24 Aug 2009

Fashion inspired Gothic Makeup

Please do not re-host my pictures without prior permission, or without at least linking back to this blog entry. Image theft is not cool - thanks.

This look was inspired by an editorial fashion spread I spotted in a magazine, where the model was wearing very edgy, gothic, dark makeup. Since some of the upcoming fall collections seem to be focusing on black makeup, for example MAC's Style Black collection, I felt this look would be fitting for those people who love dark, gothic looks. This look is obviously not an everyday, natural, wearable look - but it is fun to do, especially for those people brave enough to sport makeup like this out and about, be it a dark smokey club or even a gothic rock concert. There are many different ways to do gothic makeup - this one is more high fashion inspired.

In the video, the colors on the eyes are hard to see. It is not all black - the edges are dark purple and the lids are burgundy. It comes across more color accurate on these pictures. (I really need to get some better lighting for filming at night *sigh*)

Illamasqua cream foundation, Illamasqua Intrigue Blush, Ben Nye Contour Nr.1 powder
Generic gel eyeliners from ebay, Ben Nye Toast e/s, MAC e/s in Beauty Marked, Mystical Mist, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
MAC Brow pencil in Spiked, MAC Carbon e/s, Margaret Astor clear mascara to set
MAC Velvetella creamstick liner, MAC Bing Mattene lipstick, NYX lipstics in Pandora and Chaos
OPI - We'll Always Have Paris (from the France collection)

Link to my video tutorial

PS: Yes I have an account on vampirefreaks.com under the name of MissChievous, yes it is me! :) Haha


  1. Hey Julia! I was reading this post when i saw this you wrote:
    "Please do not re-host my pictures without prior permission, or without linking back to this blog entry. Image theft is not cool - thanks"
    Oh my god, my heart just bounced. I recently took a picture of you and another of the arabian peacock look and posted in my blog, but the post was about youtube gurus i really like. Despite not having the link closed to the photo, i have it on the text (the youtube account!). The text its in portuguese so i think you cannot understant but i think its all compliments, no hatte at all!Its this ok? Thanks and sorry if it isn't, just say and i remove it!

  2. Thanks for doing this look!
    I have also noticed that the look now is very dark and edgy/almost gothic make-up.
    Now all I need is a pair of leather patent pants :P

  3. Marisa:

    Next time, please ask in advance. That is generally how it is done in blogging. I also saw the link you put to my page is invalid. Please adjust the link. I am flattered you chose me as one of your favorite gurus but would prefer if you asked in advance, or at least had a valid link in. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous5:52 am

    Love. It. - So different to your Trends Fall 2009: Berry Lipstick but once again you've nailed this Gothic look. Love your green eyes and dark lips and the fact that you've incorporated purple and burgundy in the eye shadow. Nails are fab. Would be an awesome look if you were going to The Cure concert!

  5. arghh...Julia, u r one hot gothic chick! EVER!

    althou here, if i try to put it on, people will scream on me. xspecially my mom! haha..

    anyway, as usual. u nailed the look! thumbs!

  6. Jennifer Y,7:14 am

    I really love this look! I've been a huge fan of yours since I first spotted your tutorials on Specktra a couple of years ago. Can't wait to see what you do next...

  7. Absolutely stunning! The purple is wonderful. :)

  8. I love it! I have that nail polish shade but have never worn it. I better dig it out coz it looks amazing

  9. woooooooow
    you look fabulous! I love this make-up!
    good job!

  10. Ups Julia!
    My mistake, the link has an invalid part on it, i'll correct! Now i know, i just tought that if i had the link of the autor's photo on the text, it would be just fine, but the next time i'll ask! Sorry again!

  11. wow amazing!!!!!

  12. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Reaaaaaaalloy weird...I was serious JUST watching your new video with this look and also had JUST signed into my vampirefreaks account and someone posted this:


    in the make-up forum....

    Are you actually on vampirefreaks.com too?

  13. Anonymous5:55 pm

    WOw love the look:)

    dramatically delivered in Pictures:) also in how u did it

    keep it up

  14. I love this look! It's so different and I love experimenting with darker colors. I have to try this one out soon! Thanks, Julia!

