands for this tutorial, I used what I had and still managed to come up with a nice fall look. One of the big trends for fall 2009 are cosmetics in rich berry-toned shades, anything from juicy raspberry to burgundy blackberry shades. Lots of nail polishes, lipsticks, lip glosses and lip glazes will be making an appearance from this color family, so I decided to focus this look on deep berry toned lips. Berry colored lips are flattering on pretty much any skintone as they aren't as garish and jarring as bright red lips can be on some people. Try it out!

Illamasqua cream foundation, Nars Amour blush
MAC Untitled Paint, Meilasu cream eyeshadow (forgot the nr.), MAC Subtle pigment, FaceFront e/s in Sweet Soil and Vanilla, Illamasqua Slink e/s, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara, generic brown gel eyeliner from eBay
NYX Grape lipgloss, lip palette from ebay
Essence - Object of Desire

Some inspiration pics...Nars Lolita promo pic, followed by Dior Jazz Club promo pic.

Link to the video tutorial


  1. Gorgeous Look! I love Berry lips on you

  2. Dear Julia!!
    I completely loved this tutorial, as I loved so many in here. You're my make master!! :) Congratulations for your tenderness and love with your audience as always. You have a huge talent!
    I'd like to introduce myself: I'm from Brazil, and I own a blog all about nails and polishes. I'm wondering if I can tell to my audience such beautiful nails you have!!!And all products you use an so on. Your colors polishes choice is amazing!! What's the color at this video, by the way? (sorry for asking but it doesn't on credits)
    Well, thanks for the teaching one more time and keep going!
    Al the best, Dani :**:*

  3. Hi there,
    I love your videos. Keep doing what your doing because its something real beautiful, its more than just makeup its Art :) I hope some day you can have your own TV show or some thing of that sort or maybe your own makeup line that would be good!

  4. Hello Julia!
    Im from Brazil like Dani and i just loooove your blog and videos!
    You are an artist! Im a huuuuuge fan!
    I think that this kind of color make my lips look smaller...so I try to avoid them, but is so beautiful!
    Wish you all the blessings!

  5. Il s'agit d'un très beau look. Mais je ne suis pas encore prête à dire au revoir à l'été. On annonce d'ailleurs 33° degrés demain à Lausanne. J'aime beaucoup le vernis Essence que tu portes. Est-ce qu'il existe encore?

  6. Love your look and the Dior's add... The one from Nars is a bit too much for me. Can not wait to see your vid (YT is not able at work :S)

  7. I love berry lips too. The look you did is gorgeous!!


  8. hey!

    I work in a department store and this look is similar to my everyday look! Hopefully you will help to open peoples opinions about dark lips and eyes!


  9. Julia, Stunning as always! Loved the tutorial and love this look. You such a beautiful girl and you always are so open and honest. You talk to your audience as if they are friends. Due to this approach I always feel I can attempt your looks. Thank you for giving me the confidence to try new things :)

  10. Very pretty on you! I can't pull off any bold lips :-/ but they are always fun to look at!

  11. I love this look on you, and the tutorial was done really well! I've been watching this trend emerge in magazines and such, and I have to say, your rendition is really versatile. Thank you for covering this look! :)

  12. Anonymous12:46 am

    Gorgeous :D

  13. beautiful!
    Julia, where can we purchase Meilasu from? many thanks! ;)

  14. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Hi Julia , would you recommend any dupe for MAC Subtle pigment since it's a limited edition from few years ago and very hard to find now . Cheers

  15. Anonymous1:22 am

    Beautiful shadow!! What cream shadows do you find crease over time on your lid?? And which ones are better for not creasing??



  17. Satin1:44 am

    Is there any similar color lipstick or gloss? cuz I cant find NYX this grape in UK.. help..