  15. just perfect!
    Love the eyelook!!

  16. To Anon:
    Yeah that was me, but now people think I'm a faker. lol

  17. Dude, I'd totally wear this out.
    I'd probably wear this to the office too though, so I'm kind of a bad judge on these types of things.

    I'm so excited that fall previews are all gothy, and MAC's black collecting thing is going to be awesome.
    Black lipgloss ftw.

  18. this is awesome Julia. I haven't done the whole rocker/gothic stuff since I was 18 but I loooove this. Gonna try it next time I go out :)

  19. i love what you do, you should do more..... it helped me for halloween thanks

  20. love this look! the shape is so unique- honestly, I think you could totally wear this out to a club or a party at night!

    I,like many others here, can't wait until fall- pale is back!

  21. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    As usual, wonderful look and tutorial. Thanks for all your work Julia!

  22. Looks really beautiful, should give this a try....:-)

  23. omg love this soo much <33 you rock! x

  24. Loveeeeeee this look. SO amazing!

    The hair, eyes, lips. It's all PERFECT!


  25. Michelle6:58 am

    Digging this look, Julia and your nails look fantastic! Thank you :)

  26. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Hi Julia,

    I LOVE the ring your wearing for this look. Can you tell us where you purchased it?

  27. Anonymous9:20 pm


    I have a question! Can you help me with some kind of gothic make-up that I can wear on a prom? I have a goth dress xD but I'm just out of ideas for my hair and make-up... Can you help me?
    My e-mail: miss_shanz_potter at hotmail .com

  28. Hey there

    I visited the eBay shop whose lunk you posted here and I ound the 88 matte pallete for $9.99 and decided to purchase it, but I heard from some other ppl that have purchased the palette from eBay that they got it damaged or something.
    Is abestlife a good seller? Are the products in per5fect shape, like they havent been opened before? I really need to know.

  29. Hey there

    I visited the eBay shop whose link you posted here and I found the 88 matte palette for $9.99 and decided to purchase it, but I heard from some other ppl that have purchased the palette from eBay that they got it damaged or something.
    Is abestlife a good seller? Are the products in per5fect shape, like they havent been opened before? I really need to know.

  30. wow... so beautiful dark gothic makeup, i love this so much! great, really.

  31. Anonymous8:29 am

    I like your tutorials so far (Just started browsing) and got extremely happy when I saw Goth inspired make up. It's really the only one I see though... :( Do you think you can make some more please?? Pretty please? :)

  32. Anonymous12:11 am

    Wunderschönes Make-up!
    Kriegt man diese (oder ähnliche) Produkte auch in der Schweiz?



  33. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Hi Mizz,

    Absolutely fab goth make-up video! I would wear this look in the street in a heartless beat! LOL! Vampire-inspired make-up seems to be all the rage now so no worries about strange stares --- who the frock cares anyway!?? Gives the masses from suburbia something to look at!

    Anyway, when you first held up MAC 'Mystical Mist' I thought it was one I have had for some years called 'Contrast' by MAC which is a deep, dark purpley-blue with a bluish sheen still available and may be part of their permanent collection. Please keep the vids coming, they are very entertaining!

  34. Anonymous8:16 pm

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous9:01 am

    i luv ur makeup tutorials! can you please do a gothic make up for light wheatish complexion- indian skin?? this goth look is not suiting her.(shes a teen)..its a bit to dark and its making her look quite dark and unacceptable. she is light tanned-wheatish in complexion...but not vry fair neither very dark.plz help... waitnig ... thnx!!

  36. Anonymous3:29 pm

    nice make up chievous

  37. Anonymous5:39 pm

    really really love this am gonna try this for when i go to a festival :)

  38. Anonymous1:09 am

    beautiful !

  39. Have you tried Make Up For Ever lipstick in 49? It's a black cherry, but it has a satin finish.

  40. Anonymous6:00 am

    I love this. I would wear this everywhere, cos that's just the kind of person I am. Also, glitter/shimmer/sparkle could work - haven't you ever heard of Glitter Goths?

  41. I love this, this so perfect for my girl friend, i will let her read this awesome tips, because she is my lovely goth and she love being a goth